2012 International CES- Review of innovative products and services


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2012 International CES- Review of innovative products and services

  1. 1. Confidential
  2. 2. 2012 International CES – Las VegasInnovative products & services unveiledFinal reportPierre BorgWayne LockhartStricty confidential – copy prohibited
  3. 3. 2012 International CES : 7 things we learned about the Future of ConsumerElectronics Strong upcoming battle between Google and Microsoft to be the leader of the connected eco- 1 system through their operating systems Microsoft with Windows Phone and Windows 8, Google with Android “at home” Device to device convergence inside and outside the household 2 Samsung and LG strategy : acquire 100% of connected devices and offer a unified convergent experience Connected Cars : the automotive industry is getting more and more connected 3 Ford, Mercedes and Intel presented their vision of infotainment and intelligence on the road concepts Smartphones become a component of the car via its connection to vehicle dashboard systems TV : Smart TV, Oled TVs and 3D experiences are the next big things 4 LG and Samsung presented large OLED displays, Google TV enabled-TV and 3D viewing experiences 4G is ready : various devices and industry applications 5 Morotorla Droid 4, Nokia Lumia 800, LG Spectrum, Verizon 4G LTE network with various industry applications Cable and satellite providers trying to legitimate multi-room concept, creating TV apps for 6 connected TV or video gateways Verizon FiOS TV app, Time Warner Cable TV app, Dish Networks, and DirecTV “boxless” experience, Motorola GTW Continuing strong push for the Ultrabooks, first real wave of laptops competing with 7 MacBook Air Intel showed off multiple and various Ultrabooks, powered by its chipset Greenwich Consulting © 2012 3
  4. 4. AgendaConnected devices convergence & control of the eco-system : LG & Samsung leadershipConnected cars : infotainment in your next vehicle experiencePC manufacturers: entering new territories and unveiling new systemsSmart interaction, High Definition TV and 3D experience : What’s new in TV products ?Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Windows Phone : the battle of the O.S (+ 4G feature)Appendices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 4
  5. 5. LG has introduced its first line of Smart TV powered with Google TV, an Android-based user interface, with very impressive features (search contents, TV apps and websites customized, multi-sources EPG) LG Smart TV, powered by Google TV Google TV home screen TV apps customized for the Google TV Websites customized for Google TV with Google Apps toolbar (Android Market) Optimized EPG Content location (live TV, VOD services, Search content feature(shows all live TV, movies, sports, news) websites) (Google, Live TV, VOD) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 5
  6. 6. LG has showed off multiple Smart TV elements (cloud gaming, ISP TV app)and will deliver new features in 2012 (UI, web browser, content parternships)LG showing TV with streaming cloud Verizon FiOS TV app for LG Smart TV, LG Smart TV future features gaming built-in coming in 2012• TV prototype integrating and streaming • Access to VOD (10k titles) and Live TV • Introducing new user interface, games directly from the cloud to the (26 channels) directly from LG Smart TV, improved web browser, new content LG Smart TV without the use of Verizon set-top box partnerships• Partnering with cloud gaming service • Requires a FiOS TV subscription and • 50% of LG TV line up will include 3D Gaikai (deals with major publishers), enable to have access to Verizon and smart TV. as a part of LG’s game portal service. contents in rooms without set-top box Greenwich Consulting © 2012 6
  7. 7. LG has unveiled next-generation smart appliances at 2012 CES, enable device-to-device connectivity and reflecting LG’s vision for a more connected home LG ThinQ brand of smart home appliances Key facts • Introducing enhanced device-to- device connectivity across home appliances, televisions, smartphones and PCs • Enabling LG’s smart refrigerators, smart washing machines or smart oven to be monitored from a Smart TV or a smartphone • Features : - Smart Food Manager (use the appliances LCD panel or their smartphones to check the food stored inside and their expiration dates, to provide recipes with food items inside, to scan receipt with smartphones and send data to fridge) - Smart Shopping (online grocery shopping directly from the LCD panel or from the owners smartphone) - Smart Oven (monitor cooking settings, such as time and temperature, via their mobile devices, send recipes directly from smart fridge or from smartphones) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 7
  8. 8. Samsung has mainly emphasized on its Smart TV innovation, eliminatingboundaries between devices and enabling a «smart life » Samsung Smart TV features Key facts • For Samsung, TV is the heart of the eco-system, with a strategy built upon three pillars : Interaction / Content & Services / Connectivity • Smart Interaction (listen, see, do) : TV that can listen, see and do without remote control, interacting with persons (through camera and microphone for facial, gesture or sound recognition) • Smart Content & Services: Samsung TV apps (~ 1400 TV apps), Entertainment services (family story, fitness, kids) • Smart Connectivity : partnership with Google, to enable Samsung smart TV, powered by Google, AllSharePlay service (watch content regardless of time & place & screen), Greenwich Consulting © 2012 8
  9. 9. As part of its Connectivity pillar, Samsung has introduced “All Share Play”, aservice that connects Samsung’s devices and pull contents from them,regardless of the time or place All Share Play, by Samsung Key facts • Introduction of AllShare Play, enabling contents to move from device to device and from device to cloud, regardless of location • The “Allshare” ecosystem does not allow non- Samsung devices for the moment • Enabling customers to push content to the cloud or pull content directly from their Smart TV or other mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, camera) : - Send webpage to TV - Stream video on mobile to TV - Resume web video on TV from mobile - Enjoy contents anywhere (on the go, in the house, in friends’s house) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 9
  10. 10. As part of its Content & Service strategy, Samsung has unveiled severalpartnerships with TV broadcasters to release multi-room TV apps, enablingaccess to their services, directly from Samsung Smart TV Time Warner Verizon DirecTV• Time Warner cable subscribers have • Launch of Fios TV app, a service • Delivering of DirecTV service on access to live channels and content enabling access to content channels and Samsung Smart TV, without the use of services on Samsung smart TV 26 live streaming channels directly from STB (boxless viewing experience)• Users have access to DVR content Smart TV, without additional set-top box • This app and the connected TV will from any smart TV, without the need of • Need a Verizon’s Fios TV subscription replicate the full user interface (TV additional set-top box and the 1st STB recording, live TV and DVR contents) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 10
  11. 11. AgendaConnected devices convergence & control of the eco-system : LG & Samsung leadershipConnected cars : infotainment in your next vehicle experiencePC manufacturers: entering new territories and unveiling new systemsSmart interaction, High Definition TV and 3D experience : What’s new in TV products ?Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Windows Phone : the battle of the O.S (+ 4G feature)Appendices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 11
  12. 12. Ford has unveiled updated versions of its Microsoft-powered Sync system,as well as its vision of the connected car, with the Evos concept carThe Evos concept car and the cloud connected technology Key facts • Connected cars : integration of smartphones apps and content into the car, providing a seamless experience • New applications available (mobile apps, radio, route information & directions, alert incident and report incident) on Sync AppLink system (partnership with Microsoft), an iPhone app with voice control (speaking commands)when connected to an AppLink enabled car • Presentation of the Evos concept, Ford’s cloud connected car : - Personalized driving experience through integration of on-board data with cloud based info (work schedules, music, weather conditions) - Integration of on-board technologies to support driver health & wellness (heart- rate monitoring seat, cloud-connected interiors monitoring the physical state of the driver) - Vehicle to vehicle communication (using WiFi and GPS to prevent crashes and accidents Greenwich Consulting © 2012 12
  13. 13. Mercedes has announced Mbrace2, its new in-vehicle service, connectingweb applications and smartphones to the vehicle Mercedes Mbrace2, in-car connectivity system Key facts • Objective with this new service : target an increasing market segment, using mobile technology and demanding for more integration with vehicles • Mbrace2 to be released in 2013 editions of Mercedes cars • Mbrace2, allowing drivers to have access to web applications (streaming radios, Facebook, Yelp, Google local search, news and financials stocks) through new internet based and on- board Mercedes-Benz Apps • Mbrace2 offering a diversity of application to have remotely access to car’s information through smartphones (track the vehicle use, control door lock, diagnosis information, speed alerts, activation of horn and lights, monitoring and setting of travel zones, curfew minder for child monitoring, sending of destinations to the vehicle nagivation system) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 13
  14. 14. AgendaConnected devices convergence & control of the eco-system : LG & Samsung leadershipConnected cars : infotainment in your next vehicle experiencePC manufacturers: entering new territories and unveiling new systemsSmart interaction, High Definition TV and 3D experience : What’s new in TV products ?Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Windows Phone : the battle of the O.S (+ 4G feature)Appendices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 14
  15. 15. Intel has heavily focused on Ultrabooks and has presented during the 2012CES its vision and its ambition for this new market category Intel strong focus on ultrabooks Key facts • Ultrabook : a continued commitment to this eco-system during Intel keynote @ 2012 CES • “Productivity and creativity with ultrabooks, passive entertainment with tablets” • More than 75 designs already planned in 2012 with different manufacturers (Asus, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Acer, LG) • Promises : - Larger screen, thinner device - Powered by Intel iCore 5, 7, 9 • Future concepts for 2012 : - Touch screen ultrabook - Integration of Windows 8 and its new user interface Metro • Pricing : below 1000$, “a mainstream price point Greenwich Consulting © 2012 15
  16. 16. Intel has also revealed its smartphone strategy and its recent agreement withLenovo and Motorola to propose their architecture and chipsets Intel teams up with Lenovo and revelas the first Intel’s Key facts powered smartphone, the Lenovo K800 • First move into the smartphone market, a market currently dominated by ARM • Intel strategy : “shifting from focusing on the personal computer to personal computing”, following a device agnostic approach • The Lenovo K800, powered by Intel : - Medfield generation (system on a chip) - Atom processors (used previously for netbooks) - First country to launch : China, with China Unicom (Q2 2012) • Other announcement : multi-year / multi-devices partnership with Motorola Mobility (Google) on several Motolora smartphones & tablets Greenwich Consulting © 2012 16
  17. 17. Other products and services demonstrated by Intel during the 2012International CES Connected Cars Smart TV experience with STB Augmented reality• Connected intelligence on the road : • Augmented reality with retail application Intel’s vision for future connected car • Confirmation of Intel strategy in set-up boxes devices : producing chipsets for • Take the box, hold it up to the screen,• Integration into the car of many set-up boxes and see the product built and sitting on functions available in smartphones top of the box Greenwich Consulting © 2012 17
  18. 18. Pre-beta version of Windows 8 operating system was shown off (included newfeatures) and gave a strong impression of easiness and user-friendly interface Windows 8 and the “Metro” user interface Key facts • Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system. • Start user interface : Metro-style interface (multi-tasking, apps- customizable approach, apps tiles updated with wide application from the web) • Competitive advantage vs iOs and Android : identical Windows 8 user interface for PC and tablets, and potential upcoming Windows 8 phone OS ( make phone and tablet / PC OS interoperable) • Possibility to run multiple Metro Apps concurrently , side by side, to switch between them, and to navigate by either touch, mouse or keyboard • Microsoft app store to be added in the forthcoming months Greenwich Consulting © 2012 18
  19. 19. AgendaConnected devices convergence & control of the eco-system : LG & Samsung leadershipConnected cars : infotainment in your next vehicle experiencePC manufacturers: entering new territories and unveiling new systemsSmart interaction, High Definition TV and 3D experience : What’s new in TV products ?Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Windows Phone : the battle of the O.S (+ 4G feature)Appendices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 19
  20. 20. LG had an impressive presence at 2012 CES, with an important focus on its 3Dstrategy : become the market leader of 3D experience on all the individualscreens LG 3D demonstration : TV, laptops, smartphones 3D viewing experience wall 3D Smart TV 3D Oled TV 55” 3D glasses free smartphone 3D game with 2D-3D conversion 3D glasses free laptop Greenwich Consulting © 2012 20
  21. 21. Super OLED 55 » TV has been the main interesting product of Samsung’s2012 TV lineup demonstration Samsung OLED 3D 55” TV Key facts • Samsung has introduced its 55 inch OLED TV prototype, self- emitting RGB sub-pixels instead of plasma or liquid crystals • Up to now, OLED has been mainly used for camera and mobile phone screens, as well as small TV (up to 27”) • Key features : - Extremely thin (4mml) - Dual-core chipset supporting smart content and the 1400 TV apps - Highly saturated colors and deep and perfect black - Smart Interaction technology for TV control (motion, facial and voice control) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 21
  22. 22. Technicolor has announced the launch of MGo, a multi-platform contentsaggregator service, available only in the US for Samsung, Visio and Intel devices(smart TV, tablets, ultrabooks, blu-ray players)M GO video library, designed by french company Technicolor Key facts • Unification of all the medias access in one location, acting as a multi- platform contents aggregator service • Seamless access to all media contents across all connected devices through a cloud-based experience • User journey : - Download the free MGo application for PCs and mobile devices - Search contents (music / movies / tv shows / Pics / Apps) owned or to rent or to purchase - Results on live TV channels, hardrive of the STB, and also redirection to web-merchants (iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc.) - Possibility to stop watching content on one device and to resume watching on another device • Strategic partnership with Intel, Samsung and Visio to provide MGo on their devices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 22
  23. 23. Sony has unveiled Google TV-equipped HDTV but is less innovative in SmartTVs than LG and Samsung, who are today really pushing into new territory Sony HDTV, powered by Google TV Key facts • Sony announced the second version of its Google TV product, with a network media player and Blu-Ray player (to be released in Q2 2012) • Also announced a new remote control, with a keyboard on one side, and a simplified button layout on the flipside, with multitouch trackpad • No new TV announced during the CES, nor during Sony conference press • Despites competitors (LG & Samsung) integrating the Google TV user interface into their smart TV, Sony stuck to the set-top box approach Greenwich Consulting © 2012 23
  24. 24. In order to compete with Samsung & LG new generation OLED TV, Sony hasunveiled a competing display technology called “the Crystal LED”Sony 55 inch Cystal LED TV prototype : Sony puts TV picture quality Key facts first • Sony has given up on consumer OLED HDTV production, leaving it to CE leader Samsung & LG • Sony has unveiled a competing concept, its 55” Crystal LED TV, while continuing to do research on OLED • Instead of using LEDs as backlighting source shining through a LCD layer, Sony’s new technology used the RGB chromatic scale for each led (6 million in total, each LED directly produces the image) • New product from Sony providing a less “wow” effect than Samsung or LG Greenwich Consulting © 2012 24
  25. 25. Sony also puts a strong focus on 3D with 3D glasses free PC and personal3D experience, despites the launch of a new 3D Bravia TV range Personal 3D viewer Super Light Active 3D titanium glasses 3D experience on PC and TV• Device delivering home entertainment • Despite a new line of 3D televisions, • 3D PC : Embedded camera locking on in an immersive environment announcement of a new 3D glasses the user and providing an experience• Experience : watching a 750-inch pair based on positioning screen with a 45° field of view • Designed exclusively for 3D Bravia TV • 3D TV on 55 inch screen Greenwich Consulting © 2012 25
  26. 26. Panasonic showed off Smart Viera, its Smart TV concept with new applications,new ways to watch TV and to share contents from devices to devices Smart Viera, Panasonic’s smart TV concept Key facts • Smart Viera is based on 5 key features - Picture quality (with 2D-3D conversion, improvements to plasma technology) - Easy operation (with smartphone or tablet as remote control, Viera touch Pad, Viera Connect) - Networking (with Viera Connect, cloud based internet service, Viera Connect Apps, social network TV - Ecology - Design (LED LCD TV and Plasma TVs) • Smart TV apps available in the Viera Connect market, with different categories : - Video & Movies - Sports - Social Networking - Music & Games - News & Lifestyle Greenwich Consulting © 2012 26
  27. 27. Panasonic has shown demonstrations of its social networking apps (Skype,Facebook, Twitter), allowing to watch TV while interacting with social networks New TV feature : Integration of Social Networks application Key facts into Panasonic Smart Viera TV • As part of the Smart Viera TV concept, Panasonic unveils a new TV feature : “Split Screen”, with social network apps • Enabling users to watch TVs while launching Skype, Facebook or Twitter TV apps • Social Network spps available in the Viera Connect Market • Social network apps can used with any device, not only Panasonic : - Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab) - Smartphones (iPhone, Android) - Optional keyboard - VIERA’s remote control Greenwich Consulting © 2012 27
  28. 28. Viera Connect is a service offering to Panasonic TV users the ability to send(through WiFi) contents from any devices (smartphones, tablets, camera) to theSmart TV Viera Connect service, mutli-room and multi-screen experience Key facts • Viera Connect enables to have a multi-screen experience on TV • Using Wi-Fi, Viera Connect enables users to send any content (video, movies, webpage, picture, music) from any devices to the Panasonic Smart TV • Enables also to bring content from the TV to any devices • Device agnostic service (compared to Samsung) - iPhone - Tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Panasonic Tab) Greenwich Consulting © 2012 28
  29. 29. Other TV related products & services by Haier, Sharp and Toshibas Haier : Transparent HDTV Sharp : New TV lines Toshiba focus on 3D experience• Haier showed off a 22 inch transparent • Aquos line of TV : Full-Array LED TV • Glasses free 3D TV HD, OLED TV (46 inch coming soon) Screens 60 inch, 70inch and 80inch • 3D gaming on HD TV• Transparent TV, part of its “Future • Aquos Freestyle, Wireless LED TV, • Qosmio laptops with glasses-free 3D Technologies” product portfolio range from 20” to 60” screens Greenwich Consulting © 2012 29
  30. 30. AgendaConnected devices convergence & control of the eco-system : LG & Samsung leadershipConnected cars : infotainment in your next vehicle experiencePC manufacturers: entering new territories and unveiling new systemsSmart interaction, High Definition TV and 3D experience : What’s new in TV products ?Google’s Android vs Microsoft’s Windows Phone : the battle of the O.S (+ 4G feature)Appendices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 30
  31. 31. Nokia has announced its first 4G LTE Windows Phone, the Lumia 900, who willrun exclusively on the AT&T network for the US marketing launch Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, powered by Windows Phone Key facts • Nokia showed off latest smartphones at CES 2012 • Nokia Lumia 800 : - Powered by Windows Phone operating system - With the Metro style user interface, very similar to Windows 8 • Nokia Lumia 900, officially announced during the 2012 CES : - Nokia and Microsoft’s first flagship smartphone for the US - Exclusive deal with AT&T - First 4G LTE Windows Phone - Main improvements vs Lumia 800 : large 4.3 inch display screen, 1 mega pixel front camera - Very friendly user interface, fast scrolling, and numeros apps Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia 900 - Elected “Best of CES smartphone” by CNET Greenwich Consulting © 2012 31
  32. 32. Motorola has announced a shift in its smartphone strategy, moving to fewermore differentiated Android PhonesSanjay Jha, CEO of Motorola and the Motorola booth at 2012 Key facts CES • Motorola planning to release fewer models of smartphone, following a “less is more” strategy • Objective : - Present fewer products - Present more differentiated smartphones - Focus on stronger marketing efforts - Focus on Android Ice Cream sandwich, new Google O.S for smartphone • Growing competition from Samsung and Apple has drive Motorola strategy and recently HTC strategy, to release fewer phones and to focus on more differentiated high-end smartphones Greenwich Consulting © 2012 32
  33. 33. Motorola Mobility had an important presence at the 2012 CES, has presentedhigh-end smartphones & tablets, and announced a partnership with Intel Announce of two hihg-end smartphones, 4G LTE enabled Motorola multi room product Fitness gadget by Motorola• Presentation of the Droid 4, first • MOTOACTV, first GPS fitness tracker Motorola 4G LTE smartphone • Multi-room and multi-screen approach with a smart MP3 player built in (specific gateway streaming video• The Droid Razr Maxx, with a battery of contents i.e live TV and VOD into all • Running a highly customized user 21 hours of usage on a single charge, multiple screens of the house) interface Android. Getting SMS & calls powered by Android 2.3 delivered from an Android smartphone Greenwich Consulting © 2012 33
  34. 34. Verizon has used 2012 CES to showcase multiple 4G LTE enabled applicationsand devices, in order to demonstrate its leading position in this new territory Verizon’s booth at 2012 CES : it’s all about 4G LTE this year Key facts • 4G, the key selling point of Verizon against others carriers (especially AT&T) • Verizon is leading the race in 4G (buying up spectrum, releasing high-quality handsets, and rolling out its network at a faster pace. • 90 demonstrations of products and solutions Application of 4G on retail experience based on 4G networks: - Public Safety - Retail - Telematics (automotive) - Education - Healthcare • Verizon also presented multiple 4G LTE devices (smartphone i.e Motorola Droid 4 and LG Spectrum, tablets i.e Galaxy Tab 7.7)Application of 4G on health & wellness 4G LTE devices Greenwich Consulting © 2012 34
  35. 35. Stricty confidential – copy prohibited