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Embarrassing Hygiene Situations


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Many a time we are caught unawares in embarrassing situations whilst trying to be utmost hygienic. This ppt is an attempt to help in such situations

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Embarrassing Hygiene Situations

  1. 1. How to avoid embarrassing hygiene situations with
  2. 2. Are you tired of feeling consciousand embarrassed every time you use a facial tissue to wipe yourface as it shreds and leaves behind remnants? Greenlime snack napkins and facial tissues don’t shred on your face and save you the embarrassment.
  3. 3. Most people end up flushing toilet paper and man, they only regret it later when it clogs up the toilet drain! Not only do Greenlime toilet rolls disintegrate in water , but are also chlorine free. Greenlime also has a range of eco-friendly – 100% Recycled tissue - toilet rolls!
  4. 4. A long day after work definitely takes a toll on you. It just leaves you feeling even more tired and embarrassed when you see your friendslooking fresh as ever. Greenlime wet wipes rejuvenate you instantly and make you look and feel fresher!
  5. 5. Using a public bathroomduring emergencies proves to be a nightmare most of the time. Imagine finding out that it doesn’t have a soapdispenser! This is when yourGreenlime hand sanitizer cancome in handy. Just 2 dropsand 99.9% germs gone! You can breathe a sigh of relief.
  6. 6. How embarrassing would it be if you had really important guests overand the snacks you have provided them have stuck to the tissue paper.To avoid this situation, keep your food in Greenlime Kitchen Rolls.They not only absorb excess oil, but also don’t stick to your food.
  7. 7. And don’t Forget that GreenlimeHygiene Solutions are 100% Safe!ISO certified, FDA compliant and Chlorine free Tissues! Shop online at