School Hygiene Products


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Greenlime gives some basic tips for school children.

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School Hygiene Products

  1. 1. Greenlime Hygiene Solutions“We are on a Mission of Spreading Hygiene and Hygienic Lifestyle!” Greenlime is the brand of Pudumjee Hygiene Product Limited. We are one of India’s top notch hygiene solutions company with over a decade of expertise in the hygiene industry. We are India’s first and only company to offer the widest range of hygiene solutions. Our line up of world class hygiene solutions, includes a wide range of soap and tissue dispensers, bathroom & facial tissues, paper hand towels, paper napkins, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, personal toilet seat covers, hand wash liquid soap, hand sanitizers, odor neutralizers and more being added regularly.
  2. 2. Our Product Credentials• We have 3 ISO certificates for our Quality management, Environment management and Food Safety management Systems• The raw materials used in our products are Food and Drug administration compliant• Our tissues are Total Chlorine free, thus making our products 100% safe in contact with skin and food• We comply with the HACCP norms to prevent contamination whilst using any of our products• We are member of Worldwide cleaning industry association – ISSA; which constantly updates our product knowledge and helps us innovate
  3. 3. Effective Hand HygieneIt’s a 3 step Process• Handwashing – to get rid of the visible dirt and grime on hands. Soap bars spread contamination, liquid soaps are recommended• Hand Drying – Moist surfaces breed bacteria; so drying hands with paper towels and not cloth towels that spread contamination and blowers that waste energy and takes more time• Hand Sanitizing – Only sanitizers kill 99.9% germs on hands. Use them before eating, after visiting washrooms and whenever the not so visibly dirty hands need to be cleaned
  4. 4. Greenlime Hand wash systems• 100% biodegradable; environment friendly• Not soap based, but SLES base for rich lather• Right PH balanced formula with extra moisturizers to keep the tender skin soft and smooth• We have variety of fragrances and sizes to suit your needs• Variety of Dispensers that can hold 400ml – 2000 ltr soaps, Liquid or foam soap dispensing systems. All dispensers come with wall mounted and completely closed features to fit in small spaces and prevent contamination• Liquid Soaps are available in 250ml pump bottles, 1 ltr cans, 5 ltr cans in Rose, Lemon, Peach, Sandal, Green apple, Strawberry, Aqua, Pearl and Germ fighting fragrances
  5. 5. Greenlime Hand Drying systems• All dispensers come with closed features to prevent the towel tissues stacked in. Sizes vary from large to compact and also recessed steel dispensers with bins• Paper Towels are high wet strength tissues for drying hands without shredding. These should not be flushed and disposed only in dustbins.• These towels can also be mounted in playgrounds to wipe off excess sweat and dirt from kids hands• Greenlime Towels are 100% safe on skin• Towels are available as single C fold sheets or interleaved Multifold towel sheets
  6. 6. Greenlime Hand Sanitizers• Just 2 drops of Greenlime hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs on hands• Added Extra moisturizers keep hands soft• Ideal to be used just before eating and after visiting washrooms• Consistent use prevents spread of diseases and reduces absenteeism by over 50%• Available in 50ml , 200ml and 500ml pump bottles
  7. 7. Greenlime Hygiene solutions Our hygiene solutions provide a clean and hygienic environment; available in 500ml refill bottles and 5 ltr cans• Proclean Floor cleaner : Superior formula for adding shine on high grade marble and granite floorings, and disinfect the surface• ProFresh Glass cleaner: Adds sparkle to the glass and laminated surfaces• Prosafe Toilet cleaner: Effective for stain free and disinfected high traffic washrooms that are used consistently• Proshine Utensil cleaner: Cuts tough grease with lime power
  8. 8. Hygienic Kitchens and Canteens• For the kitchens, we have Greenlime Kitchen towels that absorb dirt, grime, wipe spills and plates and also preserve the freshness of vegetables and fruits wrapped in these sheets• These kitchen towels are high wet strength sheets that absorb moisture and retain freshness, useful to also prevent chapattis from turning soggy• Large sizes rolls for large canteens and kitchen available• For small kitchens we have the retail packs of 70 sheets roll with wall mounted dispenser and also metal stand dispensers
  9. 9. Hygiene for all Corners Greenlime tissues come in varied shapes and sizes and can be used to keep the complete environment safe and hygienic• Facial tissues : in large and mini boxes for classrooms, libraries, playgrounds, extremely handy during colds and running nose• Napkins: in different sizes to keep handy on canteen tables• Toilet rolls: to keep the skin dry after using the toilets, as moist skin breeds bacteria• Toilet seat covers: to prevent spread of contamination when using same toilet seat in high traffic areas
  10. 10. Greenlime Odor-free Ambience• Get rid of the stuffy ambience especially in the rains• Greenlime 2LF (long lasting fragrances) is an automatic Odour neutralizer which provides lingering freshness• These devices can be timed for automatic fragrance sprays at preset time intervals; The battery life is up to 3 yrs• Varied fragrances available- Citrus lime and Orange to cut odor in washrooms, Herbal fern and Sensual feel for a relaxed ambience in libraries, cool blue for excitement in classes and mild fragrances like flora / fruity and earth for school offices• We also have a Virtual Janitor for urinals and washrooms which automatically cleanse and sanitise the washrooms with every flush; keeping the washrooms all time clean with minimal human efforts thus saving time and costs
  11. 11. At your servicePudumjee Hygiene Products Limited Email: Toll Free No : 1800 233 4540