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New York Archives Conference Presentation

  1. 1. PRESERVING WEB-BASEDAUCTION CATALOGSGretchen NadaskyNew York ArchivesConference ConferenceJune 7, 2013Source:
  2. 2. Auction Catalogs
  3. 3. Global Art Market…•2011 The Global Art Market was $60.8 billion•Auction House Sales = $30.5 billion. Gallery Sales- $30.3 billion•Sotheby’s and Christie’s captured 35% of the global auction market•Firms in China captured 42% of the global auction market•Source: TEFAFSource:
  4. 4. Art is Going On-LineExpanding the market…Source:
  5. 5. The Internet is Changing Art ScholarshipAnnotations provide information
  6. 6. The Frick Art Reference LibraryTheir collection of90,000+ catalogs is themost-requested resourceSource: Frick ArchivesSource: Frick ArchivesMiss Frick started thelibrary in 1920
  7. 7. But Collecting is Becoming More DifficultAuction House Print Status Auction House Print Status Auction House Print StatusGalerie Hassfurther No longer receive AstediantiquariatoBoetto On request Zürichsee Auktionen DiscontinuedAB Stockholms Auktionsverket No longer receive GoteborgsAuktionsverk On request Finarte Casa dAste DiscontinuedCastells & Castells No longer receive Bukowskis On request Auction of illustration On-line onlyALIS Auction House No longer receive James R Bakker On request Nagyházi Galéria With paymentImportant American fine art No longer receive Auktion Schneider-Henn On request Farsetti arte With paymentLeonard Joel No longer receive Jeschke Meinke & Hauff On request Hampel With paymentMü-Terem Galéria No longer receive Lawsons On request Bloomsbury Auctions With paymentHagelstam No longer receive Hodgins Art Auctions Ltd On request Kieselbach With paymentAuktionshaus Stahl No longer receive Shinwa Art Auction On requestCheffins Fine art auctioneers No longer receive Schmidt Kunstauktionen On requestGalerie Národní 25 No longer receive Auktionshaus Ineichen On requestBay East Auctions No longer receive Casa daste Babuino On requestCastellana, Subastas de Arte No longer receiveSemenzato Casa daste No longer receiveFernando Duran, Subastas de Arte No longer receive33 Houses won’t send catalogs or staffmust spend time or money to get them
  8. 8. And On-Line Only Auctions are GrowingValuable information on art sales canbe lostSource:
  9. 9. The InternetArchiveThe Internet Archive preserves web pages and act as adigital repositorySource: Internet Archive
  10. 10. Archive-It – Heritrix Web-Crawling247 organizations now use Archive-It to preserve theirwebsites and give users access to retired sitesSource: Internet Archive
  11. 11. The “Reframing Collections for DigitalAge” ProjectSeeks to identify how to collect, preserve, and offer digitalcatalogs using Archive-ItSource: Internet Archive
  12. 12. FARL has 137 websites from catalog subscriptionsZürichsee Auktionen Galerie Gerda Bassenge Berlin Deutscher and HackettFinarte Casa dAste Ketterer Kunst München Hugo Ruef, Alte undAste di antiquariato Boetto Drouot Crafoord AuktionerLeo Spik KG Antiquariat Peter Kiefer Andrew Hartley Fine ArtsGalerie Hassfurther Auktionshaus Michael Zeller RossiniAB Stockholms Auktionsverket Skinner, Inc Santa Fe Art AuctionCastells & Castells Glerum Auctioneers Maître Marc-Arthur Kohn,ALIS Auction House Swann Galleries, Inc Treadway Gallery, IncImportant American Art Kunstauktionshaus Alden DuMouchelles Art GalleriesLeonard Joel James Adam Charlton Hall Galleries, IncMüTerem Galéria Weschlers Ivey SelkirkHagelstam Neumeister Uppsala AuktionskammareAuktionshaus Stahl Wiener Kunstauktionen Pierre Bergé & associésCheffins Fine art auctioneers Bruun Rasmussen Renaud-GiquelloGalerie Národní 25 aukcní katalog Dorotheum New Orleans AuctionBay East Auctions Villa Grisebach Heffel Fine ArtFernando Duran, Subastas de Arte Hauswedell & Nolte HeritageAuctioneersGoteborgs Auktionsverk Kunst & Auktionshaus Belvedere, Szalon, GalériaBukowskis Kunsthallen Reiss & SohnCastellana, Subastas de Arte Grogan & Company Villás Galéria és AukciósházJames R Bakker, Fischer Luzern AhrenshooperAuktion SchneiderHenn München Bonhams & Butterfield Brunk AuctionsJeschke Meinke & Hauff, Selkirks JefferysSemenzato Casa daste Lempertz Blomqvist kunsthandelLawsons Ketterer Kunst Hamburg MacDougallsJeschke Greve & Hauff, Spink, London Galerie Widmer AuktionenHodgins Art Auctions Ltd Tajan WhytesShinwa Art Auction Wolfs Fine Arts Auctioneers Osenat, Maison de ventesSchmidt Kunstauktionen Dresden Doyle New York KunstauktionshausAuktionshaus Ineichen Auktionshaus Schopmann Mallams, OxfordCasa daste Babuino Sloans & Kenyon Woolley & WallisAuction of illustration Susanins CowansAste di antiquariato Boetto Venduehuis der Notarissen Hobbs ParkerDe Vuyst Carola van Ham Kahn-Dumousset, SocieteGrev Wedels Plass Auksjoner AS Ritchies Auctioneers Morton & EdenStuttgarter Kunst Dr Fritz Nagel John Moran Meissner Neumann aukcníBonhams Gary Nader F Galerie KollerJoyner Waddingtons Skinner, Inc Dr. Jürgen Fischer,Karl & Faber Freeman Fine Arts Auktionshaus KarrenbauerGalerie Gerda Bassenge Berlin Dreweatt Neate James D. Julia, Inc.Ketterer Kunst München Perrin, Royère, Reeman Dansie AuctionsDrouot Subastas Galerías QuinnsAntiquariat Peter Kiefer Cottone Auctions MullocksAuktionshaus Michael Zeller Amberes Veilingen Alcalá SubastasNagyházi Galéria Hampel KunstauktionenFarsetti arte, Casa daste Bloomsbury AuctionsThis Phase is to Prioritize…
  13. 13. Auction websites are in multiplelanguages
  14. 14. Auction website technology variesAuction Websites use:• HTML• pdf files• Flip books using Flash
  15. 15. Most Catalogs are not Being Preservedby Internet Archive5130205 6 4 6 5 3 3 3 1Catalog Results from Auction House Websitesin the Wayback MachineFew on-line catalogs are archived in theWayback Machine
  16. 16. Archive-It Pilot at FARLMonthly Crawl ReportAuction sites are very large. The crawl runs outof time before it can capture all of the pages.Source: Archive-It
  17. 17. Archive-It Pilot at FARLMonthly Crawl ReportThe Scope of the crawl may be adjusted if thesoftware doesn’t recognize a desired URL.Source: Archive-It
  18. 18. Archive-It Pilot at FARLMonthly Crawl ReportSource: Archive-ItWebsite owners can prevent their sitefrom being crawled using robots.txt
  19. 19. Some Sites are Archive-Friendly…An example of Lawson’scatalog information thathas been archived
  20. 20. But the Challenge is Complete CaptureA page from Lawson’s catalogthat has not been archived
  21. 21. ConclusionsThe perfect digital preservation systemdoes not exist. It may someday, but Idon’t expect to live to see it.– Bill LeFurgy, LOC May 3, 2013•Art auction catalogs are a foundational text for art research. On-lineversions have value in art scholarship and should be preserved.•The variety of form and location of digital auction catalogs increase thecomplexity of collection, preservation and access.•Web-harvesting programs like the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machineare not systematically capturing auction catalogs•Web-crawling technology is effective at capturing web pages but less sodocuments posted to the web•Web preservation is not automated. Criteria for prioritization must beestablished.** The priority list developed for FARL based on this report is confidential.
  22. 22. ResourcesCorbett, Rachel. (nd). How big is the global art market? Artnet Magazine [website] Accessed from’s. (2011). Hong Kong Fall Auction, 2011. Christie’ April 30, 2013.Christie’s. (2013). The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor. On-line Only Auction. May 3, 2013.Frick Archives. Furgy, Bill. (May 3, 2013). Picturing perpetual beta for digital preservation. The Signal Digital Preservation. [blog]Library of Congress. Accessed: May 5, 2013.