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  • May 2009
  • May 2009 Each place and group is different, but these are the types of things groups often work on: Pictures: Local money - The Totnes Pound – stays in the community, Transport – eg West Bridgford TT group gave out bike trailers Local food – potatoes grown in a tub – mine – they were delicious Energy and food – windmill Community – groups sometimes ‘ Heart & Soul’, or ‘spirit’ –
  • May 2009 Other examples : Local money : local currency also Lewes in Sussex. Credit Unions, ( widespread including Nottingham), Loyalty card for local independent shops ( London), oil vulnerability audits for businesses in Totnes Local food : Totnes aiming to be nut tree capital, Arkwright Meadows community gardens and St Anns Allotments in Nottingham, plant a fruit tree project in Bristol, Derby delivering organic veg to older people by bicycle, Beeston seed swap event Energy - Torrs Hydro in High Peaks, built small independent water-powered turbine now supplying the Co-Op, Hockerton housing wind turbines, now also developing with village Transport – W Bridgford deal with local car hire company, bike trailers Skills - Nottingham series of skills-charing workshops 2008 – bike repairing, independent computer software, food preservation, home brewing, mending things, making clothes Community - networking with other groups, looking at psychological and sometimes spiritual aspects, building community, and having fun - a revlotion which is a party - , plant a fruit tree, railway cuttings park, reskilling, energy descent planning Examples from Nottingham wherever possible:
  • Linking up with Sherwood Community Association, Transition Sherwood has a community food garden at the back of the centre in Mansfield Road,  opposite Woodthorpe Park.  The ‘food garden’ idea emphasizes growing food, with a mix of shared areas and mini-plots gardened organically by individuals, while aiming to keep the overall feel and look of a garden rather than allotments. May 2009
  • May 2009
  • May 2009
  • Transition sherwood rotary presentation sept 13

    1. 1. Sherwood In Transition the Transition Town movement and the future for our community
    2. 2. What are ‘Transition Towns’? A grass roots movement responding to: problems • of climate change • reduction in oil supplies and other resources • unfair distribution of resources and risk and opportunities • to build stronger local communities
    3. 3. What do Transition Town groups do? • Start by raising awareness and getting organised • Local peoples’ ideas for building local resilience • Aim to develop a local ‘energy descent plan’ • Each place, community and group is different
    4. 4. Transition Town groups’ work so far.. Local food Garden sharing, community gardens, orchards, fruit trees, growing food on unused land, preservation Energy Power from farm waste, wind turbines, small hydro, improving insulation, group purchases, planning for lower energy communities in the future Transport Car sharing schemes, bike trailers, bike repair skills, car clubs Money Local currencies in Totnes and Lewes Skills and networks Sharing skills for living with less energy, building community networks
    5. 5. Transition Sherwood 2008 • Showing films • Putting our heads together ..
    6. 6. Transition Sherwood 2009 • Films, food, music, discussions…. • Looking at sites for a community garden.. • Constitution & our first AGM • Website • ‘GreenReads’ library information leaflet
    7. 7. Transition Sherwood 2010 • Sharing and Saving Skills Event • Starting the food garden at Sherwood Community Centre • First Bike Day
    8. 8. Transition Sherwood 2011 • Energy Event and film • Compost heap from pallets • Nappies at Sherwood Festival • Community Centre Garden Party
    9. 9. Transition Sherwood 2012 • Energy event • Bike day • Garden Share Scheme • Sherwood Festival
    10. 10. Transition Sherwood Community Food Garden
    11. 11. Transition Sherwood Sowing Sherwood
    12. 12. Transition Sherwood Sowing Sherwood
    13. 13. Transition Sherwood Sharing Sherwood
    14. 14. Transition Sherwood Sharing Sherwood
    15. 15. Transition Sherwood Future project ideas
    16. 16. Transition Sherwood