2011-Customer Perceptions of Smart Phones


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2011-Customer Perceptions of Smart Phones

  1. 1. Year end (2011) assessment of Smart Phones customers perceptionsThis analysis is based on 82,620 customer reviews of 318 smart phones published online by December 15th 2011.To insure statistical representation and accuracy of results we have focused on 42 smart phones that were reviewed atleast 100 times this year. That may mean that some phones, that were introduced toward the end of the year, did notqualify for this report.We have studied before correlation between number of reviews published online and a number of units shipped, andtherefore found it important to use it for comparison.The most customer reviewed phones of 2011 are HTC Thunderbolt (5,579), Apple iPhone 4-16GB (4,106) and LG Ally(2,514). Number of customer reviews per phone 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Apple iPhone 4… Apple iPhone 4… HTC DROID… Sony Ericsson… Samsung… BlackBerry… Samsung… Samsung… Samsung… Motorola Droid… T-Mobile… Motorola Droid… Motorola Droid… Motorola Droid… Samsung Droid… Blackberry… Blackberry… Blackberry… Google Nexus… LG Optimus LG Vortex Motorola Citrus Samsung Infuse HTC HD7 Nokia N8 LG Revolution LG Cosmos HTC Thunderbolt Apple iPhone 4S HTC Ozone T-Mobile G2 Droid Bionic Blackberry 8520 HTC Trophy LG Ally Motorola Droid X Samsung Epic 4G HTC Rhyme Customer Reviews per Brand Samsung HTC got a hold on the position of the most Sony Ericsson 13% 0% reviewed brand in the smart phones category Blackberry largely based on popularity of the Thunderbolt. Apple 17% 5% Nokia 2% Motorola HTC 19% 30% LG 14%©Amplified Analytics Inc. 206 Water Street, Pt. Richmond, CA 94801
  2. 2. Customer Reviews by Operating System 2% 5%Customers enthusiasm for Android smart phones and 1%availability of large number of models from multiple Androidbrands, produced very unbalanced distribution of reviews iOS 17%(75%). Windows 75% Symbian Blackberry However the Android OS enthusiasm did not translate Average Customer Satisfaction by OS into customer satisfaction lead as Windows phone (+/- 6% margin of error) customers expectations were exceeded by their 1.26 1.31 1.28 experience with a wider margin. One of the possible 1.18 reasons is relatively weaker support of Android by the 1.01 developers community that translates into availability of applications. It appears the Nokias decision to migrate their phones to Window OS, is a wise one considering Symbian satisfaction scores. Our Market Intelligence Analysis of the smart phone Android iOS Windows Symbian Blackberry segment indicates that the following Attributes ofcustomer experience are most important to them:©Amplified Analytics Inc. 206 Water Street, Pt. Richmond, CA 94801
  3. 3. 1. Reliability - 14.76% of all opinions expressed 2. Usability - 7.23% of all opinions expressed 3. Battery Life - 6.42% of all opinions expressed 4. Display - 5.82% of all opinions expressed 5. Camera & Video - 4.91% of all opinions expressed 6. Reception/Call Quality - 2.57% of all opinions expressed 7. Customer Support - 2.27% of all opinions expressed 8. Keyboard - 2.27% of all opinions expressed 9. Design (style) - 1.57% of all opinions expressed 10. Price - 1.23% of all opinions expressed 11. Music Player - 1.00% of all opinions expressedIn terms of overall satisfaction Blackberry Style 9670 have earned the top customer satisfaction rating (1.60) and HTCRhyme (1.59) came within a statistical tie, while Motorola Citrus (0.72) and Droid 2 Global (0.82) are on the very bottomof the list.To get more specific insights into dynamics of the smart phone customer perceptions we sampled a market segment byanalyzing the most experienced (i.e. reviewed) models representing different operating systems. We picked the modelsthat are close to each other in a number of customer reports to make it more comparable. 1. Apple iPhone 4S - 542 customers 2. Blackberry Torch 9800 - 550 customers 3. HTC Trophy - 236 customers 4. Nokia N8 - 523 customers 5. Samsung Continuum Galaxy S - 444 customersMore details and customer feedback verbatim are available via access to the dynamic dashboard for this segment onrequest.©Amplified Analytics Inc. 206 Water Street, Pt. Richmond, CA 94801