Cook! the healthy weigh session 6


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Cook! the healthy weigh session 6

  1. 1. 1. Everyone will be muted to keep down the background noise levels.2. If you have a question/comment during the presentation, you cantype it in the chat box.3. For technical issues, please call the Genesys helpdesk by dialing*10* or 1-800-305-5208.4. We will be taking attendance. Please use your lawson # to identifyyourself.5. You will want pen/paper to take notes.Welcome to the Healthy Weigh!
  2. 2. Session 6Cook! The Healthy Weigh
  3. 3. Moderator PresenterTammy Glotz, MS Rachel Bulifant, RD
  4. 4. Moderator PresenterFrancine Kerber, RDTammy Glotz, MS
  5. 5. Session ObjectivesParticipant will identify: The four keys to making recipes healthier Two specific ways to reduce fat, sodium, sugar or salt incooking Two ways to eliminate extracalories in day
  6. 6. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Retrofit Your Favorite Recipes Don’t toss your family favorites Revise recipes so you don’t lose taste, texture, or tradition Keys to making recipes healthier: Reduction Elimination Modification Substitution
  7. 7. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Reduction Cut sugar by ¼ - ½ Cut oil or solid fat by a third Cut salt by ½ in non-yeast baked goodsKeys to Healthy Recipes
  8. 8. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Elimination frosting on a cake Salt in recipes using any canned orprepared goods Butter on a grilled cheeseKeys to Healthy Recipes
  9. 9. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Modification Toast nuts for more intense flavor and use fewer Use non-stick sprays Oven bake instead of fry Use healthiest oils possibleKeys to Healthy Recipes
  10. 10. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Substitution Fruit purees, applesauce, mashed bananas,buttermilk, or cottage cheese for oil Grape Nuts cereal or dried fruit for nuts Cocoa powder and vegetable oil for bakingchocolate Use whole wheat pasta in place of enriched Use fat-free dairy products instead of whole fatdairy productsKeys to Healthy Recipes
  11. 11. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6 Bake, broil, roast, grill,pan-broil, stir fry, poach, stew,braise, or steam Use non-stick pans Cut fats from sauces,gravies, and meat Cook vegetables withoutadded fat Cut fats in soups Add healthy ingredientssuch as beans or lentilsto recipesKeys to Healthy Recipes
  12. 12. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6 Use a dry spice rub before cooking Reduce or omit oils in marinades Enhance sweetness with: Vanilla, almond, peppermint,lemon, or rum extract Cinnamon, allspice, cardamom,ginger, coriander Citrus zest Spirits and liqueursUse Herbs and Spices to Enhance Flavors
  13. 13. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Little Extras Add Up!Cut 100 calories per day, lose 10 pounds per year!
  14. 14. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Those Melt-able Calories Regular butter and margarine have 100 calories perTablespoon Jelly, honey or apple butter average 50 calories perTablespoonRemember: Fat Free isn’t Calorie Free
  15. 15. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings 100 calories and 11 grams of fat per tablespoon Use less or a reduced calorie version Mix half-and-half with plain non fat yogurt Eliminate entirely
  16. 16. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Liquids: Sneaky Calories Soft drinks: 150 calories per 12 ounces; 250 in 20 ounces Fruit punch drinks: 125 calories per 8 ounces Juice “box:” 100 calories per 6-ounce box Substitution options Diet drinks (in moderation) Best choice: Water (add lemon, lime or cucumber) Use less sugar in tea/coffee and save a potential 773calories over one year
  17. 17. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Dairy: Lose the Fat Milk, Cheese, Cream cheese,sour cream: Replace with no fator reduced fat versions and / oruse less and / or find analternate replacement (ex: usenonfat plain Greek yogurtinstead of sour cream) Cream soups: Make with non-fat yogurt or pureed silken tofuor evaporated fat free milk
  18. 18. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6 Enjoy only on specialoccasions Don’t keep temptations in thehouse Consume in moderation butdon’t feel guilty when you doeatDesserts and Fried Foods
  19. 19. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Cooking Healthy and Still Gaining?Remember – Calories Count! Assess your sugar intake Count the calories Cut out “liquid calories” (sodas, juices) Check your serving size Increase your activity Consider the nutritional value of foods Try new foods
  20. 20. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6 Reduce, Eliminate, Modify and Substitute Prepare fewer calorie dense foods Opt for high quality nutrient dense foods Small changes can make a big difference!Take Home Tips
  21. 21. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Assignment :Practice making one of your recipes healthier
  22. 22. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Questions?Contact:
  23. 23. The Healthy Weigh!Session 6Adapted from “Lighten Up”Federal Occupational Healtha program of the U.S. Public Health ServiceProgram Support CenterU.S. Department of Health and HumanServices