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Gregory Mesec_Generic2015


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Gregory Mesec_Generic2015

  1. 1. Gregory  J.  MesecGregory  J.  Mesec     - 9 3 B E L L S T   §   C H A G R I N   F A L L S ,   O H I O   4 4 0 2 2   !   2 1 6 . 4 0 2 . 0 9 1 2   *   G R E G J M E S E C @ G M A I L . C O M   1 | P a g e January/February 2015 To Whom It May Concern: If you are seeking a forward-thinking, performance-driven, and quality focused Sales/Marketing & Entertainment Professional for your company, then you will note the experience and the accomplishments highlighted in the enclosed resume. As a “change agent,” I implement forward-thinking ideas, concepts, and programs motivating highly successful teams, generating strong and sustainable profitability, and ensuring customer loyalty. My past experience includes… Providing the proactive leadership with the understanding that when my team is successful we are successful, allowing me to be effective in spearheading innovative projects that establishes long-term profitability. Implementing quality customer service programs to foster long-term customer loyalty. Analyzing market trends and identifying opportunities that provide profitability In short, I am leader both by example and through effective management of individuals and provide leadership and guidance to my clients and colleagues. It is essential that I develop very close relationships with each client to know the intimate details of their status to help steer the companies toward sales profitability. I attribute my consistent success in large part to the ability and maintain a principle-centered environment that preserves the company’s core values while stimulating growth and progress. Equally important is a strong focus on ensuring positive customer contacts at all levels, both internally and externally. You will find that I am very skilled at developing sound action plans, as well as in oversight and follow-through on those plans. Currently, I am exploring opportunities that would benefit a company’s success and serve as a source of new possibilities. I believe my expertise would be a value to a company looking for effective leadership and direction. If the leadership you are seeking possesses my qualifications, experience, and track record, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. I appreciate you taking time to review my credentials and thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Gregory J. Mesec
  2. 2. Gregory  J.  MesecGregory  J.  Mesec     - 9 3 B E L L S T   §   C H A G R I N   F A L L S ,   O H I O   4 4 0 2 2   !   2 1 6 . 4 0 2 . 0 9 1 2   *   G R E G J M E S E C @ G M A I L . C O M   2 | P a g e STRATEGIC OPERATIONS § MEDIA PRESENTATIONS § SALES AND MARKETING § EVENT MANAGEMENT § CONTINUOUS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT § TRAINING AND TEAM LEADERSHIP § SALES FORECASTING AND PROPOSAL § BUSINESS RELATIONS §PROBLEM RESOLUTION & DECISION MAKING QUALIFICATIONS PROFILE Highly motivated, intuitive, and precision-oriented professional, conscientious in generating new businesses, assuring customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with external business partners; extensive contact with music industry professionals, major artists, and company representatives. Powered with solid familiarity in new service offerings, events management, and market expansion. Possess verifiable competency in formulating innovative and effective sales schematics to maximize revenue. Display unyielding and consistent achievement of established revenue quota. Demonstrate executive and sophisticated approaches in leading and motivating personnel at all levels to maximize individual potentials. Exemplify unsurpassed competency in organizing, and directing substantial business processes and efforts to promote essential efficiency and productivity; effective in providing supervision on staffing procedures and facilitating training to employees. Excellent in communication, writing, and strategic planning skills, that achieves and exceeds corporate objectives. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Hard Rock Rocksino ▪ Northfield, OH ENTERTAINMENT MANAGER & VIBE MANAGER ¡ 2013-PRESENT Entertainment Manager – Oversee the entertainment aspect of three venues: Hard Rock Live – 2200 Seating Capacity, Club Velvet – 300 Seating Capacity, and Hard Rock Café – 300 Seating Capacity. Duties include, but not limited to: booking, marketing/PR, and liaison to the talent. Direct staff of 20+ full-time and contract employees – managing, scheduling, and payroll. Lead merchandising, hospitality, and all travel and planning logistics for artists. Responsible fiscally for maintaining three budgets totaling +/- $1 million and 350 thousand dollars a year. Vibe Manger - Operate a million dollar audio/video system for entire casino space consisting of 170 monitors, 30 music zones, and 24 hour 7 days a week music programming. Regularly adjust broad casting promotional announcements. ClubCorp ▪ Cleveland, OH DIRECTOR OF SALES & MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ¡ 2010-2013 Solely responsible for membership sales and member events on both an individual and corporate level for The Club at Key Center a 1500 member private business and social club located in Cleveland's financial district. In addition to successfully directing a sales team and front of the house staff providing the ultimate private club experience and achieving new and existing member retention. Administrative duties include: forecasting, budgeting and developing the annual sales and marketing plan for each year. Trained and implemented new membership program, as well as, all print and media exposure. Wizard of Ahs Events ▪ Cleveland, OH, New York, NY SALES & MARKETING MANAGER ¡ 2008-2010 Assumed full accountability in the sales, planning and marketing of our services. Which Included: event production, talent booking, design and the sales of staging, audio/video, custom lighting and special effects equipment. Events ranged from corporate fund raising galas and outings to super bowl halftime shows and opening ceremonies for the state Olympic Games. Events - Cosmopolitan Anniversary Party and Photo Shoot Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas May 2010, Lebron James Bike-athon Cleveland, OH Aug 2010 and NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Canton, OH Aug. 2010. Live Nation/House of Blues Entertainment, Inc. ▪ Cleveland, OH SALES MANAGER ¡ 2004-2008 Performed principal administrative functions for budget solicitations, booking arrangements, as well as strategic management for cost estimations from $5 thousand to $100 thousand dollars. Maintained collaborative affiliations with top-level CEO and key decision makers of numerous Fortune 500 companies such as, PepsiCo, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturers, Merrill Lynch Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers Firm, Miller Brewing, National City Bank, and Ernst & Young. Utilized authoritative access in managing the extensive list and database system of Cleveland’s key movers and shakers. Provided expert oversight to more than 300 elite Foundation Room members of the local business community. Commenced direct supervision and extensive training measures for new team members.
  3. 3. Gregory  J.  MesecGregory  J.  Mesec     - 9 3 B E L L S T   §   C H A G R I N   F A L L S ,   O H I O   4 4 0 2 2   !   2 1 6 . 4 0 2 . 0 9 1 2   *   G R E G J M E S E C @ G M A I L . C O M   3 | P a g e PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CON’T Sales Manager – Live Nation/House of Blues Entertainment, Inc. ▪ Cleveland, OH – Con’t. ž Enhanced and implemented substantial development initiatives of the membership base essentially for the established Foundation Room, a national private social and dinning club located within the House of Blues. ž Secured numerous sponsorships and ascertained in-depth business relationships with both local and international companies. ž Implemented, planned and promoted several monthly on going club and venue wide events, ranging from themed nights to holiday special parties. In addition to hosting private parties for numerous pro athletes and touring musicians. Coldwell Banker Real Estate ▪ Cleveland, OH COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE SALES ¡ 2001-2004 Performed accurate archiving of performance listings and closing deals on retail leases and commercial properties. Conducted effective client procurement techniques through updating company website, initiating efficient telephone calls, demonstrating innovative presentations, and functioning primarily in negotiating all aspects of leases. Commercial Real Estate Sales - ž Rapidly achieved top producer position with the highest number of stock listing in the office and inventory worth $2 million dollars. Rhythm Room (Former Peabody’s Café) ▪ Cleveland, OH OWNER/OPERATOR ¡ 1996-2001 Provided expert oversight on P&L accountabilities to determine profitable opportunities and potential loss circumstances. Directed supervision on the overall systematic and leisure operations of a 3,500 square foot nightclub. Negotiated major vendor sponsorships with Camel Cigarettes and Bacardi Rum. Acquired essential practical expertise in sound engineering, stage reorganization, rig support, lighting effects, and artist relations. Performed staff recruitment functions and facilitated training measures. Processed purchase orders in managing the food and liquor inventory while administering primary financial operations and efforts. Owner/Operator - ž Progressed business standards by revamping venue procedures and setting, executing discreet management on marketing and branding, as well as establishing relations with key vendors. ž Established consistent market recognition by arranging contract agreements with local and national musical performers. ž Instrumental in streamlining operations and recapturing business repetitions with approximately 20 customers; sold venue at 200% of the original price. PRIOR EXPERIENCE Omni International Hotel ▪ Cleveland, OH SALES MANAGER ¡ 1994-1996 Sales Manger - ž Generated Cleveland entertainment business standards by significantly acquiring 75% of the market. Which included: touring performers, film crews and professional sports teams. ž Coordinated the ongoing Presidential and Vice Presidential visitations with the White House Communications Department on numerous occasions. ž Created and maintained existing accounts with Case Western Reserve University as well as with national and regional corporations that include several Fortune 500 companies. Palo Verdes Hotel ▪ Redondo Beach, CA SALES MANAGER & ACTING DIRECTOR OF SALES ¡ 1992-1994 Sales Manager & Acting Director of Sales - ž Rapidly promoted from sales notice to sales leader through initiation of effective and tactical procedures for clientele and business acquisition. ž Developed and effectuated essential marketing strategies for the radio, television, and print media; established rates and rewrote promotional programs that resulted in sales increment by 15%, consistently increasing the statistical Average Daily Rate.
  4. 4. Gregory  J.  MesecGregory  J.  Mesec     - 9 3 B E L L S T   §   C H A G R I N   F A L L S ,   O H I O   4 4 0 2 2   !   2 1 6 . 4 0 2 . 0 9 1 2   *   G R E G J M E S E C @ G M A I L . C O M   4 | P a g e EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND Coursework - Master of Business Administration Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH | 1995 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Commercial Recreation and Tourism/Special Events Kent State University, Kent, OH | 1990 PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS KSU ALUMNI § Local Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB) and Chamber of Commerce TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY MS Office Suite § ACT! § SMS § Various Social Media Platforms PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Sadler Sales Institute § State of Ohio Real Estate Professional Selling Skills | Charleston, NC § Professional Negotiation Skills | Chicago, IL