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Course introduction

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Course introduction

  1. 1. Course IntroductionCultural Diversity LSSS N205
  2. 2. Lecturer IntroductionName : Patricia BurnettWorkstation : 11Phone Extension : 4048702Email Address:
  3. 3. Course DescriptionThis course is designed to provide students with apositive perception of cultural diversity. The mostimportant element of cultural diversity,understanding and awareness, will be addressedand examined. By understanding the concepts of"culture" and "diversity" students gain a bettergrasp of diversity categories and the characteristicsand systems of cultures. The overall goal is todemonstrate the challenges and benefits ofdiversity and strengthen the possibilities of livingand working together in an multicultural society.
  4. 4. Course GoalsGoal 1: Discuss the basic ideas surrounding the concept of diversity Sub-outcome 1: Define diversity Sub-outcome 2: Define culture, assimilation, acculturation, and cultural differences Sub-outcome 3: Identify the different types of diversity Sub-outcome 4: Describe the challenges and benefits of diversity Sub-outcome 5: Describe the Emirate, national, and world demographics pertaining to diversity Sub-outcome 6 : Distinguishing the boundary between culture and personality
  5. 5. Course GoalsGoal 2: Discuss the adverse cultural reactions to diversity Sub-outcome 1: Define stereotyping, prejudice, bias, and discrimination Sub-outcome 2: Discuss the problems of stereotyping, prejudice, bias, and discrimination and the ways to avoid them Sub-outcome 3: Describe ethnocentrism and its relationship to diversity culture and personality
  6. 6. Course GoalsGoal 3: Discuss communication and its relationship to cultureSub-outcome 1: Discover the significance ofcommunication in diversitySub-outcome 2: Analyze cross-cultural communicationissuesSub-outcome 3: Discuss the rewards of learning fromothers and how to deal with cultural differencesSub-outcome 4: Explain the impacts of famous speeches,quotes, and other literature on diversity
  7. 7. ResourcesVideo, You Tube, etc.ADMC websiteHand outsInternet
  8. 8. To Succeed in this Course, You Need to:Attend regularly and be punctualKeep assignments and projects in a portfolioInteract well with colleagues & your instructorParticipate in all course activities Reflect on your learning for the course
  9. 9. Warning !!!!!You are reminded that the penalty for cheating isdismissal from the HCTAlways acknowledge (cite) Websites, textbooks, articles, etc. in the reference sectionof your report.A solution for a given task/assignment should Not becopied from each other. This will be considered ascheating and will be dealt with according to thecollege rules.
  10. 10. AssessmentsTwo Tests (15%, 15%)Assignments Journal (40%)Class Participation Reflection Log (15%)Project & Presentation (15%)
  11. 11. Grade Grade Range Points Explanation of Codes A 90 – 100 4 Achievement that is outstanding relative to A- 85 - 89 3.7 the course and GPA requirements B+ 80 – 84 3.3 Achievement that is significantly above the B 75 - 79 3 course and GPA requirements C+ 70 – 74 2.3 Achievement that satisfactorily meets the C 65 – 69 2 course and GPA requirements Achievement that minimally meets the D 60 – 64 1 course requirements but may not meet the GPA requirement Achievement that does not meet F 0 - 59 0 requirements for course with normal grading mode.

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