Pearson Developers Presentation: Stanford Game Jam 3-2-2013


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Pearson Developers Presentation: Stanford Game Jam 3-2-2013 Stanford, game design, applications, hackathon

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  • Creating a developer ecosystem Easy to use RESTful APIs (JSON, XML, HTML)
  • Currently there Are 9 APIs with plans to add more datasets…
  • Over 230,000 definitions Audio files, images, and example sentences Famous dictionary for non-English speakers
  • A collection of 48 of the best novels ever created written in the English Language Titles include Jane Eyre, Dracula, Great Expectations Keyword search across all titles Retrieve your favorite passages and chapters
  • Award-winning guides of top tourist cities Geo-located attractions High quality images Detailed tourist information
  • Over 3,000 Recipes from top-selling Pearson Books Includes Images and Nutrition analysis Over 3,000 recipes High-resolution images Nutrition analysis Recipes from best-selling Pearson textbooks of top culinary schools
  • *Limited to one-session evening workshop with no prerequisites valued at $50 or less
  • Free account, unlimited access to APIs during the event. Test the APIs on our site.
  • Pearson API use cases: Wordflare: an HTML5 e-reader application that utilizes Facebook social plugin and Longman Dictionary to share and discuss content Show Me London: Travel itinerary builder that integrates London Eyewitness Travel Guide Menu Bird: Look up ingredients for any dish on a menu using the Pearson Kitchen Manager
  • 1) Visit 2) Register to obtain an API production key 3) Test APIs on our site 4) Enhance your application with our content
  • Pearson Developers Presentation: Stanford Game Jam 3-2-2013

    1. 1. Pearson DevelopersStanford Game Jam, March 2013 Gregg Alpert @PearsonAPI -- @alpsgm
    2. 2. Why Use Pearson APIs? Build and enhance your mobile or web apps with great content (text, images, audio) related to education, food, travel, literature and more…3
    3. 3. Pearson APIsBuild apps with content from PearsonDeveloper.pearson.com1. Education2. Dictionary3. Literature from Penguin4. Travel5. Food6. Images7. and more…
    4. 4. Dictionary5
    5. 5. Penguin Classics – Literature Content6
    6. 6. Travel Content• Geolocation Data, Top Tourist Sites, Images, Historical Context•
    7. 7. Food Content8
    8. 8. QuickStart Guides Covering the following topics: •TechnicalTopics: Wordpress, PHP, HTML5, CSS, Photoshop •Nursing and Healthcare •Business, finance, careers and other professional development areas. •FTPress: Articles covering business, marketing, and science topics •Concise, straightforward tutorials9
    9. 9. – Mobile Travel Guide Demo10
    10. 10. Maptouria Demo11
    11. 11. Winning:$250 inAmazon giftcards for BestUse of aPearson API tobe divided upb/n winningteam
    12. 12. developer.pearson.com1) Visit developer.pearson.com2) Register to obtain an API production key3) Test APIs on our site4) Enhance your application with Pearson content13
    13. 13. Stay in Touch / Feedback
    14. 14. Appendix
    15. 15. Applications created with Pearson APIs
    16. 16. Pearson APIs:
    17. 17. DK Images • 90,000 high-resolution images • Wide range of images18
    18. 18. FT Press• 300+ inspiring short publications and articles covering business, marketing, and science topics• Essential insights from the best business books and editorials from leading business thinkers
    19. 19. Our Newest API: Brilliant Series • Educational titles to help readers build skills in business, finance, careers and other professional development areas. • Concise, straightforward tutorials20
    20. 20. Nursing & Health Survival Guides • Best-selling quick reference guides in topical areas of health and social care • Topics include: Cancer Care, Diabetes, Dental Nursing, and more!21