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Supercharge Your Success with Affirmations


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Imagine if every time you were on your computer, whether it is working, writing emails or surfing the net, you could enhance your personal development. Well, that’s exactly what Dino and the folks at MindZoom had in mind when they launched their site.

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Supercharge Your Success with Affirmations

  1. 1. se lf he lpt m m/supercharge-success-affirmatio ns/ Supercharge Your Success with Affirmations Studies indicate that the average person spends at least 30% of their time in f ront of a computer. We all know what an excellent instrument the Internet can be. Where else can you reach millions of people f rom dif f erent walks of lif e within seconds simultaneously? Imagine if every time you were on your computer, whether it is working, writing emails or surf ing the net, you could enhance your personal development. Well, that’s exactly what Dino and the f olks at MindZ oom had in mind when they launched their site. MindZ oom Af f irmations Breakthrough Our mind can either be our best f riend or our worst enemy, depending on what you f eed it. You wouldn’t believe how much trash we f eed our mind every day! Why don’t we give our mind positive bursts of input? We can easily. Af f irmations are def ined as the assertion that something exists or is true. T hat being said, positive af f irmations are basically when we assert that something positive about ourselves or anything else is true. T his activity in turn, yields positive results, as our inner world ref lects our outer world. Many of us have a hard time f eeding ourselves positive af f irmations. And f or those who can, we sometimes can run into a “blockage” f rom our conscious mind. Our conscious mind sometimes tends to question our belief s to the point that we can become discouraged. T he sub-conscious mind accepts commands without questioning them. So it is imperative that you f eed it positive af f irmations. Well, imagine if you could f eed your sub-conscious positive af f irmations while perf orming your daily activities on your computer. T hrough the af f irmation-delivering engine and the silent subliminal messaging center, that is exactly what the MindZ oom sof tware can and will do f or you: http://self f irmations T he Af f irmation Delivering Engine conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that bypass your conscious mind and sends them directly to your subconscious mind, SAFELY AND DISCRET ELY. T he Silent Subliminal Messaging System translates text af f irmations into to speech that are then delivered through a High Frequency envelope, which reach the brain but are not heard by the human ear. T his sof tware comes complete with a manual and is packed with special options such as ways to add, change or delete your af f irmations, select the display position, change your f ont pref erences, as well as change your message f requency and display time. T his incredible sof tware can and will enhance your lif e by allowing you to:
  2. 2. - Overcome Fear Remove bad habits Learn Faster Overcome or Manage Depression Improve Your Memory Improve Your Social Skills Overcome Obstacles T hat Prevent You From Moving Forward Understand Your Feelings Multiply Your Business Achievements Raise the Level of Your Overall Success T he top three reasons this product is a great buy are: 1. T his sof tware is original and innovative. 2. Its premise is based on techniques that work. 3. It is very easy to use and is not time consuming. Aside f rom all that, it comes with FREE lif etime upgrades and unlimited email support. T hat shows that Dino and his staf f stand behind their product and I like that. If you truly wish to expand your mind and raise your level of personal development, log on to the MindZ oom website and get your sof tware today: In less than two minutes, you can have a f ull installation on your PC and be on your way to enhancing your lif e through positive, lif e-enriching af f irmations. “This software just Amazed Me! I swear I was skeptic at first but reading through it all made sense! I was seeking to improve my sports abilities, so I put it to the test and straight down I’ve been getting better and better.” - Paul Gilbert Tags: af f irmations, subconscious mind