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Demystifying Big Data & Marketing Automation - A Guide To Defining A Customer Lifecycle Strategy


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You've probably heard of these terms float around the industry with some hype behind them. But what is Big Data? What is Marketing Automation? And how do the two work together?

This presentation aims to go beyond the hype words and strike the core of what marketing is all about, whilst leveraging the technologies we have available to us.

The objective of defining your customer's lifecycle and current lead management process is within your business will skyrocket your ability to understand the gaps and opportunities for quick wins and drastic improvements to customer experience and bottom line pipeline and revenue.

This presentation was developed for Mumbrella's Digital Marketing School in March 2015.

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Demystifying Big Data & Marketing Automation - A Guide To Defining A Customer Lifecycle Strategy

  1. 1. Demystifying Big Data & Marketing Automation A Guide to Defining a Customer Lifecycle Strategy
  2. 2. About Me Surfers In A Dress
  3. 3. About Me • 7+ years Agency & Client-side • Events > Advertising > Marketing > Consulting • Datarati • Marketing Automation specialists • Data-driven Customer Lifecycle Marketing • Actionable Insights • News Corp Australia • Blog:
  4. 4. About You
  5. 5. Why are you here? Your big data is all of the response and activity generated by your digital marketing efforts. The problem is, how do you integrate all of that data in order to make more effective marketing decisions? We look at best practice in marketing automation and how to better nurture leads through the sales funnel. Big Data Marketing Automation Improve the journey throughout the Customer Lifecycle
  6. 6. What is “Big Data”? • Importance of Data • Access to Technology • Visualise & Manipulate • Predict & Automate
  7. 7. What is “Big Data”? • What/who for? • Complete picture? • What is Big Data NOT?
  8. 8. What is Marketing Automation? • An enabler for data-driven marketing • Connecting the dots to Automate (API) • Behavioural data CRM Database Marketing Automation Database Customers & Prospects
  9. 9. What does Marketing Automation do? Landing Pages Forms Data Management Segmentations Measurement Pipeline & Revenue Cookie Tracking SMSPURLs for DM
  10. 10. What is Marketing Automation trying to optimise? • Revenue Cycle Funnel & Customer Lifecycle • Bridging the gap between Marketing & Sales Marketing Sales Marketing Automation Database CRM Database
  11. 11. Customer Lifecycle Management How to take Big Data and use Marketing Automation to make it useful
  12. 12. Traditional Approach • Linear path to purchase • Easy to control • Drop-offs > Re-acquisition ($$$) • Disconnect between Marketing & Sales Acquisition Conversion Conversion Small Conversion % Marketing Spend $ Attract Engage Convert Retain
  13. 13. Permission • Permission to Market cross-channel • Build a relationship • Targeted communications (email, display, social) Acquisition Conversion Conversion Relationship Permission loop Permission Capture
  14. 14. Relationship • Market in a known way (targeted) • Drive to first-time purchase • We know who you are and what you like Acquisition Conversion Conversion Relationship Permission loop Permission Capture Conversion Welcome Abandonment Browsing & Reminders
  15. 15. Repurchase • Buy for a second time • Up Sell & Cross Sell other products • Product life cycle Conversion Transaction e.g. Thank you Repurchase loop Cross Sell Replenishment e.g. prepaid, vitamins
  16. 16. Stickiness • Brand Preference • Competitive Differentiation • Rewarding Loyalty Conversion Service Alerts e.g. flight delays Stickiness loop Ratings & Reviews Referrals
  17. 17. Win Back • Recapture Customers from Defection • Avoid re-starting the cycle Conversion Win Back loop Win Back
  18. 18. Re-permission • Maintaining & recapturing permission across channels Conversion Re-permission loop Relationship Targeted • Targeted Campaigns throughout the lifecycle to increase conversion
  19. 19. Customer Lifecycle • More prescriptive approach • More effectively map campaigns against the lifecycle • Automate customer experience to help generate pipeline & revenue Conversion Re-permission Relationship Win Back Stickiness Re-purchase Acquisition Conversion Conversion Permission Conversion Targeted
  20. 20. Customer Lifecycle Campaign Ideas 1. Engage 2. Educate 3. Convert 4. Excite 5. Renew 6. Reward
  21. 21. 5 Key Takeaways for you to action immediately 1. Understand what your current lead management process is • Workshop with Sales & Marketing • Map out the journey (LucidChart, Visio, etc.) • Identify gaps (why isn’t there a Welcome Email?) • Think of logical campaigns to fill the gaps (what companies do you think offer a good customer experience?)
  22. 22. 5 Key Takeaways for you to action immediately 2. Map out what a future state lead management process should look like 3. Identify the core stages in the Customer Lifecycle 4. Identify what fields and statuses you will need to trigger campaign activity and measure success 5. Assess your business’ CRM & marketing automation requirements and investment
  23. 23. Connect. /in/gregbeazley @gregbeazley /surfersinadress
  24. 24. References • Big Data: • Marketing Technology LUMAscape • Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map • Revenue Cycle Funnel: • Marketo Revenue Cycle Funnel • Customer Lifecycle: • Responsys Customer Lifecycle • Datarati Customer Lifecycle Campaign Ideas