Weight Loss Motivation Ideas Part 1


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Your weight loss effort depends on your ability to stay with a plan despite better looking or smelling alternatives. It will not be easy and you will have days and meals that are not perfect. Here are a few weight loss motivation ideas that might help.

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Weight Loss Motivation Ideas Part 1

  1. 1. Get Motivated to Exercise
  2. 2. Yes, you know you are supposed to exercise. It helps with weight loss, it improves your health and it acts as a mood enhancer. Despite knowing this, some days you don’t want to get off your butt and exercise. One day you will wake up or get home from work and decide the television or the bed look like better options. In fact, getting a cavity filled would be better than exercising. Workout on your “Off” Days
  3. 3. 8 Workout Motivators You don’t have to give in to your impulse to grab a drink and skip the workout. Here are a few ideas that will help you get and stay motivated to exercise.
  4. 4. Put on your Workout Clothes. You know you played dress up as a kid; maybe you do as an adult. Change into your workout clothes and pretend you are going. It might get you out the door.
  5. 5. Get an Exercise Partner. You will have someone prodding you on days you don’t want to exercise and vice-versa. Make the commitment with a friend and you will have one less excuse to miss your workout.
  6. 6. Cut your Workout in Half. If your normal routine takes an hour, shrink the time to thirty minutes. You may continue once you start. Even if you don’t, some workout time is better than no time.
  7. 7. Stand on the Scale. Use your weight and weight loss goal as a motivator. You are making progress, keep it up by exercising.
  8. 8. Ask a Friend to Remind You. Have your friend ask you if you worked out that day. Or have them text you a reminder. Do this with caution as you don’t want to lose a friend who takes the responsibility too far.
  9. 9. Have Workout Clothes With You. Omit all excuses. Bring clothes to work. Have them in your car. Place them at in the doorway so you trip on them on as you leave. Be ready when the desire hits you.
  10. 10. Stick Your Goal Where You can See It. Write down your goal and place it where you will see it every day. Use sticky notes and put it on the computer, the refrigerator, the dashboard of your car and the bathroom mirror. Remind yourself why you are sweating.
  11. 11. Visualize the end of the workout. You are tired but happy after you finish exercising. If you feel rejuvenated after a great workout, visualize the feeling beforehand to get you moving.
  12. 12. Even the most ardent exercisers will have days when they don’t feel like working out. Use these tips or come up with your own to limit or eliminate the days you miss. Stay Consistent
  13. 13. Fit in the Middle Diet Plan to Lose Weight