How to Solve the Challenge of Windows Server 2003 End of Life


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On Demand #Webinar - Microsoft & AppZero Present: “How to Solve the Challenge of WS 2003 End of Life.

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How to Solve the Challenge of Windows Server 2003 End of Life

  1. 1. How to Solve the Challenge of Windows Server 2003 End of Life Greg O’Connor Pablo Sanchez Patrick Pushor May 29, 2014
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Please Participate • Use the GoToWebinar controls to ask questions • We’ll take most questions at the end
  3. 3. AppZero at a Glance • AppZero is the fastest, most flexible way to move applications from machine to machine • Microsoft recommends AppZero Enterprise for application migration • Named to “10 Cloud Startups to Watch” • Select CSP and SI Partners/Customers:
  4. 4. Windows Server 2003 Migration Opportunity for transformation Pablo Sánchez Enterprise Datacenter Strategy Lead
  5. 5. Agenda Microsoft Confidential 5 1. Windows Server 2003 end of support 2. Transforming the Datacenter 3. Migration Scenarios 4. Migration Process
  6. 6. 6 End of support for Windows Server 2003/R2 5/30/2014 424 Days Remaining
  7. 7. What end of support means Start planning your migration and transforming your datacenter todayDiscontinued support for many applications Nowis the time to act Increased operations costs Impact on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Impact on both physical and virtualized servers Nosafe haven Nosafe haven Windows 2003/R2 servers will not pass a compliance audit Nocompliance Nocompliance 37 critical updates released in 2013 for Windows Server 2003/R2 Noupdates Noupdates
  8. 8. Transforming the Datacenter
  9. 9. 75% ITDMs are Aware of Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life1 Sources: 1. Based on MSFT Customer Survey 12/2013 (400 NA & Canada ENT & UMM ITDMs) 2. AppZero Based on a survey of 150 Fortune 1000 IT professionals at a series of industry events including CAWorld, HP Discover, Cloud Expo and Vmworld. intend to migrate, but only 24% are ready to do so.2 94% of customers still have applications running on Windows Server 2003.2 57% are not sure of upgrade path and 35% intend to go to the Cloud.2 40% 9Microsoft Confidential
  10. 10. Planning for Innovation • Adopt the new: Cloud via the path you need (cheaper, faster, better) • Maintain peace of mind of running a secure & proven infrastructure • New capabilities of the Cloud OS • Simplify control & management by consolidating HW • Business alignment elevates strategic relevance of IT Microsoft Confidential 10 Concerns Fear & Anxiety • Incompatibilities of applications • Hardware & software refresh costs • Changing a stable environment • Security breaches not being covered • Compliance audits • Disrupting the business
  11. 11. Benefits of upgrade Microsoft Confidential 11 Concerns to Benefits Cost savings Reduce capital expense and maximize investment through virtualization/consolidation and cloud infrastructure Simplicity Simplify IT management across on-premises and cloud and make your infrastructure more agile with WS/SC Peace of mind Rely on enterprise-grade security on-premises and in the cloud Situation/Pains 1. Aging server OS Approaching EOS for WS 2003 causing security, compliance, cost risks 2. Aging hardware Facing high capital expense for hardware refresh 3. IT complexity Complexity of IT infrastructure causes added time and cost on management 4. Lack of IT agility Inability to respond quickly to changing business demands 5. Security concerns Concerned with keeping data protected and dealing with unexpected downtime 6. Compliance demands A need to remain in compliance industry and regulatory policies
  12. 12. Cost savings Reduce capital expense and maximize investment through consolidation, virtualization and cloud infrastructure Simplicity Simplify IT management and make your infrastructure more agile with WS/SC Peace of mind Ensure business continuity and rely on enterprise- grade security on-premises and in the cloud Microsoft Confidential 12 Achieving value in Legacy Server Migration Modernize your IT with an infrastructure that seamlessly spans on-premises and cloud, while reducing costs, simplifying management, and improving data protection.
  13. 13. Migration Scenarios
  14. 14. 2. DC Cloud Extension Host workloads on Azure to reduce capital expense and scale as needed 1. MS Workload Virtualization Virtualize workloads to ease upgrade, consolidate servers, and gain the benefits of a private cloud 3. Hybrid Cloud Automation Dramatically simplify IT management across on-premises and cloud 4. Hybrid Dev and Test Easily spin up dev & test environments – including upgrade testing – in the cloud on an as – needed basis Using Server Migration as a Competitive Advantage for Cloud OS Microsoft Confidential Four Strategic Windows Server 2003 Migration Scenarios 2. DC Cloud Extension 3. Hybrid Cloud Automation 4. Hybrid Dev & Test 1. Workload Virtualization CLOUDFIT VIRTUALIZATION FIT HighLow Low High Cloud Hybrid VirtualizedNon-Virtualized Microsoft 14
  15. 15. Migration
  16. 16. Migration process Migrate4Target3Assess2Discover1
  17. 17. Discover what you have System integrators Microsoft Services JumpStart for Windows Server 2003 Other Microsoft partners Self-service tools Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit Dell ChangeBASE Lakeside Software SysTrack Catalog your software and workloads 4. Migrate3. Target2. Assess1. Discover
  18. 18. Microsoft server roles By type By criticality Microsoft applications Third-party applicationsCustom applications Can be retiredMarginalImportantMission critical By complexity and risk Low Medium High Assess your inventory 4. Migrate3. Target2. Assess1. Discover
  19. 19. Windows Server 2012 R2 Microsoft Azure Cloud OS Network Evaluate options for each application and workload Target your destination 4. Migrate3. Target2. Assess1. Discover
  20. 20. Microsoft Confidential 20 Path to the cloud Reduce your maintenance overhead by virtualizing and consolidating servers Done properly, consolidating server hardware through virtualization can create many more business benefits than simply reducing hardware costs. Be aware of the cost of choosing not to migrate Over time the cost of not migrating actually exceeds the cost of the migrating to new software – and without getting any of the added benefits. Turn an Update to a Strategic Opportunity Instead of just updating your OS, take advantage of the opportunity to expand your company’s IT capabilities. Microsoft will support customers in whatever path they choose By migrating to Microsoft’s Cloud OS, you will be able to realize the full potential of a modernized infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid scenarios. Windows Server 1 Simplify your IT with flexible management capabilities Centrally manage and monitor your IT assets via a single view for both on-premises and the cloud.System Center 2 Azure 3
  21. 21. Microsoft Services JumpStart for Windows Server 2003 Other Microsoft partners Migrate your workloads Dell ChangeBASE Citrix AppDNA AppZero 4. Migrate3. Target2. Assess1. Discover
  22. 22. Enterprise Application Migration AppZero does for Apps what VMs do for machines VAA AppZero extracts existing enterprise applications and packages them into VAAs that can be provisioned and run natively on any OS, machine or cloud, fast. Source Machine Destination Machine Extract Copy & Run Dissolve & install Discover
  23. 23. The Market for App Migration Market Drivers • Cloud adoption – Public – Private – Managed Providers • End of support WS2003 – WS2012 adoption IT Initiatives • Cloud on-boarding • Building a private cloud • Data Center modernization – WS 2003 EOS • Data Center consolidation
  24. 24. AppZero Migration Tools • Migration Workbench – Guides users through an end to end migration – Ideal for a small number of migrations at a time • Migration Automation – Automated Discovery and Migration Tools – Scriptable CLI to AppZero PACE engine • PACE (Predictive Application Component Extraction) – AppZero IP for SCO • Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator • Service Provider Edition – Cloud Migration Dashboard integrated with each CSP – Automated destination provisioning & migration
  25. 25. 3 ways to discover and start application(s) 1. Services: 2. IIS: 3. Apps that are not services or IIS based: AppZero Migration Workbench 1. Enter VAA name 2. Enter IP or source DNS name 3. Admin Password 4. Find Applications 5. Select Application(s) 6. Begin Tether 7. Launch Application(s)
  26. 26. Key Downtime Reduction Features in 6.0 Source Pre-Populate Destination • Partial migration of app complete with a majority of static files moved to destination • Staging is done while source applications are running • All artifacts are migrated to the destination with the exception of those that are locked DBFs Pre-Populate VAA EXEs Config EXEs Config • A generalized application source and destination re- synchronization set of features • UPDATE – Synchronize only newer objects from source without removing any objects that are newer or have been created on destination • MIRROR – Synchronize all modified objects with with source, removing or updating any objects created or modified on destination Source Destination DBFs Tether Sync (UPDATE) EXEs Config EXEs Config Re-sync 6.0 Timeline: Beta – Now; GA – June/July Source Destination DBFs Tether Sync (MIRROR) EXEs Config EXEs Config
  27. 27. AppZero Migration – Disrupt the Status Quo Application extracted on demand from source machine (datacenter or cloud) to target machine (cloud) App migration Source Destination
  28. 28. Migration Automation: CLI AppZero’s PACE provides a CLI (call level interface) to automate migrate multiple sources Migration Wave Source Machines creds.txt Source App Inventory Source Credentials MAPP Destination Machines Indicate Apps To Migrate Gather App Components Migrated Apps Assessment and Discovery • Inventories applications and app components across multiple machines • Generates output as CSV • Integrates with discovery tools like TADDM, ADDM and SI and enterprise-specific migration management portals Migration • Parallelizes migrations across source servers • Minimizes downtime by pre-extracting app components • Migrates only those application that are selected • Prebuilds VAA in advance of app downtime window
  29. 29. Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator SystemCenter 2012 Orchestrator Windows 2003 Servers Extract VAA PACE Discovery Temporary Staging Servers Copy VAA and Dissolve Destination Servers Automate Discovery + Extraction Automate Server + Application Provisioning • Automate large scale and long-running workflows in System Center • Integration pack provides pre-built AppZero tasks – Orchestrator Runbook Activities – PowerShell Cmdlets • Timeline – Beta availability now – GA summer
  30. 30. Limitations, Best Practices and Support • Apps must be stopped before final migration/re-sync • Not supported – AD/LDAP (network services), SharePoint & Exchange – 16 bit applications • Pain to do – Security agents (Kernel driver *.sys) – Usually pre-provisioned on the destination • Moving shared DBs will moves all the DBs – Pruning can be done manually by a DBA • Good to go – ISV, homegrown or bespoke application and middleware – All Hypervisors, physical, virtual and any cloud • AppZero Support Policy link – • Support Policy for AppZero Products – Source Windows Server 2003 (32-bit and 64-bit) or higher – Source Windows Server 2008 (64-bit) or higher • Support Policy for migration of Third-Party Applications – No specific support list from AppZero • AppZero migration and 3rd party vendor support policies – Check ISV’s support version OS combination – Check ISV support policies
  31. 31. Customer Case Study The Pabst Brewing Company San Antonio, Texas Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (PBR) and Twinkies VAA Data Center Managed Cloud Extract Dissolve & install Discover
  32. 32. Example: PBR production app profiles Salient - Margin Minder - Dual Purpose Drive Structure - (System and Data Drive) - Six unique application services - A total of 28 GB migrated - 4,152 Files on System Drive (612 MB) - 6,644 Files on Data Drive (26.3 GB) - Misc. Registery and Services Entries Microsoft – Dynamics 10.0 - Dual Purpose Drive Structure - (System and Data Drive) - Nine unique application services - A total of 4 GB migrated - 215 Files on the System Drive (100 MB) - 7,778 Files on the Data Drive (3.1 GB) - Misc Registery and Services Entries Product Manual migration time estimate Zapp extract & provision Margin Minder 40+ hours <1 hour Dynamics 10.0 40+ hours <1 hour Total >80 hours < 2 hours
  33. 33. Migration w/ AppZero summary points  Huge time savings – estimated 1-2 weeks/application moved  AppZero identifies, extracts, and moves app in minutes - Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains 30 minutes; Margin Minder 40 minutes  No need to redo permissions, log-ins, security on SQL apps  AppZero dissolve function removes VAA; option to retain portability  Source machine left untouched and unchanged  Applications on Rackspace look like a brand new, clean installation - AppZero brings over only the application and essentials - None of the ‘baggage’ accumulated over 6-7 years of production  AppZero worked as advertised
  34. 34. Big Pharma Case Study Effort and Time Project Duration Head to Head Comparison Cost Metrics
  35. 35. Summary The only cloud-independent application extraction, transformation, and delivery offering in the market – The best way to move from any machine to any cloud – Modernize (up-level) your OS & supporting infrastructure – WS2003 EOS remediation – the clock is ticking – 10 - 100 times faster moving only the app (not the vm) – Near zero downtime migration – MSP and PaaS friendly – Leave the mess behind
  36. 36. Next steps • Contact to: – Try the software for yourself – request a free trial Or – Schedule a personalized demo for your team
  37. 37. Q & A