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Empower your employees with Greytip Online


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Employee empowerment is one of the most important and popular management concepts of our time. In today's dynamic work environment, to ensure success, organizations must focus on employee empowerment. Online employee portals as Greytip Online help employees to access their data, view company policies, check balances, apply for leaves etc much easier

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Empower your employees with Greytip Online

  1. 1. Empower your employeesLeverage TechnologyIllustration courtesy : Simon Letch
  2. 2. A management practice of sharinginformation, rewards, andpower with employees so thatthey can take initiative andmake decisions to solveproblems, improveperformance and improveserviceWhat is Employee Empowerment
  3. 3. “Instrumentally, empowerment is a way oforganizing work which many organizationaltheorists and business leaders believe yields betterresults for companies.”- Thomas A. Potterfield
  4. 4. In today’s dynamic times toensure success,organizations mustfocus onemployeeempowermentThe E-Factor
  5. 5. 1. Share informationwith everyone2. Create autonomythrough boundaries3. Replace the oldhierarchy with self-managed teamsThree Keys to empower employees
  6. 6. Makes informationsharing easySimplifycommunicationReducepaperworkSave timeSave costsAutomateHow Technology helps
  7. 7. Instant accessto dataReduce non-productivetransactiontimeReducedependencyon HR teamInsightful dataimprovesdecision makingImproveteam moraleCloud employee portal - The Propeller
  8. 8. Leave ManagementePayroll PublishingProcess Automation• Payslip• Reimbursement Payslip• YTD Statement• PF YTD Statement• Loans Statement• FBP Statement• Income Tax Statement• Form 16.• Income Tax Calculator• Income Tax Declaration• FBP Declaration• Reimbursement Claims• Issue logging and response• Leave Card Online• Leave applicationapproval,• Leave• Credit & Encashmentrequest and approvalHR Zone• Employee informationmanagement• Attendance• Document Centre• Bulletin boardEmployee Self Service
  9. 9. • Enabling employees to access their Salary & Leaveinformation ensures on-demand availability oftheir information.• Checking of various business rules in variousworkflows ensures transparent and consistentapplication of company policies• Access to team Leave data empowers Managerswith relevant data for making the right decisions• Trouble Ticket and Suggestion Channels providesemployees a medium to voice their views andopens easier channels of communication.What do you get?
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