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Togetherfor learning


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Breaks down the document into the key sections. Each section broken down to its essential components.

Published in: Education
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Togetherfor learning

  1. 1. 2 Responding to an Era of Complex Change 6 The Emergence of the Learning Commons 14 Learning to Learn: From Information to Knowledge Creation 29 Developing the Individual in the Learning Commons 34 Transition and Change 40 Making the Learning Commons Happen 44 Appendix A: The Inquiry Process 52 Selected Resources
  2. 2. Responding to an Era of Complex Change Societal • Learning collaboratively change • Whole school approach Challenge to • Beyond walls of the school schools • New learner relationships • New technologies utilized Learning • New ways to learn Commons addresses • School library a natural leader challenge • Meet needs and realities of new learners
  3. 3. The Emergence of the Learning Commons Integration • Welcoming environments of new and old • Individual/differentiated learning • Equitable access Physical and • Learning partnerships virtual space • Deep technological learning • Learning to learn for life Global networks • “Reconfigure” the school library
  4. 4. The Emergence of the Learning Commons
  5. 5. Learning to Learn: From In formation to Knowledge Creation Dynamic • Building collective knowledge learning experience • Reading engagement • Multiple literacies Beyond retrieval to • Critical and creative thinking construction • Discovery and guided inquiry Guided • Creating a culture of inquiry journey: Information to • Learning to learn knowledge • Deep understanding and knowledge creation
  6. 6. Learning to Learn: From In formation to Knowledge Creation
  7. 7. Developing the Individual in the Learning Commons Unlimited • Divergent thinking and new information ways of sharing information Issues (bias, • Developing confidence and self- plagiarism, esteem in diverse experiences privacy, intellectual • Developing cultural awareness property) require deep and social contribution through understanding inquiry • Character education at the Library as partner in centre of the learning commons navigation
  8. 8. Transition and Change Transferable • Careful monitoring and planning skills of transition Unprecedented • Awareness of contexts level of knowledge • Commitment of all stakeholders and diversity of • New pedagogical shifts inherent expression in learning commons Bridge to • Evidence-based practice pertinent, engaging and • Professional learning networks significant and communities learning
  9. 9. Making the Learning Happen In process to • How will the Learning Commons meet progress logically be developed? Co-operation & • How will the overall leadership collaboration of the Learning Commons be of all shared across the school? Principal vital • How can the school library to climate of growth and program be essential to the experimenta- success of the Learning tion Commons?
  10. 10. Making the Learning Happen I believe our only hope for the future is to adopt a new conception of human ecology, one in which we start to reconstitute our conception of the richness of human capacity. Our education system has mined our minds in the way that we strip mined the earth…and for the future it won’t service. We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children. Ken Robinson, 2006