Greetings, Friends of Greenstep!


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With our 40+ person team having supplied accounting, payroll, controller, CFO and fundraising (>15MEUR) services to our 200+ customers within the last three years, we have become the best in our field.

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Greetings, Friends of Greenstep!

  1. 1. Introducing Greenstep Oy-and what we have accomplished since January 2010
  2. 2. With our 40+ person team having supplied accounting, payroll, controller, CFO and fundraising (>15MEUR)services to our 200+ customers within the last three years, we have become the best in our field.
  3. 3. What has Greenstep become?• A team of Accounting and financial professionals helping companies achieve their dreams.• Greenstep has become specialized in supporting small and medium sized companies in all areas of finance.• We can provide the services that a company needs today and, as the company grows, adjust our services accordingly.
  4. 4. 90% of our customers use our basic financial services:BASIC financial services Accounting, Payroll, Paying purchase invoices, Invoicing, Preparing the Annual Report and tax returns.
  5. 5. BUT MOST COMPANIESALSO NEED ADDITIONAL SERVICESWe can provide the following services depending on their needs:BUSINESS reporting CONTROLLER/CFO services Monthly board meeting financial materials – allows Get a part time finance professional for your company management to focus on the core business management team and receive in-depth information instead of producing monthly reports. to support your decision making.FINANCIAL modelling CORPORATE finance Solid P&L, BS and CF estimates for various purposes; We can help you raise funding using our existing business valuation, investor presentations, funding contacts to Finnish investors and VCs. We also have applications, management decision making. experience in advising acquisitions.FINANCE process development TREASURY services Develop and establish solid financial processes to Among our specialities are net working capital avoid potential accounting issues and to ensure cost optimization and Forex position management. of accounting is kept under control.
  6. 6. Like our customers, we are alsogrowing quickly 40 35 30 12 25 20 8 15 21 10 3 15 5 6 2 2 2 2 0 1 Jan-10 Jan-11 Jan-12 Nov-12 Administrative Accounting CFO Without compromising quality.
  7. 7. We can also provide theseservices locally Oulu: Liisa Mutanen Turku: Jukka Virko Tampere: Teija Vehmas
  8. 8. • We know that accounting is a service business, and we want to be the best at it. We measure our service level by looking at how well our work is conducted and how satisfied our customers are.• We keep our service high by – Keeping our clients accounting up to date, and even if it means pressuring the client to deliver the needed material. – Answering to all emails and phone contacts as soon as possible. – Being friendly yet professional: saying when we think something can be improved.
  9. 9. • With both the amount of clients and team members doubling since last year, we have put extra effort into keeping the quality in the work we do at a maximum.• We keep quality high by – Having Michaela, our partner who is an Authorized Public Accountant, regularly check our work and improve our processes. – Continuously organizing courses to keep us informed and on top of the new & up-coming regulations in Finland. – Encouraging team members to gain more knowledge by attending external courses.
  10. 10. • So far we have worked as interim controller’s & CFO’s for clients from ambitious startups to a fortune 500 company. We have helped many of them grow, reorganize and optimize. In doing this we have conducted a fair amount of due diligence cases as well as raised over 15M€ equity for them.• We keep quality high by – Employing only the best – Sticking to what we do best – Getting better at what we do best
  11. 11. • We realize that we need to keep developing our business in order to be able to provide the best service in the industry.• We are currently working on – Improving the image of accounting – Researching within the field of startup financing in Northern Europe – Developing the & concepts
  12. 12. What have we learned?• Showing is telling. The best marketing is doing a great job.• Working remotely can be more effective than working at the office.• Hire only the best, deliver only the best!• Accounting is a very undervalued profession, yet one with an incredible demand. • That’s why we created
  13. 13. Kirjanpitäjä• With we want to raise awareness of the possibilities the accounting profession has to offer.• On the site we go through: – The history and present state of accounting. – The various opportunities in the field – How to become an accountant – And we blog regularly.
  14. 14. • Last but not least we would like to tell you how we keep spirits high. – By being extremely flexible with regards to working remotely. – By investing in equipment to improve the ergonomics at our desks, and our bodies and minds at home. – By organizing team events on a regular basis. – But most of all our spirits stay high because of the wonderful and unique customers we get to work with!