Product launch videos: the good, the bad and the viral


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Let’s face it, most product launch videos in B2B marketing are as inspiring as watching lawn grass grow…and do little to raise customer awareness or boost sales. Promoting complex products and services to an audience of smart professionals who research what they need is indeed challenging.

The good news is that according to Forbes, 75% of senior executives watch work-related videos at least weekly, with more than half of those watching on YouTube. Overall 65% have visited a vendor’s website after they watched a video.

In this session, after a brief presentation, we will discuss:

• Objectives to define before beginning
• Blueprint for a Successful Launch Video Campaign
• What are my metrics to determine success
• What makes a product launch video impactful
• Video examples of the Good , the Bad and the Viral

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  • Videos to a specific solution are more effective at driving conversions;identify and segment your target audience – For example Retrofit vs. Greenfield optsdefine clear CTA; CTA more important than likesVideo should demonstrate unique value not features; content that your target like, learn from, and shareStrike a balance between entertaining and informingShould tell a story that is authentic and resonates.Range for austere professional video ($3k – $7k) ; Medium ($10K to $25K); High multi-video campaign ($100K+)Production team engagement: storyboard reviews -> script content should be collaborative -> filming -> editingMust have to get management buy-inSimple: # viewed/ shared; Complex: # ConversionsYouTube Analytics; Video SEOThe Ultimate Success is Sales: Track your leads via a CRM like Salesforce.comPart of integrated launch campaignProvide video to all of your social media propertiesCreate YouTube channel for brand awareness and product awarenessProvide code to embed video in the blogs of thought leaders in your verticalPut video on USB keys & give to your sales team.
  • Cisco video conveys the tangible future benefits of their network infrastructure.(reportedly 7.1M views since inception) Most of the viewers are not potential customers, but there is a pretty good chance that if you are a potential buyer someone sent you a link to view the video.2) Call to Action" (CTA). This is where viewers make your video a social experience by subscribing, commenting, sharing.A call to action can happen at any point during a video. Queuing up click to buy alerts throughout a video in context, like when a specific product is featured in a video segment, increases the number of touch points and products you can feature. In other cases it might make sense not to interrupt a more complex story, so you might wait to show a popup at the end of a video to provide a link with a strong message to prompt a potential buyer .  It's important to consider the viewers' experience in deciding the right moment for the call to action. Will the call to action be jarring, or helpful? If you aren't sure, analytics can provide accurate and specific feedback about customer response to the timing.4)Make sure this page is appropriately coded for search, complete with keyword-rich copy, title tags, header text, a unique URL and meta information that succinctly describes your new product
  • Product launch videos: the good, the bad and the viral

    1. 1. The Good, The Bad and the Viral (Why video is vital to a product’s launch success) @gregkincade
    2. 2. Why Video Matters
    3. 3. A Site You Cannot Ignore
    4. 4. Questions to Answer before Beginning 1) What do I want my target audience to do after viewing my video? 2) Can I show my product’s UVP to the customer through my video? 3) Do I have the budget and/or right production team? 4) What metrics do I use to determine success? 5) How will I cross-promote the video across my social media properties?
    5. 5. Making a product video actionable. 1. It must tell a story that resonates with the customer o The Future of Shopping o Protect the Stuff that Matters 2. It must have a clear and unobtrusive Call-to-Action o Wistia's How not to do CTAs video 3. It must not be too long o Average View Time 4. It must have resources in place to measure the ROI o YouTubeAnalyticsOverview.
    6. 6. Three videos, Three Competitors • The Bad (aka the Corporate Talking Head)  The 'Bad' KMM Video • The Good ( high production values, but…)  The 'Good' KMM Video • The Viral? (maybe better, but not viral)  KMM video - Better?
    7. 7. Let’s Talk Viral Can a B2B video go viral? Can B2B product video be viral but not actionable? Does not have to be viral to be successful.
    8. 8. A Viral B2B Video?
    9. 9. For A Deeper Dive …… Follow-up Questions: @gregkincade
    10. 10. Appendix: Average Viewing Time
    11. 11. Appendix: YouTube Analytics