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Sibley greta cv_job

  1. 1. Greta D. Sibley One Cottage Street #5 Easthampton, MA 01027 413-529-0070–•–fax 413-529-0071 greta.sibley@mac.comObjective New England Book Show◆–to secure work designing and producing books I designed the following books that placed in the New England Book Show:Skills & Services ◆–The Art of War, Shambhala◆–book design and composition ◆–The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health, Shambhala◆–production management ◆–Lux Dei, Small Offerings Press◆–production of handbound limited editions ◆–Daughters, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company ◆–Shared Silence, Small Offerings PressExperience ◆–Basic Printmaking Techniques, Davis PublicationsMy career began in 1979 in Seoul, Korea, where I started ◆–Design & Drawing, Davis Publicationsa publishing and design company. I learned the mechan- ◆–The Photographic Eye, Davis Publicationsics and creative possibilities of color reproduction, exper- ◆–Exploring Painting, Davis Publicationsimenting with a wide range of design styles, publicationformats, and production techniques. Since returning to Collectionsthe United States in 1983, I have been working freelance, The rare book libraries of the following institutionsbased in Connecticut and Massachusetts. have purchased copies of my Small Offerings Press A list of individual credits follows. Some of the pub- handmade limited editions: Dartmouth College;lishers with whom I work or have worked include: Michigan State University; New York Public Library;◆–Shambhala Publications Purdue University; Rochester Institute of Technology;◆–Houghton Mifflin (College, Juvenile, and Skidmore College; University of California Santa Adult Trade Divisions) Barbara; University of Minnesota; University of Utah;◆–HarperOne University of Vermont; Wellesley College; West Virginia◆–Hachette Book Group (Little, Brown and University Grand Central)◆–Harvard University Press References◆–Addison-Wesley ◆–Melissa Lotfy, Art Director (Adult Trade), Houghton◆–Perseus Books Mifflin Harcourt, 617•351•5991◆–Allyn & Bacon ◆–Steve Dyer, Art Director (retired), Shambhala◆–Heinle & Heinle Publications, 781• 402• 0191◆–Davis Publications ◆–Lora Zorian, Art Director, Shambhala Publications, 617 • 424• 0030 ext. 243Education ◆–Amy Carlisle, Managing Editor (Juvenile Trade),B.A. in Print Media and Korean Studies, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 212•420•5896summa cum laude, University of Hartford ◆–Gail Straub, Publisher, High Point, 845 • 331 • 1312
  2. 2. Selected CreditsSHAMBHALA PUBLICATIONS, 2000‒ ; SMALL OFFERINGS PRESS, 1986‒ ; publisher Below is a selected list of titles for which I did both Four Chambers, Five Nights, handbound, limited edition, the interior design and composition: 21 copiesPlayful Learning Lux Dei, handbound, limited edition, 350 copiesBridge of Waves Tea: Time in Korea, handbound, limited edition, 26 copiesRaising a Left-Brain Child in a Right-Brain World Shared Silence, handbound, limited edition, 150 copiesThe Five Ways We Grieve Exile & the Journey Home, handbound, limited edition,The Art of War 300 copiesThe Experience of Sam¯dhi aMindfully Green HOUGHTON MIFFLIN ADULT TRADE, 2010– ;The Gnostics and Their Scriptures book designer (interior) and compositorWhen the Past is Present The Back ChamberTreasures of the Sakya Lineage Imaginary LogicThe Happiness Trap What There Is to Say We Have SaidOn Becoming an Alchemist A Young Man’s Guide to Late CapitalismCreative Recovery The Lucky OnesAnimals MatterMuscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living LITTLE, BROWN (HACHETTE BOOK GROUP),Budo Mind and Body 2008‒ ; book designer (interior) and compositorThe Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry Bartlett’s Familiar Black QuotationsGrandmothers Counsel the World A Lucky ChildEveryday Holiness The Magician’s BookAngelic MistakesEns¯o GRAND CENTRAL (HACHETTE BOOK GROUP),The Book of Five Rings 2008‒ ; freelance book designer (interior) andThe True Dharma Eye compositorTao Te Ching Damas, Dramas, and Ana RuizHooked! Hungry Woman in ParisLiving, Dreaming, DyingYoga for Healthy Bones HARPERONE, 2008‒ ; book designer (interior)Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle and compositorThe Gnostic Bible Our Greatest GiftNative Foods Restaurant Cookbook Words for Your WeddingIn Buddha’s KitchenKi and the Way of the Martial Arts FIFTY-FIFTY PUBLISHERS, 2008‒09; freelance bookThe Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health designer (cover and interior) and compositorSoul’s Palette Pond Poems, EtceteraThe Yoga of BreathThe Places That Scare You HIGH POINT, 2008; freelance book designer (cover and interior) and compositorHARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2005‒ ; Returning to My Mother’s House Below are titles for which I did the interior design:The Jewish Enemy (composition too) CAVANKERRY BOOKS, 2001; book designer (interior)Among Empires and compositorOut of the Woods Carolyn Kizer: Perspectives on Her Life and Work Greta D. Sibley ◆ 413-529-0070
  3. 3. ADDISON-WESLEY/PERSEUS BOOKS, 1993‒99; BELL TOWER, 1989‒90; photographer, freelance book book designer (interior) and compositor designer (interior)Respect Being HomeSilicon Sky (design only)International Jobs HEINEMANN, 1996‒00; freelance book designerInsisting on the Impossible and compositorTrespassing Writing Rules! (interior)Working Fathers Hit Enter (interior)Lessons and Legacies The Young Author Festival Handbook (interior)Walking towards Walden Look—and Learn! (interior)I’ve Known Rivers Kids on the ’Net (interior)Daughters Walk this Way! (interior)The Straight Path The Treasured Mailbox (cover and interior) The Magical Classroom (cover and interior)HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COLLEGE, 1996–03; Write-a-thon (cover and interior) freelance book designer (interior) and compositor The Publishing Center (cover and interior)Grammar Links Basic Inside the Classroom (cover and interior)Thriving!Navigating Your Future HEINLE & HEINLE, 1990‒98; freelance bookThinking Critically, Writing Thoughtfully designer (interior) and compositorEnglish Works Writing WorkshopThe Canterbury Tales New Grammar in Action, Books 1, 2 and 3Rhythms of Writing Developing Composition SkillsPersonality Theories (design only) Grammar Dimensions, interior (design only)Great Sentences One Step at a Time, Levels 1 and 2Great Paragraphs Refining Composition Skills, 4th ed.Great Essays The Multicultural Workshop (boxed set of reading cards)Getting the Message Across The Multicultural Workshop, Books 1, 2 and 3 De paseo, interior (design only)MCGRAW-HILL, 1996; freelance book designer La pluma mágica, interior (composition only) (interior) Far from HomeEducational Administration Fictional FlightsAnesthesiology: A Comprehensive Study Guide A que sí Personal Expressions (cover too)CHARLES E. TUTTLE CO., INC., 1993‒95; freelance Stories to Tell Our Children book designer and compositor De lector a escritor (cover too)Simple Ways to Wellness (interior)Haiku Moment (cover) DAVIS PUBLICATIONS, 1985‒97; freelance book designer; compositor of five most-recent titlesALLYN AND BACON, 1996‒00; freelance book African Arts & Cultures (cover and interior) designer (interior) and compositor Native American Arts & Cultures (cover and interior)Rhetorical Grammar Design & Drawing (interior)English Grammar Basic Printmaking Techniques (interior)Exercises for Understanding English Grammar Sculpting Wood (cover and interior)Understanding English Grammar Exploring Painting (cover and interior)Multicultural Education The Photographic Eye (cover and interior) Greta D. Sibley ◆ 413-529-0070