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Public man&buisness course brochure

  1. 1. DISCOVER MORE If you would like to visit Plymouth and meet our staff, then why not come along to one of our open days? For more information or to book a place visit For further information on this course visit or contact us via telephone on +44 (0)1752 585858 or via email at The University is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity. If you require this publication in an alternative format, please contact us on the number above. This publication went to print May 2013 – which may be more than two years before the start of your course. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, as our courses and services are regularly reviewed and updated, some details may change. PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS WITH PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY Career Opportunities The ability to understand and manage in complex areas where you are often working in tandem with a number of different agencies from a range of sectors is becoming central in all areas of public management. A degree in Public Management and Business will help you prepare for work within the dynamic and rapidly changing world of public management. You will be given the requisite management skill sets to enable you to work, manage and understand a range of work environments from large state organisations such as the health, social services and the emergency services, and private and third sector organisation that act as suppliers of public services in such areas as housing, community care, and drug and alcohol services. The balance of management skills and theoretical and contemporary knowledge of all aspects of public provision will enhance your long- term career prospects. PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS WITH PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE
  2. 2. BSc (Hons) PUBLIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS Available Full-time or Part-time Special Features • Academic staff who are leaders in their respective fields and conducting up to the minute research on areas of public service provision • Outstanding links with public sector agencies including the opportunity for work-based placements • Guest lectures from leading figures in public service provision Learning Outcomes We have six key themes that underpin all of our teaching, these include: • Research • Project work • Values and ethics • Professional practice • Philosophy and theory • Leadership Public Management and Business aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to fully appreciate the needs of the rapidly changing and highly complex world. The course is structured to appeal to those who wish to pursue a career in public services be that health, criminal justice, social welfare, fire services, third sector agencies including major charities or more locality-based social enterprises. The course is structured to provide students with key transferable management skills running in tandem with a comprehensive overview of the history, development and contemporary structure of public service provision. Year One In this year we introduce students to the key areas which will form the bedrock of their study. You will be introduced to the six key themes that inform and set the standards and direction of travel for the entirety of the programme. Modules studied will include: • Public services history and development • World of business • Policy making in the public services • Organisational behaviour • Introduction to research methods • Generic personal development programme module Year Two At this stage we encourage and facilitate students to use the investment in the basic knowledge gained in the first year. This is a year where we encourage students to investigate some of the key challenges facing public services management in contemporary Britain and to begin to employ the concept of praxis in their work. Modules studied will include: • Sustainability and commissioning in public services • Operations management • Enterprise and innovation • Public services: Theories and philosophies • Managing people • Research methods: Theory and application Year Three It is here where we encourage the students to employ the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the previous two years. Students will undertake a research dissertation which will allow them to link their theoretical knowledge of management and public policy with their knowledge of management practice. Those part-time students that are in work will be encouraged to undertake a work-based action research project. In addition, students will be able to select from a suite of modules from both public service and management portfolios in order that they can enhance and expand their understanding of public services and management theories and practice. You will also have the opportunity to undertake some workplace- based learning. This will be in the form of an elective work-based action research project where students, under the supervision and guidance of members of staff and a professional mentor, undertake a piece of work that aids the host organisation. The programme team view year three as the ideal time for students to engage in work-based learning as it provides them with an opportunity to gain invaluable workplace experience and also begin to understand how the programme’s six key themes impact on public service policy and practice. Modules studied will include: • A dissertation • Public Services Delivery and Evaluation • Public Management and Leadership. Of the remaining three modules at least 20 credits must be from management, with the remaining 20 coming from a pathway of your choice.