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Content marketing in one hour - a lecture


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Content marketing in just one hour with selected topics including: content quality, microsegmentation and more.

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Content marketing in one hour - a lecture

  1. 1. All about content marketing in 1 hour CEU BS, 27 06 2015
  2. 2. „Content marketing provides value for the receiver, he pays with his own quality time in return. It’s a win-win.” Where from can you know me? DDB, OMD, McCann-MRM, red-stars, iProspect Hungary, iProspect Turkey, Gravity, Kilgray etc. Gergely Keresztúri partner @ Tartalomgyár (Content Factory)
  3. 3. TODAY Content meets marketing A broader view on how these two works together creating a buzzword Content audit, content value & more Content= value! How much value we have? Trash content, superstar content – how we know that? How does the industry stand today? Charts tell how important & effictive is that Microsegmentation Do you know your customers? It’s not enough to define a target audience – you will need to roll up you sleeves. Let’s plan! How to plan content marketing? Content ideas How to make a content calendar? Tips & tools 01 02 03 04 05 06
  4. 4. THE RECENT MARKETING BUBBLES Fads or a paradigm shift moments? Banners Social media CONTENT MARKETING Search marketing Mobile
  5. 5. • Our start story • Content creation for agencies, advertisers and media • No office • Fully based on freelancers (~1300 registered, ~250 qualified, ~25 daily) • Full content marketing solution OUR STORY IS AN ANSWER „Creating quality content: a pain in the _ss for agencies and advertisers”
  7. 7. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? content marketing 4 • It’s obviously a compound word • Different values glued together • Something new comes out of the two combined • To understand the whole, we need to understand its parts first
  8. 8. WHAT DO YOU THINK? What is good content like? • Is it keyword rich? • Does it generate desire for the product? • Does it sell a product? • Is that something original that Google values? • …
  9. 9. CM IS SOMETHING WE STILL HAVE TO LEARN As most things in technology, the Hungarian market lags behind • It’s both old and new • Everyone has opinion about it • Different point of views, if you’re • a journalist • a marketer • a reader • a SEO specialist • A website developer and so on • No standards or benchmarks yet • Lots of misconceptions • It’s expensive • A blog is not effective • It’s just for B2B
  10. 10. HOW A CONTENT PRODUCER SEES THAT? Content: Interesting, useful, important, attractive What is content? • Something that a producer (writer, journalist, photographer, graphic designer, other artist) or a media would produce on its own. • Without an order from a marketer. • Because he is interested in creating it, his audience is interested in consuming it.
  11. 11. HOW A MEDIA BUILDS UP? AudienceRelevant content Attention Ads The know how did not change. The players did. It was media first. Then bloggers. Then companies. Now everyone.
  12. 12. CONTENT • IS NOT a necessary step in the website development process • IS NOT SEO • IS NOT ads or a sales pitch
  13. 13. SO WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? Content Marketing Institute
  15. 15. Red Bull is no longer a soft drink manufacturer Content Marketing Institute It’s a media company
  16. 16. Blendtec – it was a failure at first • 8 years in the making • 150 + videos • Some with 17M views • 800k subscribers • Hundreds of TV shows • Awards • Sales and awareness skyrocketed
  17. 17. Mastercard – award winning UGC • Travel tips • Website & mobile app • • Interactive infographics • Payment habits (cash, cards, how many ATMs, user feed- backs) • How much is that? • Useful tips from travellers
  18. 18. CONTENT MARKETING SURVEY CHARTS Will explain the industry
  19. 19. MOST MARKETERS USE CONTENT MARKETING content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  20. 20. THEY SEE THAT IT’S EFFECTIVE content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  21. 21. THE CONTENT CREATORS ARE HERE AND THERE content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  22. 22. GOALS ARE DIFFERENT FOR B2C & B2B content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  23. 23. THEY STILL MEASURE IT BY WEBSITE TRAFFIC content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  24. 24. MORE & MORE CONTENT IS BEING CREATED content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  25. 25. MOST COMPANIES TARGET ONLY A FEW AUDIENCES content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  26. 26. B2C & B2B MARKETERS USE VERY DIFFERENT TACTICS (MIX OF TOOLS & CHANNELS) content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  27. 27. ONLY A FRACTION OF THE MARKETING BUDGET IS SPENT ON CM content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  28. 28. IN, FB, YT, TW content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2C_Research.pdf content/uploads/2014/10/2015_B2B_Research.pdf
  30. 30. PLANNING YOUR CONTENT MARKETING 0. Content audit 1. Market reseach 2. Goals 3. Audiences (segments) 4. Content plan (ideas) 5. Channels 6. Style 7. Content calendar 8. Native advertising
  31. 31. Why do you need an inventory check periodically e.g. in a shop? Content inventory Add values Mark up todos @ website redesign Once in a year Superstar content pieces Trash / outdated content piaces Content to be recycled SEO CONTENT AUDIT A long step-by-step guide Arcticle in our blog (in Hungarian): WHEN?HOW? RESULTS?WHY? ?
  32. 32. CONTENT AUDIT TOOLS • ContKing • Hungarian startup • now: free visitor feedback tool • In the future: content audit tool • HotJar • Visitor feedback tool • (and a lot of other tools too) • • Content audit tool (Free up to 250 pages) • Excel, the good old one.
  33. 33. CONTENT QUALITY HAS MANY FACES GOAL FIT Do I get what I wanted? VIRALITY Does it get shared? FORMAL QUALITY Is it free of errors? Do they fint it in search? SEO FRIENDLINESS Do they like the content? LIKES 2 4 3 5 1 6 Do they talk about it? DEBATES
  34. 34. GOAL FIT Do I get what I wanted? 3 Only at pages with conversion goals Conversion rate If content is just a step in the purchase process CTR If the goal is time spending, brand awareness etc. Time spent, bounce %, exit % Reminder: one page – one goal (one keyword)  If it’s a landing page, we have to note that
  35. 35. Grammar 10 Illustrations 10 Copycat Is it copied partly or as all? 15 Target audience Is it for them? 10 Editorial 15 FORMAL QUALITY Is it free of errors? 1 100 Helyesírás Does it follow editorial rules? Does it keep the attention? SEO Is it for SEO purpose only? 10 Links 10 Internal-external links, sources etc. Consistency 5 You have: Any error = deduction
  36. 36. Controlled, high quality content with some smaller dents „Magazine” Many, serious content quality issues „Amateur” 3-5 persons team 85-97 1-3 persons team 70-84 5+ persons team 98-100 1-2 persons 50-69 It’s okay from all aspects „Ads” 1 person 0-50No comment „Trash” Sometimes good, somtemis not „Freelancer” FORMAL QUALITY BASED ON THE FINAL CONTENT SCORE
  37. 37. „Magazine” „Freelancer” „Ads” „Amateur” „Trash” FORMAL QUALITY BASED ON THE FINAL CONTENT SCORE
  39. 39. INSPIRATION & SEGMENTS • Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread • Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action MUST WATCH
  40. 40. THE TV-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Ads AttentSale Profit
  41. 41. THE TV-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Ads AttentSale Profit
  43. 43. SZEGMENTATION – THE CLASSIC WAY • Geographic • Demographic • Lifestyle • Behavioral
  44. 44. If we can tell a simple sentence like „Those, who…” Homogenous, describable How do we call them? How they call themselves? Invocable They are interested in our message. They feel that yes, this is just for me! To whom our message is relevant Viselkedés. Hol vagyunk a vásárlási döntéshozási folyamatban? Vagyunk-e épp abban az élethelyzetben? To whom our message is in time „Talk o the ones that are interested!” MICROSEGMENTATION We further slice segments till we get an audience
  45. 45. BACK TO MARKETING BASICS: B2B VS. B2C B2B Geographic Obvious – most companies are active at least regionally Company size, potential, DMU, urgency Potential: client needs, what can we sell to them? DMU: Decision Making Unit. Urgency: how long sales cycle we expect? Person Who are we connected to? What’s his role in the decision? What is he interested in? Motivation factors? How mature is the decision? Demography Életkor, nem, státusz Lifestyle, purchasing power Family status, life status and needs derived from these Behaviour Where is he at the decision making process? B2C
  46. 46. MICROSEGMENTATION IN REAL LIFE: HOW SHALL WE CHOOSE THE TOPIC? • A blogpost on content marketing – targeting accountants (This is microsegmentation…) How should an accountant choose his blog title? • Accounting tips • Taxation advices • Clever taxation for top management • Taxation tips for startups • The effective retailer – how to manage business?
  47. 47. CONTENT GENERATION • Keywords (Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc) • Look at the lead generation, lead nurturing, sales and CRM processes. Where are the content needs? • Research (Surveymonkey, Google Forms) • Insight / brainstorming (mindmap tools) • Tools for content generation / overview (Buzzsumo, ContentForest) • Topic watch (Google Alerts, … Observer) • Content types – by topic
  50. 50. NEWSLETTERS A few examples on how we are still behind
  51. 51. NEWSLETTER SIGNUPS Do I belong to the groups this newsletter targets? Audience WIIFM Value Is there any additional gift for signing up? Incentive Do I get to know BEFOREHAND what will happen if sign up? Promise Audience Value Promise Incentive The visitor will not ask you! You need to ask yourself on behalf of them.
  53. 53. WHAT TO TAKE HOME Content = value Content marketing is a long term investment. But you will need to report on it at the end! Set goals To CM, to channels and to content pieces! Talk to early adopters Because they care. All others are very good in ignoring you! Create miscrosegments to be precisely relevant. Most companies use CM Both B2C and B2B. Multichannels, multi- audiences. Newsletters: promise & delivery Think with their minds – and provide them with value. Deliver your promise!
  54. 54. THANK YOU! Give me a card and receive 1 hour of consultation! lecture