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Icanpilot presentation


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Icanpilot presentation

  2. 2. AGENDA • About ICanPilot • About Me • Gus’s Kitchen and Bath • Problem and Solution • Our Services • Pricing • Testimonials
  3. 3. A LITTLEABOUTICANPILOT • Former 3M colleagues Mary Poul and Rita Shor founded iCanPilot in 2010 • Created first software package that assist in reinventing failing business models • Software engineer department has expanded to include a European office
  4. 4. ABOUT ME GREG TUCKER Sales Manager • Hired in 2005 • Works with clients in all of Ontario • Have worked with dozens of medium to small businesses
  5. 5. GUS’S KITCHENAND BATH • Created in 1987 • Sells kitchen and bath equipment and supplies • Selling many products from brand name manufacturers • Over the years, Gus’s has opened up more show rooms in areas around Ottawa Ont.
  6. 6. PROBLEM • Over the past several years an erosion of profits has occurred • competition encroaching on selling territory • customer base was becoming less interested in the productsSOLUTION • Redefine a company without alienating the existing customer base • Streamline the business to bring in more profits
  7. 7. OURSERVICES REIVENT YOUR BUSINESS MODEL • 4-8 week process This product is for you if… • You are finding your business primarily competing on pricing • Competitors copy your product and service innovations quickly • Margins are falling • You are looking for ways to differentiate your business in a meaningful way
  8. 8. OURSERVICESSESSION ONE SESSION TWO SESSION THREEChartering your Preparing a Strategic Check-in session duringProject. Mapping your Assessment. Mapping strategic assessment.current Business Model. Hypotheses. Key Insights emerging form the research.SEASON FOUR SEASON FIVE SESSION SIXPreparing an assessment Business Modeling Implementing your newreport. Identifying risks Retreat. Creating & business model.and opportunities. selecting new business Formulating strategicPreparing the business model options. goals. Changemodeling retreat. Validation planning. management plan.
  9. 9. REQUIREMENTS • Windows 7, Windows Vista®,Windows XP, Windows 2000 (* Mac version coming soon) • 1.6 GHz IBM-compatible processor or faster • 128 MB of VRAM Minimum 500 MB of RAM • Minimum 1024×768 with 32-bit color recommended screen resolution If you are not sure that your PC will work with our software, don’t worry about it. We offer a 100% money- back guarantee; you can test it and get a full refund if you have any problems.
  10. 10. PRICING A fraction of the price of a full service consultant • Package is a one-time price of $950 US • For the rest of 2011, all first time buyers will save an additional 20% off. • Promo code “first1” in the Promotion code on website • Can only be purchased online with a credit card
  11. 11. TESTIMONIALS CLIENT “My company has secured a terrific market positionJay Loewi in a highly competitive industry by following the authors’ advice for differentiating your company. We DETAILS are growing rapidly despite the presence of all theOwner/CEO The QTI Group national competitors in our market.” CLIENT “Mary Kay Plantes has spent her entire careerScott Cooper thinking and helping companies with one main topic—how to move beyond price to create a DETAILS sustainable advantage in the marketplace. In myauthor of How To Write A opinion, there’s no one more capable of addressingSuccessful Marketing Plan. what I feel will be the major business topic of theSenior Vice President ofCorporate Marketing and next 10 years.”Branding for Brown Shoe