What is a Calorie


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What is a calorie and how does it relate to weight loss and weight gain? The calorie is a way to describe energy and it is a way we measure the energy we ingest and the energy we use.

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What is a Calorie

  1. 1. What is a Calorie?
  2. 2. Little Gremlins that live in your food and make you fat Attracted to you and not your thin neighbor They do not depend on your circumstances Calories are Not?
  3. 3. A Calorie (kcal) is the amount of energy it takes to heat 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius Calorie is a Unit of Energy The calorie is a word we use to describe energy. The energy we put into our body through food and drink and the energy we use to move, think, and breathe.
  4. 4. Food and Drink = Gasoline Cars needs Gasoline Humans need food and drink A calorie is energy like gasoline 1 Gallon of Gasoline is the same as 31,000 Calories
  5. 5. Calories In Calories Out Energy Added Energy Used We take in calories (energy) through food and drinks We use calories (energy) through doing nothing, digesting and moving
  6. 6. Calories In – Energy Added We Need Different Type of Fuel Three basic nutrients with different amounts of energy Fat is 9 calories a gram Protein is 4 calories a gram Carbohydrates are 4 calories a gram Alcohol is 7 calories a gram no nutrition Other Items Found in Foods Fiber, Water, Vitamins, Minerals
  7. 7. Calories In – Energy Added Food – Chew Your Food Food Serving Calories Wheat Bread 1 Slice 75 Double Quarter Lb w/ Cheese Each 734 Dry Roasted Pecans 1 oz. 201 Corn Oil 1 tbsp 124 Baked Potato 1 large 278 Cooked Spinach 1 cup 41
  8. 8. Calories In – Energy Added Drinks - Try Some Water Drink Serving Size Calories Whole Milk 8 ounces 145 Coca Cola Classic 8 ounces 97 Cranberry Juice 8 ounces 120 Vanilla Latte 8 ounces 110 Regular Beer 8 ounces 90 Water 1 million ounces 0
  9. 9. 3 Ways to Burn Calories 1. Basal Metabolic Rate: BMR or our body at idle BMR is around 60% of total calories 2. Food Digestion - uses 5 to 10 percent of our calories Calories Out – Energy Used How Do We Burn Calories?
  10. 10. Calories Out – Energy Used Movement NEAT – All Other Movement Aerobic Exercise Resistance Training
  11. 11. Calories Burned - Approximate Exercise Calories Swimming Freestyle Light to Moderate Effort 197 Walking (20 Minute Miles) 119 Running (13 Minute Miles) 204 Running (12 Minute Miles) 282 Hiking (Rolling Hills) 180 Bicycling (9.4 mph) 197 Low Impact Aerobics 170 Doubles Tennis 170 Resistance training, moderate effort 129
  12. 12. We gain a pound if we eat and drink 3,500 calories more than we burn assuming we only gained fat 453 grams in a pound and 9 calories per gram of fat = 3500 calories (stored energy) per pound of fat You only need to eat and drink 32 more calories a day to gain 50 pounds over 15 years Think of the calorie as energy. If you take in more than you need, you store it. Fat cells are designed to store energy so the excess calories (energy) are usually stored as fat. How Do We Gain Weight?
  13. 13. Weight Control Food and Drink Metabolism, Movement and Exercise Energy in (calories ingested) minus Energy out (calories used) is weight gain or (weight loss)
  14. 14. Fit in the Middle Weight Loss Planner