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WWU Faculty Led Global Learning Program - Queretaro, Mexico

Powerpoint for the TESOL program

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  1. 1. Summer 2014 in Mexico TESL 421 Methods, TESL 437F Spanish, TESL 432/435 Seminar and Practicum
  2. 2. QUERÉTARO It is one of the safest and cleanest cities throughout México.
  3. 3. Just 200 km (120 miles) North of México City
  4. 4. Queretaro's downtown area has been declared “Cultural Heritage of Mankind” by UNESCO
  5. 5. You will find beautiful plazas like this in the downtown area…
  6. 6. Interesting places to visit
  7. 7. Or just sit and enjoy…
  9. 9. Ole’s friendly staff will make you feel at home
  10. 10. Our students teaching their lessons on American culture and history to Ole students of English
  12. 12. Home-stay • Private room • Usually 2 students per home-stay • 3 meals a day Monday through Saturday with your host family, and Sunday breakfast. (Sunday lunch and dinner preparation are “off” for host moms). • If you would like to arrive earlier or prolong your stay, an additional fee of $30 per day must be paid per day through OLE.
  13. 13. Field trips • Guanajuato (session 2) • Bernal (session 3) • Teotihuacan Pyramids (session 3)
  14. 14. Program Overview Session 2 • • • • • • July 22: arrival, first day of home-stay July 23: Orientation July 24: Start TESL 421 and TESL 412: Spanish Aug 9: Field trip to Guanajuato • Aug 18: TESL 421 & Spanish • classes end • Aug 19: Celebration & Last night of homestay (or) Continue on to session 2 Session 3 • Aug 17: New arrivals • Aug 18 : New arrivals orientation • Aug 20: Practicum orientation, new arrivals start Spanish classes • Aug 21: Practicum starts • Aug 30: Field trip to Bernal, Freixenet and Tequisquiapan • Sept 6: Field trip to the Teotiuhacan pyramids • Sept 11: Last day practicum • Sept 12: Last seminar/celebration • Sept 13: Last night of home-stay / (option to stay through Independence Day- Sept 16)
  15. 15. TESL 421/437B (session 2) Methods for Academic Language Proficiency • 5 credits • Learn and put into practice state-of-the-art techniques to teach content to language learners. • Develop and teach to Mexican students a 4-hr unit on American culture
  16. 16. TESL 432/435 (session 3) • Practicum Class dates: Aug 21 – September 13 • TESL 432: Weekly seminar meeting ( 2 credits). • TESL 435: Practice teaching English 10-15 hours a week in a language school or business setting with adults, or English with K-12 students in a bilingual school setting ( 2 credits)
  17. 17. TESL 412: Spanish (5 credits) • Spanish instruction at your fluency level • Spanish conversation – Guided by instructor with a group at your fluency level – Cultural exploration with a Mexican partner (off-campus) – Spanish within your home-stay • Cultural Reflection ** Can be used to complete TESOL language requirement *** If staying for both sessions, in session 2, you can choose to take Spanish language in individual or small group lessons: •Arranged directly with Ole •Not for WWU academic credit
  18. 18. Earning a TESOL certificate, minor, and 27-32 400 level credits TESL 420 before 5 cr TESL 421 5 cr TESL 432 before TESL 404 TESL 401 before 4 cr 3 cr TESL 405 2 cr TESL 410 anytime 4 cr TESL 497 e optional 5 cr Spanish language option 2 cr TESL 435 2 cr
  19. 19. An experience better than I had anticipated. The Tesol program in Mexico was much better and much more enriching than I had expected. The homestay was incredible and one of my favorite parts. The school, Olé, made me feel at home and at ease within the first 20 minutes. They were over the top with their helpfulness, kindness and hospitality. Every staff member there made it a point to personally connect with everyone of us and make us feel like a part of a family.
  20. 20. Life Improving Experience. From the moment we arrived, I felt that Olé Language School had things organized and they were attentive to the students and instructors. The instructors from WWU were also very helpful at all times. They made themselves available for support and did a great job mentoring us.
  21. 21. Wait..I have to come home? No! This was seriously a phenomenal experience, the staff and teachers at Ole were incredibly inviting and nice. The food, oh the Mexican food, I am not sure I will ever be the same! It was incredible! My mentor teacher at the University in Queretaro was so helpful and encouraging. The home stay families were all incredibly nice and took such good care of us. I never once felt uncomfortable walking alone around Queretaro, and I have made friends I will never forget. I did not want to come home, which shows how amazing this experience was!
  22. 22. We hope you can join us! We will have a great time!
  23. 23. How to join us Sign up for the Queretaro program at: www.wwu.edu/GlobalLearning For a TESOL certificate, join the program at: www.wwu.edu/TESOL Make sure to sign up for any pre-requisite classes you need