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Brand You


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Presentation about the power of brands and the relevance of personal branding

Brand You

  1. >>> brand you g reg f isher
  2. WRITE COCA-COLA ON THE CAN AND YOU CAN CHARGE R5 Why ? Water + Sugar + Fizz (put it into a can) = Costs less than 30c
  3. Take cheap fabric (the cheapest) make pants using a 100 year old design = production cost $7 Why ? PUT THE NAME LEVI’S ON THESE ORDINARY PANTS : AND CHARGE $40 (no problem)
  4. Take a human being and break him or her down to the smallest components – atoms . Take that stuff to the commodity market and try sell it – you might get $2 US. (R14) Why ? INSTEAD REASSEMBLE THE PERSON – CALL HIM TIGER WOODS AND ASK FOR AN ANNUAL SALARY OF MORE THAN $80 000 000
  5. Brands ?
  6. What is a BRAND ? Why is BRANDING important? What does BRANDING mean for YOU and me?
  7. What is a BRAND ?
  8. association What is a BRAND ? name logo
  9.  arouse emotion  ignite passion  echo reliability  have meaning What is a BRAND ?
  10. What is a BRAND ? “ A brand is more than a name or a logo – it is a promise and a contract with every customer with whom you are dealing. And if people feel that the offering does not live up to what they expect from the brand, they will decide to stop buying” - Richard Branson
  11. “ Apple opposes, IBM solves, Nike exhorts, Virgin enlightens, Sony dreams, Benetton protests. … Brands are not nouns but verbs . ” Jean-Marie Dru, Disruption What is a BRAND ?
  12. The VERTICAL expansion of the “concept” of a brand
  13. … a c o u n t r y as a brand
  14. Old SA Flag
  15. New SA Flag
  16. … an individual as a brand
  19. WE (you and me) ARE ALL BRANDS
  20. “ We must look upon ourselves as a company with our own intellectual balance sheet and brand name . We need to invest in ourselves and market ourselves. Rather than employment security funky people go for employability – constantly updating their skills so that they are desirable to potential employers all the time and at any time” - Jonas Ridderstrale & Kjell Nordstom – Funky Business Individuals as BRANDS ?
  21. What does YOUR BRAND reflect? What do you want YOUR BRAND to reflect? What are you doing to enhance YOUR BRAND ?
  22. P urpose Building a BRAND ?
  23. “ Create a cause , not a business. ” G ary H amel
  24. “ If you stand for nothing , you will fall for anything .” Ronnie Apteker – Founder Internet Solutions
  25. P assion P urpose Building a BRAND ?
  26. “ A great brand taps into emotions …. Emotions drive most, if not all, of our decisions. A brand reaches out with a powerful connecting experience . It’s an emotional connecting point that transcends the product” - Scott Bedbury – Branded NIKE and STARBUCKS
  27. “ Vision is a love affair with an idea.” — Boyd Clarke & Ron Crossland, The Leader’s Voice
  28. … as P urpose and P assion combine…..
  29. P assion P urpose P lanning Building a BRAND ?
  30. “ It is easy to decide what you are going to do . The hard thing is to decide what you are not going to do . ” - Michael Dell
  31. P assion P urpose P lanning P eople Building a BRAND ?
  32. “ Nothing the slightest bit amazing has ever been done in isolation. Individual competitiveness = what you know x who you know ” - Jonas Ridderstrale & Kjell Nordstom – Funky Business
  33. P assion P urpose P lanning P eople P lay Building a BRAND ?
  34. “ ALL THE WORLDS A STAGE : I l-o-v-e the “Brand You” idea, the “Brand You” life. It is my life. My love. My art. My craft. My performance. Tom Peters , The brand-you 50
  35. 26 280 Days 20 years old = 19 000 to go 30 years old = 15 000 to go 40 years old = 11 000 to go
  36. “ life's short – P L A Y more” ……………..
  37. P assion P urpose P lanning P eople P erseverance P lay Building a BRAND ?
  38. 3 Million
  39. “ There is a very, very, very fine line between success and failure …. it is about being constantly hammered and coming back from the hard times and low moments.” - Robbie Brozin – Nandos
  40. “ If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone , and so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’” - Rudyard Kipling…… from the poem “IF”
  41. P assion P erseverance P lay P lanning P eople P urpose Building a BRAND ? Me Inc .
  42. P assion P erseverance P lay P lanning P eople P urpose Building a BRAND ? Me Inc . YOU are the CEO
  43. brand you [email_address] Presented by: greg fisher