Online business Predictions 2012


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Online Business Predictions for 2012. We talk about Social Media and whats happening, and also about why it's so essential for you to have a Mobile Optimised Version of your site!

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Online business Predictions 2012

  1. 1. What Does It MeanFor Online Businesses?
  2. 2. Will reach 1 Billion users early 2012
  3. 3. Facebook is a Social Media Powerhouse1 Billion Milestone will affect the following: • Small businesses not set up on Facebook • Existing business on Facebook • You need to stand out from the crowd on Facebook • More third party apps, more sophistication, more live video, page customisation etc
  4. 4. ?????????
  5. 5. Want to dominate Social Media
  6. 6. Google are currently spending millions on advertisingAndroid leads the US Smart Phone Market – beating iPhoneEverything on Android will lead to Google +You can view Youtube videos in Google+ hangoutsExpect Google+ to be a very close contender to Social domination
  7. 7. New Design makes it behave more like a social networking site
  8. 8. New Design makes it behave more like a social networking siteExpect more interactivity on YouTube for usersThe more active your channel, the more opportunityfor your videos to go viralExpect quality of videos – sound and picture to increase dueto user demandYouTube is still the second largest search engine on the internet
  9. 9. You need to add unique fresh content –the competition will just get strongerExpect more tools to help make sense of social media,to free up your timeCompetition will mean plenty of new features added tothe big players, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube
  10. 10. Is 2012 the end of laptops?
  11. 11. Is 2012 the end of laptops?UnlikelyMobile Devices and Tablet usage is growing rapidlyOnline activity previously done on computers,now done on smartphones and tabletsUsers need to access your content from a mobiledevice as easily as a computerShare needs to be just as easy on Social Media
  12. 12. Google loves mobile!
  13. 13. Google loves mobile!Google initiative HowToGoMo.comMobile sites need: • Loading Speed: Load in under 5 seconds • Images: Have images appearing properly • Text: Sites text appear properly without pinching or zooming • Navigation: Links and buttons are thumb friendly
  14. 14. What does that mean to you?A Mobile Optimised Website will help greatlywith Search Engine OptimisationMobile searches have grown by 4X since 2010Next Year (2013) more people will use theirmobile phone to go online than their PCBy 2015 there will be one mobile device for every person on earthSo more and more people will try and reach you through theirmobile device
  15. 15. Would your customers rather see this:
  16. 16. Or this:
  17. 17. Check out