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5 Things Youth Marketers Ought To Know About Teens


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Immersive's YouthVine insights and word of mouth marketing resource explores some of the hottest teen trends of the moment. We hope to inspire marketing teams and plant seeds of creativity that impact youth brands through 2014.

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5 Things Youth Marketers Ought To Know About Teens

  2. 2. Don’t limit your brand to Snapchat and Instagram; teens have been flocking by the thousands to up-and-coming mobile app ‘Shots’. With over 1 million downloads in just the first month and counting, what makes ‘Shots’ stand apart from the rest is you can post a selfie and receive simple positive reinforcement from others through likes. The app has completely removed commenting features, which, according to creator John Shahidi, allows users the freedom to be themselves without the worry of cyber bullying. Additionally, this iOS app also doesn’t track follower counts, so teens don’t feel sucked into a virtual popularity contest! What makes this interesting for brands is you can only post photos that you take directly in app - thus offering a unique marketing experience for brands to be 100% real and in the moment with youth. Create a relevant angle and try it with this app! AUDIENCE: 13-17 Majority Female REAL-QUICK: Over 1 million downloads in the first month of its’ launch. Backed by A-list celebrity investors including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg + More. HOW YOU FIT IN: With the app limited to only posting photos taken in app, Shots is a relatively untapped audience for the brands with an authentic voice and worthy calls-to-action. FIRST, LET ME TAKE A SELFIE WITH ‘SHOTS’ APP: SHOTS
  3. 3. Memes come and go in this fast paced and attention deficit world we live in, but DOGE is here to stay! Teens everywhere LOVE the Shiba Inu pup around the web with fun punch lines complimenting the different poses the dog (or doge) makes. So, while you shouldn’t give up the e-cards just yet, integrating fun loving animals into your posts makes for some real and authentic engagement across social media - so long as you do it tastefully while staying true to your own voice! SO POPLAR. WOW. MUCH LIKES! AUDIENCE: All ages, predominantly 13-23 M/F REAL-QUICK: Memes come and go, but DOGE takes the voice of the internet and the internets love of cute animals and combines it into one super fueled and hilarious image that works for any situation. HOW YOU FIT IN: Heartwarming engagement from consumers across social media outlets when using memes tastefully and in creative ways aligned with your brand. MEME: DOGE
  4. 4. Minecraft was a hit a couple years ago, but teens everywhere are picking up on the latest trend - Goat Simulator. This April Fools Day Joke turned viral video game has sky-rocketed to the top of the charts as young peole have picked up a copy to immerse themselves in the action packed life of being a goat! GOODBYE MINECRAFT, HELLO GOAT SIMULATOR AUDIENCE: 15-20 M/F REAL-QUICK: April Fools Day Joke turned viral video game with hundreds of thousands of downloads in the first 24 hours of its’ launch. HOW YOU FIT IN: Brownie points for being in tune with your target demographic GAME: GOAT SIMULATOR
  5. 5. With privacy becoming an ever-growing concern for Youth, it’s no wonder hundreds of thousands of teens have turned to the private messaging app ‘Secret’ to get some stuff off their chest. With no names or profiles, users of all ages are able to post ideas that they would normally feel uncomfortable sharing with others. Other users can love the post, and the idea can rapidly travel and grow organically worldwide. SHHHH! IT’S A SECRET AUDIENCE: 14-20 Majority Female REAL-QUICK: Privacy is an ever-growing concern for teens. HOW YOU FIT IN: De-mystifying secrecy plays to your advantage! Talk about your brand in honest and interesting ways as if you are the consumer. APP: SECRET
  6. 6. Every teen girl wants to be known for their keen trendsetting eye, whether through Instagram for fashion or Tumblr for their love for various randoms. Wanelo brings something new to the table. This site and handy mobile app is a combination of Instagram and Pinterest that gives ease to saving your favorite fashion pics, sharing visual wish lists, and even purchasing items directly within the app! WANT. NEED. LOVE. - WANELO AUDIENCE: 14-20 Majority Female REAL-QUICK: Visually stream line and give a voice to your products for social shoppers. HOW YOU FIT IN: If you’re a fashion-centric company, you always want to be with “what’s next” and not settle for over-saturated content sites that are “what’s right now” - Wanelo offers just that with an ever-growing user base. SITE/APP: WANELO
  7. 7. Boy bands have been at the peak of the music industry, recycling 90s Top 40 hits with a flare of “We’re from a TV talent show!” - But just when we thought the fad was over, 5 Seconds Of Summer has been redefining the genre by bringing in catchy ballads with heavy guitar riffs that have girls everywhere flocking to sold out shows. MOVE OVER ONE DIRECTION 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ROCKS! AUDIENCE: 14-17 Majority Female REAL-QUICK: This boy band rocks by creating catchy, hit singles that have made their home at the top of the iTunes charts and have the largest Twitter fandom at the moment - trending WW daily. HOW YOU FIT IN: Not only do they provide a window into what teens are into, but their catchy songs are sure to be Summer Anthems for years to come. MUSIC: 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER
  8. 8. Dolphins, Kawaii, and possibly overalls. Yepp, you heard that right! The 90’s retro phase is still kicking strong and will continue through the end of summer. Five hot styles you can find teens rocking out till the end of the year include iridescent colored accessories, one pieced jumpers, mesh skirts, luxe sweaters (think rising brand Wildfox designs), and tons of energy infused crystals! THIS SUMMER IS THE AGE OF LISA FRANK AUDIENCE: 14-17 Female REAL-QUICK: Yester-years story is todays news in the world of Fashion. Everyone wants to be nostalgic and those late bloomers are just getting the first round of 90’s childhood - and doing it even better! HOW YOU FIT IN: For those that grew up in the age of yesterday – it’s cool again! Use your knowledge of Nostalgia to hit your market right on the nose. FASHION: 90’S RETRO
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