How To Be Smart In a World Of Dumb Oportunity Seekers


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Do you think one of the key qualities of success depends on how resourceful you are?

It’s true.

Resourcefulness is the key to living a laptop lifestyle! We covered it in our book but we’ll get onto that in a minute.

But first, a warning . . .

This is going to be a bit of a rant – but in a good way -

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How To Be Smart In a World Of Dumb Oportunity Seekers

  1. 1. gre gandf io nasco t t .co m http://gregandfio nasco m/reso urceful/14 How To Be Smart In A World of Dumb Opportunity Seekers Do you think one of the key qualities of success depends on how resourceful you are? It’s true. Re s o urc e ful De finitio n Resourcefulness is the key to living a laptop lif estyle! We covered it in our book but we’ll get onto that in a minute. But f irst, a warning . . . T his is going to be a bit of a rant – but in a good way - Because we want to help you, Actually, we want to help you help yourself . You see, we’ve noticed lately . . . As we’re helping quite a f ew people set up their online businesses, there’s a LOT of people who are simply not resourceful enough. It’s got to the point now where we can tell who’s going to sink and who’s going to swim! Seriously! Now it’s not entirely their f ault they lack resourcefulness. We believe that the school system and society is to blame because we’re not taught problem solving and the ways of the world in school. Plus in this f ast paced world in which we live, we’ve grown to expect instant answers handed to us on a plate. We pay our money and expect things to be easy – just because we’ve paid money. But it’s not the case. So people don’t research stuf f any longer! But . . . If you really want to give up your day job, work when you want, where you want, and achieve living a laptop lif estyle in your own time f rame, you’re going to have to f ocus on being resourcef ul. Tony Robbins, T he Guru himself , says it best. Watch this quick video – it’s only a minute and a half long:
  2. 2. Tony asks – when people f ail to achieve their goals . . . what reasons do they give?• I don’t have enough time• I don’t have enough money• I don’t know the technology• I don’t have enough contacts• I don’t have enough experienceT hey claim to be lacking resources! We hear it all the time.But, as Tony Robbins says, the def ining f actor is NOT a lack of resources . . .It’s a lack of resourcef ulness!Ouch!T he ultimate resource you need to operate an online business is resourcefulness.Every human being has it within them. T he question is whether you access it or not!Your resourcef ulness is all about your:• Creativity• Determination• Love Learning• Curiosity• PassionT he thing is . . .
  3. 3. Successf ul people get the resources when no one else can! Because they’reresourcef ul!If you believe you don’t have enough time – consider stop watching telly, or learn while you commute, oruse your lunch time productively, or get a cleaner at home, or enlist the help of others to help out withthe children, or hire a virtual assistant . . . the list goes on.How do successf ul Mumpreneurs manage to raise a f amily, manage a business, and do charity work all atthe same time? T hey love learning and they use their time creatively.Everyone has the same 24 hours each day. Without exception! How come some people achieve somuch more in the same 24 hours?Use the time you have wisely. Remain f ocused and determined.On the other hand,Maybe the reason you don’t succeed is because you don’t have enough money.We know someone who sold their telly (because they didn’t have time to watch it any more) in order tohave a marketing budget. T hen they reinvested their prof its into their business in order to make it grow.Because so many things online are f ree, people expect setting up an online business is also going to bef ree. But that’s a joke! We’ve f ound there are two things that are certainly not f ree.It costs to advertise and it costs to get marketing training.T here’s a good reason f or that. Marketing is the most vital skill you can have online and advertisingis the f astest way to get results.Of course it’s possible to do all your own research and to leverage social media f or f ree leads – but ittakes a LOT of time to gain momentum, and most people give up because they don’t have thedetermination and passion to keep going.Technology!T hat’s another big reason f or not getting started which we hear a lot. In f act, I’ll conf ess that I (Fiona)thought I was technophobic – but I’ve since proven myself wrong – and have now built dozens ofwebsites, and mastered most of the technology needed in an online business.For me, I had been telling myself I couldn’t do certain geeky things, which of course meant that I did f luf fthem up (‘cos I didn’t want to be wrong, did I?). BUT, I persevered . . . until I mastered them!What’s interesting to note is that Steve Jobs wasn’t technical, and nor are Bill Gates and RichardBranson.To overcome the belief that you don’t think you understand technology, simply get the right videotraining, and watch it over and over again until you do get it. Get it?As f or not having enough contacts and experience – that applies to everyone when they start at the verybeginning of anything. Just get resourceful.
  4. 4. A lack of resourcef ulness and need f or hand holding won’t get you anywhere in online business. Youneed to take responsibility f or your business and think f or yourself .T he enormous advantage about being resourcef ul is – you’ll begin to look within yourself f or answersf irst to solve whatever issue crops up. Instead of whining about a problem, you’ll be able to nut it out f oryourself – which is a very satisf ying f eeling indeed.Rant overPlease remember this . . .Successf ul People Are Resourcef ulT hey soldier on and get stuf f done. T hey nut out their problems and f ind their own solutions. T heywatch training again and again, until they get it.
  5. 5. We’ve learnt that if you want to succeed in this business – you have to get resourcef ul, change yourmindset, and change the notion that people HAVE to help you. T hey don’t.We choose to help people like us, because we love helping people who are happy to helpthemselves. It’s all in the spirit of watching someone change their lif e – like we did. But they have toseriously want to help themselves f irst!Skype Us: gregory.john.scott or f iona.molly.scottConnect with us on FacebookConnect with us on Pinterest or click here ==>Connect with us on Google +If you liked this please Tweet, Google + and Pin it