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The latest edition of Greenlight’s Magazine provides you with top tips to help you plan your online Christmas 2012 campaign. In this Christmas issue, our in-house experts discuss why Christmas comes early for digital marketers, as well as the value of implementing Social Media and Mobile strategies into your Christmas 2012 campaign.

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Greenlight's Magazine: Christmas Edition

  2. 2. EDITORAlicia LevyMarketing & ProductionAshley Burgess & Harriet MicallefCoverDiogo FreitasDesign & LayoutJulie VaccalluzzoForewordGreenlightContributorsAnuj GhaghadaBen MckeownAdam BunnPatricia McElhinneyDave Tillettpublished by GreenlightLevel 14, The Broadgate TowerPrimrose StreetLondon, EC2A 2EWt: +44 (0)20 7253 7000e-mail:© Greenlight 2012 – all rights reservedSeptember 2012contents2 ForewordGreenlight3 Make the WebWork for YouGoogle’s Anuj Ghaghadaexplains5 HOW TO TAKE YOURBUSINESS MOBILEThree ways to get yoursite mobile ready in timefor Christmas8 TOP FIVE TIPS FOR ASUCCESFUL SEOCHRISTMAS9 TOP TEN TWITTERTIPS12 FIVE ESSENTIAL PAIDMEDIA TIPS FORCHRISTMAS 201214 GREENLIGHT’SCHRISTMASCONFERENCEProviding onlinemarketers witheverything they need toknow about ChristmasChristmas starts as early asJuly for many brands, andthat’s not just a good ideabecause Christmas is the peakfor many businesses in terms oftrading, and it’s not just a goodidea because Christmas is theopportunity to tune up and refreshyour Digital Marketing strategies.But, it’s a good idea because of therapid pace of change in the DigitalMarketing landscape.It is exponential, makingsimple marketing plans morecomplicated. Search, display,trying to position and manoeuvrethemselves around them, tryingto work out where they need tobe visible. Do they need to be onFacebook, Google+, Twitter ?To stay ahead in this growinglandscape of change you haveto be disruptive, embracing thedisruption by innovating withinthe changing face of Digital.At Greenlight we takeChristmas seriously because ourclients do. We are relentlesslyworking on efficiency and growthfor our clients and deliveringdemonstrable value at the highestlevel of the organisation. In thisedition of The Magazine, we havebrought together tips from ourrecent Digital Advent Calendarand Christmas Conference, witheach of the panellists beingdisruptive in some way. Marketerstoo can be disruptive, by makingsure their marketing programmesare navigating the sea of change inDigital, in time for Christmas.We hope you find the contentwithin The Magazine helpful inyour endeavours to ensuring yourbrand is visible this Christmas.nemail and affiliate marketing havematured with the emergenceof blogs and Social as sub-lines throughout every channel.Search itself has fragmentedinto contextual, behavioural,retargeting and pre-targeting.Online user behaviour ischanging. The Internet used tobe the place where brands setup online stores and consumersdrifted around, interacting with usbased on the marketing collateralwe pushed out to them. Now theconsumer is the core and fabricof the Internet and brands are1 the MAGAZINE - Greenlight 2
  3. 3. when searching for deals online.With over a third of mobilesearches having a localintent, dedicated mobilecampaigns engaging withsmartphone users is a must.Despite this growing trend,73% of advertisers still do nothave a mobile-optimised site,which leads to a frustrating andfruitless experience for consumersif they have to constantly pinch-to-zoom and scroll to navigatewhilst on your site. There is awide range of free tools that canhelp you evaluate how your siterenders on a mobile device, whatyou need to work on and evenprovide some partners that canhelp you develop a mobile site.(For more information go to For advertisersthat have neither the resourcesnor time to develop a dedicatedmobile site, the incredible riseof tablets presents anotheropportunity. Tablet users tend tobe affluent and use their devicesimultaneously whilst watchingtelevision or using their phone.They spend on average, one anda half hours a day on their deviceand around 10-20% more on theirorders than the average Internetuser. As Fig. 2 shows, while theday is dominated by desktopactivity the mornings and eveningshave greater mobile and tabletusage.Last Christmas, mobilesearches peaked on Christmasday, making up 26% of allChristmas-related queries and thisyear’s Christmas period is likely tosee even greater activity on mobiledevices.As retailers gear up forthe busiest and mostprofitable time of the year,the world economy continues tostruggle as countries attempt tokeep their finances in order andprotect themselves from the risksposed by the troubles seen inGreece, Italy and Spain. Consumerconfidence has remained low asshoppers tighten their belts anddefer purchases as householdbudgets are squeezed. Thisinevitably has had an effect on thehigh street where, in the last yearalone, many established retailershave gone into administrationincluding Clintons, Jane Normanand Habitat. On the other hand,others such as John Lewis areposting record sales and double-digit weekly growth figures. Thefact is, consumers have changedthe way that they shop, and thosewho have adapted their strategieswith this in mind have reaped thebenefits.According to the Office ofNational Statistics, consumersin the UK spent £42.1bn inDecember last year with onlinesales driving much of the growth(up 16.5% year-on-year),contributing around £7.9bn.Looking at online queries over Q4for the last three years we cansee that queries have continuedto grow strongly (queries wereup 18% year-on-year in 2011)with the peak being CyberMonday that traditionally falls onthe last Monday of November.Interestingly in the last two years,the peak has been less sharp asconsumers continue to browsefor Christmas gifts over a longerperiod to get the best deals.Retailers often make the mistakeof peaking too early in their onlineadvertising campaigns by runningout of budget, or switching themoff entirely after Christmas Day.However, this leads them tomiss out on the large number ofshoppers who are back on theircomputers searching for BoxingDay deals (fig. 1 ).So what has changed? Thethree key themes I would stronglyrecommend retailers to take noticeof are: The emergence of the‘nonline’ shopper; The meteoricrise of mobile; Post-Christmas isjust as important as pre-ChristmasThe emergence of the ‘nonline’shopperWhat we used to call ‘colourtelevisions’ have now become‘televisions’ and ‘cellphones’are more commonly labelledas ‘phones’. In the same way,consumers are beginning todistinguish less and less betweenonline shopping and offlineshopping. This new breed of‘nonline’ shoppers are comfortableshopping wherever they arewhether in-store, on a mobiledevice, or desktop. Never has itbeen more important than now tooffer users a seamless experienceregardless of the platform theyuse. One idea that has seen greatsuccess is the ‘click and collect’model where consumers canresearch and reserve an itemonline and pick it up locally in anearby store. Argos has been apioneer in this retail model andnow almost half of it’s £4bn salescome through multi-channelpaths. As a result, it has becomeincreasingly more important forretailers to correctly attribute thevalues of sales to online. Googlepartnered with Vodafone to showthe impact of “Online to store”or O2S. The results showed thatfor every £1 spent online, £1.75was spent in-store as a result.For pureplay retailers, correctattribution of online activity is justas important and has to extendbeyond the last click model. Usingan Analytics package, you cansee what paths customers takethat convert best for you. It maybe that a customer sees youremail marketing, considers thepurchase and then returns eitherthrough search or directly toyour site. Considering this moreexpansive model will help ensureyou are present and relevant at thecrucial touch points for your targetaudience. Christmas has an addedchallenge whereby consumersgenerally start their journeylooking for gift ideas using verygeneric terms such as ‘christmasgifts for him’ or ‘dresses’ beforefiltering their searches down tooften very long-tailed queries fora specific model. Therefore, it isimportant for retailers to considerthe searches that potentialconsumers may make further upthe purchase funnel.The meteoric rise of mobile2012 is the year of mobile.Smartphones and tabletshave placed the internet inthe hands of millions and for28% of smartphone owners,it is their primary access point.Retail queries on desktops haveincreased by 15% year-to-date,while mobile queries are up anastounding 147% with no signof slowing down. In fact, mobilequeries are projected to overtakedesktop queries in 2015, whichis no surprise when you see therelative growth rates of queries onthese platforms.Mobiles have fundamentallychanged the way that consumersshop, by empowering themwith more decision influencinginformation with which to basetheir purchasing decisions on.28% of smartphone users havemade a purchase using theirmobile and 34% check pricesin-store. Smart retailers even useproximity targeting (currently inbeta) through Adwords, to targetconsumers who are in a givenradius of a competitor’s storecatching consumers attentionMake the Web Work for YouGuest contributor Anuj Ghaghada from Google gets into the nitty grittyIndexedQueryVolumes28Sep5Oct12Oct19Oct26Oct2Nov9Nov16Nov23Nov30Nov7Dec14Dec21Dec28Dec32.521.510.502009 2010 2011 2012 (forecast)Fig. 1 - Indexed Shopping Queries Q4 2009 queries areup an astounding147% with no signsof slowing down...consumers arebeginning todistinguish lessand less betweenonline shopping andoffline shopping.This new breed of‘nonline’ shoppers arecomfortable shoppingwherever they arewhether in-store, ona mobile device, ordesktop.3 MAGAZINE - Greenlight 4#Christmas12
  4. 4. The explosion of smartphones and tablet devicesonto the market hasmeant that for businesses withan Internet presence, having amobile strategy has gone from a‘nice to have’ feature to being anintegral part of a businesses onlinestrategy.Mobile internet browsing issupposed to present convenienceto your customers, but for many,it is often a frustrating experiencewhen not implemented properly(or at all). It is therefore essential,to ensure you give your targetmobile browsing customers thebest experience. You can do thisin one of three ways - througha standalone mobile site, anoptimised responsive site and/orthrough a mobile app, dependingon how you want to connect withyour target audience.Standalone Mobile site:A separate stand alonemobile site is a good choice fora lot of companies, often it’sa duplicate of your main site,but stripped down to a visualminimum so users on the movehave the smallest possibledownload.Pros:„„ A site tailored exactly for amobile user’s needs can lead to abetter user experience.„„ Nothing needs to beinstalled on your device, itwill work on any mobiledevice out of thebox.„„ Optimisedfor thesmallestwould be to have a ResponsiveDesign website.Responsive Design has beengetting a lot of attention lately asit solves the issue of companieshaving to have a standalonemobile site alongside a website.The concept of the ResponsiveDesign technique is simple andeffective. It adjusts a websites’pages based on the platformwhich it is being viewed on, beit a desktop, PC, smartphone ora tablet. Through smart code inthe websites’ style sheets, theResponsive Design techniqueadapts the size and resolution ofthe website pages so the end usercan experience the web page inthe best possible way. Thisnegates the need forcompanieshavingtorun aHow to take your business mobile?download possible. Users withdata-caps on their devices willthank you.Cons:„„ Any changes to the non-mobilesite need to be duplicated in themobile site, since essentially youare running two separate sites, thiscan drive up costs.„„ If not implemented properly,having duplicated content ontwo sites could affect your siterankings and search engines couldbe confused about which site toshow in SERPs.„„ A standalone mobile site isintended to cater for a hugeamount of devices with a widerange of screen sizes, finding away to display information for allof these often means settling ona design for the lowest commondenominator, since the site doesn’tadapt to the screen of the device.Responsive SitesThe main issue with astandalone mobile site, is that youessentially have to maintain twowebsites, which can prove tobe expensive and timeconsuming. Asolution tothisPost-Christmas is just asimportant as pre-ChristmasIn 2010, the UK saw some ofthe worst weather that broughtlarge parts of the country andinfrastructure to a grinding halt.Christmas tends to be one ofthe few times when customerspay premiums to ensure promptdelivery. One interesting trendfrom last year was that shoppersheld off their gift purchaseslonger than usual in anticipationof shops discounting heavily. Ina self-fulfilling prophecy, retailerswere forced to discount heavily inorder to drive customers throughthe door. The key mistake thatadvertisers make is peaking tooearly with their online advertisingcampaigns and missing out on asignificant number of potentialcustomers who are looking fordeals after Christmas Day.Traditionally, searches dropon Christmas Day until theevening when people are backonline after overindulging in theirChristmas dinners. Last yearhowever, retailers were muchmore aggressive with John Lewisand Superdrug who started theirclearance sales on ChristmasEve. Given the tough economicconditions faced by all, consumerswill continue to be price consciousand happy to compromise ondelivery times to get biggerdiscounts. A key recommendationwould be to ensure an ‘always on’strategy over the Christmas periodto ensure that you don’t miss outon customers who continue toshop after the initial Christmasshopping rush has passed.Despite the difficultconditions across most of Europe,Christmas is geared to be anotherseason full of retailers postingrecording-breaking sales figuresand consumers out in force onthe high street and eCommercesites. Make the Web work for youby being present wherever yourcustomer is and delivering thebest user experience to keep themcoming back again and again. nFig. 2 - Percentage of day’s queries by hourTablet Mobile Desktopmidnight 6am midday 6pm midnightAnujGhaghadaIndustry AnalystRetail TeamGoogle UKduplicate mobile-friendly versionalongside their actual website.Pros:„„ The cheapest option in the longrun.„„ Your site will be ‘future proof’ toall new mobile devices as they arereleased.„„ When you add new content toyour website, it is automaticallyready for all mobile devices„„ No need to duplicate contentfrom your standard site, like youwould have to do if you have astandalone mobile site, as yourstandard site IS your mobile site.Cons:„„ You can’t alter the informationarchitecture of the site so it maynot be optimal for mobile.„„ It’s a relatively new technique,so training existing staff orseeking out experienced skills is aprerequisite.„„ You are essentially downloadingthe desktop webpage version withremoved elements. Hence the sizeof the page being downloadedisn’t as small as it could be. Thiscan cause problems with bothpage load speed times and mobilebandwidth usage, which is oftencapped.Mobile appsFor those who already havean optimised site, mobile appsare the most effective way ofconnecting with your targetaudience, although they aregenerally the most expensiveoption.Responsive Designhas been getting alot of attention latelyas it solves the issueof companies havingto have a standalonemobile site alongside awebsite.5 MAGAZINE - Greenlight 6#Christmas12
  5. 5. it used to be, it’s still senselessto start from scratch every yearwith a new set of pages, and I’vepersonally seen more than oneretailer suffer as a result of sucha policy. Once Christmas is over,demote the pages so they aren’tas visible to users, but keep themlinked from somewhere like anHTML sitemap.3. Plan an integrated Social andSEO campaign for December,and support this with digital PRdistribution. Executed properlythis can be the key decider of whoranks during the all-importantpeak in search activity.4. Don’t neglect Google MerchantCenter. Google is currently triallinga paid version of product searchin so this is likely tobe the last year in which you cantake advantage of product searchtraffic without paying for it.5. Closely monitor yourcompetitor’s activities. They areone of the best ways to informyour own strategy and campaigns.ngivingthe bestpossibleexperience foryour end users.„„ App-icon onusers’ phones is an excellentform of advertising for anycompany.„„ Lots of consumers browseapp stores looking for things toinstall, so it’s a great way of findingcustomers who might not havediscovered you via other means.Cons:„„ Apps are expensive todevelop. You’ll need specialisedMobileapps, areapplicationswhich mobileusers can downloadto their mobile devices.They present users with aconvenient way of accessingthe information they want - whenthey want it. More importantlythey allow brands anotherplatform from which to connectwith their target customer. Whencreated well, mobile apps can beextremely successful in drivingtraffic to your website.Pros:„„ You can tailor the experienceprecisely to a specific device, AdamBunnDirector of SEO,GreenlightThe traditional logic aroundChristmas SEO goessomething like this:A. Christmas search demandpatterns are something like shownin fig.1 (p.7).B. SEO takes 3-6 months to takeeffect.C. Ergo, to be on the safe side,SEO for Christmas keywordsshould start in July.Sadly these days this is notreally the case. The main fallacyin the above logic is that SEOalways takes this long to takeeffect. It’s a view based on anold fashioned approach to SEO.Slowly building up authority byacquiring links consistently fromJuly onwards was the name of thegame, freshness was an unheardof concept and Social Mediaand blogging was in its infancy.Today, freshness is usually thefocus of at least three or fourGoogle algorithm updates everymonth, which shows us just howimportant it is. It means thatsearch engines are much morereactive to what we as marketersdo and as a result “slow andsteady wins the race” isn’t alwaystrue anymore.This was rammed home tome a couple of years ago when wewere approached by a companywanting to rank for “WorldCup shirts” about three weeksbefore the 2010 World Cup.Utilising digital PR distribution,the campaign we executed forthem pushed them into the topthree results on Google in lessthan a week (in the absence ofany further freshness signals thisis actually a ranking spot they stillhold to this day).It’s true that when you sitdown to plan out all the activityyou will need to do in the leadup to Christmas, it will end upspreading across six months.Also, several key milestonesremain the same and probablyalways will, such as the needto alter site structure beforeand after Christmas in order toincrease (and then decrease) theimportance of Christmas pagesin your site. But as shown in ourDigital Campaign Planner weput together (available in box 9of Greenlight’s Digital AdventCalendar) much more of this timeshould be dedicated to monitoring,analysis, strategy and integratingSEO activity with Social Mediaand Paid Media.With all this in mind, hereare Greenlight’s top five tips for asuccessful SEO Christmas.1. Above all, the thing to be takingcare of right now is your website.Last year mobile search demandat Christmas really took off, so ifyour site isn’t mobile friendly youcould be missing out on a lot ofvaluable traffic. On top of that arenumerous other tweaks – formatting to gainrich snippets in the search results,optimising load speeds and so on.2. Use the same target pagesevery year. Although historicallink equity isn’t as important asJan 11 Feb 11 Mar 11 Apr 11 May 11 Jun 11 Jul 11 Aug 11 Sep 11 Oct 11 Nov 11 Dec 11Chistmas giftsGift ideasParty dressesGifts for menChristmas marketsFig. 1 - Christmas search demand patternsTop five tips fora successfulSEO Christmasprogrammers to create them.„„ Apps aren’t cross-platform; youwill need to create new apps forAndroid, IOS and any other futureapp stores, which will drive upcosts.„„ People have to find the app inthe app store and install your app.Many won’t bother or don’t likeinstalling apps on their devices.„„ You still additionally need tohave a mobile friendly site forthose consumers who won’t/can’tinstall apps on their device.Whichever direction youwish your mobile strategy to takethis Christmas, make sure thatyou start setting it up now! Giveyourself enough time to trial yourmobile site, so that by the timethe Christmas frenzy starts, yourmobile site works without a hitchand can handle the substantialnumber of mobile searchesexpected for December 2012. nBenMckeownLead Designer,Greenlight7 MAGAZINE - Greenlight 8#Christmas12
  6. 6. 1When is the best time of dayfor a brand to post?„„ According to Twitter, there are140,000,000+ active daily userswith an average of 340,000,000daily tweets. Content posted onTwitter quickly disappears frommost users accounts, especiallyon mobiles as users will not scrollmore than a few times to catchup on tweets. Therefore, it isimportant to tweet throughoutthe day and at the times whenusers are most active. This can bediscovered from listening tools andanalysis.2Any tips on how companiescan increase the numberof followers in the lead up toChristmas?„„ Create visual content which isexciting!„„ Engage with your currentfollowers and follow influentialtweeters.„„ Create a search for keywordsassociated with your brand and/or industry to ensure you are notmissing out on live conversations.„„ Allow social sharing on yourwebsite and ensure your Twitterhandle is on all promotionalmaterial, email marketing, emailsignatures and is clearly visible onthe website.„„ Participate in industry Twitterchats – Travel Goodies are #TTOT#CruiseChat #FriFotos„„ Ensure your handle is optimisedfor Search!„„ If you operate customer serviceon Twitter, kindly state your hoursin your information section tomake users aware or they willexpect timely answers at all timesof the day.„„ Do not buy followers – theyare wasted stats and when youactually run a campaign, yournumbers will be skewed in anegative way. Also, it looks terribleto active followers. Users andnews sites commonly report thesefake followers, outing your brand!3What is the importanceof creating a hashtagfor Christmas marketingcampaigns?„„ The power of a hashtag iscrucial for a strong campaign,especially over the Christmasperiod when users are bombardedwith promotions and brandcampaigns. It provides an easilyidentifiable visual to the brandand the campaigns as well assparking curiosity in those whomay not follow the brand. Apowerful hashtag will influenceothers to join the conversation,some haghtags last longer thanthe campaign which provideslasting results for the brand. Userscan easily click on the hashtag tofollow the conversation and learnabout the campaign.„„ Hashtags allow the brandto easily track the reach of thecampaign and the number ofbrand mentions. It will also attractnew users and influencers.„„ Be creative with your hashtagsbut make sure they are identifiableto the campaign. Basic keywordhashtags like #travel and #fashionare commonly used and will notshow you the true results of yourcampaign. Once you’ve narroweddown your hashtag choices, checkto see if they already exist by usingTwitter’s search function. If theydo, is it positive and do you wantyour brand associated with thosetweets?„„ Most of all, promote yourhashtag so your fans know to useit! You have to ask for what youwant in Social.„„ Twitter recently launched EventHashtag pages, so an offlinemarketing campaign could qualifyfor its own page once Twitterlaunches this fully. Right now,the industry suspects these willbe rolled out to big sporting andentertainment events first.„„ Check out some examplesof hashtag usage from Twitter: Twitter facts/stats:„„ According to Mashable:ààThere are 140+ million activeusers in 30 languages.àà33% of users are aged 45+,25% are 35-44 and 23% are25-34.àà59% of users are womenààThe average user spends 11:50minutes per visit on Twitter.80%of users access their Twitter via amobile device.ààThe first tweet from Spacehappened on 22 January 2010from @Astro_TJ.àà In May 2010, Lady Gagabecame the first tweeter to haveover 10 million ‘Little Monsters’.„„ In 2011, Twitter stated a figureof around 500K visits each day,but this statistic doesn’t clarify ifthey are actual individuals or spambots which Twitter is unfortunatelyplagued by. Some argue that userswho are not active in tweeting arenot useful, but users who are onTwitter purely for receiving themost up to the minute informationon topics that matter to them, arestill influenced and build brandaffinity.„„ Twitter kicked off in 2006 andit took three years to reach 1 billionTweets. In 2011, it announced 1billion tweets are sent ever week.5Does Twitter have anyupcoming developments thatcould help companies improvetheir market visibility?„„ Hashtags for Events – Twitterlaunched this new initiative via itsfirst commercial by teaming upwith Nascar. Expect to see this inbig, upcoming events!„„ Improved Search – Twitterrecently announced it will berolling out new Search featureswhich will provide users withbetter personalised results leadingto a better overall user experience.„„ Enhanced Profiles - Thesewill be rolled out in the comingmonths, Twitter states it willincrease engagement and drivebusiness goals. The page redesignwill allow brands to betterpromote themselves as well asfeature important content whichwill automatically expand to showmedia. Right now, this feature isonly available to selected handles.Check out Nike’s page for apreview!„„ Promoted Tweets – Paidpackages are available fromTwitter to have a tweet promoted.First tweet from space9 MAGAZINE - Greenlight 10#Christmas12
  7. 7. increase in spread, engagementand mentions but it might not beworth the risk. Having a celebritywho truly reflects the brandand its goals whilst also relatingto the community and brandendorsements works best.10How beneficial is it tofollow organisations andcompanies?„„ Knowing what your competitorsare doing is always beneficialto a brand! It provides you withbenchmarks and knowledge ofwhat they are doing and howthey are doing it. It also helps youdiscover conversations about yourgoods or services that you maywant to get involved in.„„ If you are a retail brand, followyour shopping centre accounts toensure you are up-to-date on whatis happening in the centre and seeif they can promote you and viceversa. Any events in-store shouldbe mentioned on the centre’shandle, they want visitors just likeyou!„„ If you are a travel brand, ensureyou follow your travel agents,airports, cruise ports, excursioncompanies etc. Utilising eachother will increase your reach! ntweeters in key markets, younaturally begin to enter streamsof conversations with users whoare interested in your brand/industry, resulting in many of themfollowing you.„„ Producing and sharingcampaigns and content that aresuitable for that market is reallyimportant. If you do not producestrong, engaging content, userswill not follow you.8What are the key datesand times that people willbe talking about Christmas onTwitter?„„ In December, Twitter isinundated with Advent Calendars,12 Days of Christmas giveaways,Christmas wish lists and stockingstuffers. Most campaigns beginby launching hints and mentionstwo weeks prior to the start of thecampaign.„„ One of the busiest days onTwitter is Christmas day andthe period just after it. We are asociety who likes to share.9How advantageous is it touse a celebrity to promotecampaigns on Twitter?„„ It is always good to have acelebrity promote your brand,although users are beginning tocrack down on mindless celebrityendorsements. Recently, Nikeran into a problem with Twitterfor its #makeitcount campaign,which included celebrities such asWayne Rooney. The tweets werenot clearly labelled as MarketingCommunications. Sometimesthis controversy will lead to anFive Essential Paid Media TipsBy Dave Tillett6Are there any tools whichcan be used to monitor yourTwitter page analytics?„„ Agencies such as Greenlightprovide this service for brands, asmost companies do not have theSocial Media resource, knowledgeor access to the differentmonitoring tools. Certain agencieshave expertise of doing in-depthSocial Media monitoring research.They are staffed by those who arepassionate about the industry andwho keep up-to-date on platformchanges and campaigns, plushave extensive knowledge about arange of industries so you can besure their ideas and optimisationsuggestions are well researched.„„ Social listening tools suchas Brandwatch, Sysomos andRadian6 help analyse your Twitterresults.„„ HootSuite Pro account &TweetDeck„„ If you are advertising on Twitter,it also provides some analytics foryou.„„ is a great tool andused by several Fortune 500companies.„„ SocialBro is a favourite amongstmany big name brands, as it helpsyou learn about your communitythrough search criteria and filters.7How can you use Twitter totarget different sectors?„„ Twitter is a great way todiscover influential people inspecific industries, as well asbrand ambassadors. By building arelationship with these users, youcan begin to show your industryknowledge and brand personality.„„ By engaging with high profilePatriciaMcElhinneySocial Media ProjectManager, GreenlightHaving a well thought outPaid Media strategy, canmake all the differencebetween having a successfulonline campaign and fallingbehind. However, to stand outfrom the crowd, why not thinkabout integrating your Paid Mediacampaign into other channels,such as Social Media. Greenlight’sPaid Media Campaign Director,Dave Tillett, takes us through hisfive essential Paid Media tips forChristmas 2012.1Google+Google+ already has had asignificant impact on both PPCand Natural Search and withGoogle’s current drive to get asmany advertisers as possible usingthe Social network, you can besure that it has serious plans tointegrate G+ into its entire suite ofproducts. It’s crucial therefore toact now and build up a presenceon the Social platform. So how doyou get started if you don’t alreadyhave a page? Essentially there arefour relatively simple steps:A. Create a Google+Business Page - Firstly take apeek over at Google’s G+ Businesssite ( This will provide youwith all the tools necessary tocreate your advertiser page on thenetwork.B. Content – Content is king inSocial Media, therefore be sure tobrief your Social team on Google+if they haven’t briefed you already!Ensure that content is beingfrequently added and user postsare being responded to. Don’t putall your eggs into one basket byonly focussing on Facebook.C.Verification – The mostimportant step in creating aGoogle+ Business page is theverification process. Verifyingyour page effectively means thatGoogle+ recognises it as beingauthentic and linked to yourbusiness. To check if your page isverified, simply look for a little tickbox next to your profile name.In order to be verified, thereare four basic requirements:„„ Your Google+ page must beauthorised by your commercialentity, organisation, brand, orproduct.„„ Your Google+ page’s profilemust contain a link to yourorganization’s website.„„ Your organisation’s websitemust connect to your Google+page, by adding the Google+badge or by adding a snippet ofcode.„„ A meaningful number of peoplemust have added your Google+page to their circles.The third step is often themost confusing for advertisers,as the link between the websiteand Google+ page needs tobe done both ways. To helpyou out, information on linkingthe two can be found here: Adwords Social Extensions– Once your page is verified, youwill then have the advantage ofbeing able to implement SocialExtensions within your Adwords11 MAGAZINE - Greenlight 12#Christmas12
  8. 8. ‘product type’ variables. This willallow for more effective campaignmanagement.5BestsellersIn the lead up to Christmas,keep note of what products arelikely to be the best sellers acrossyour categories and work withyour buyers to ensure you haveenough stock to meet demand. Asan example, Hamleys has recentlyreleased what it believes to be thetop toys for Christmas 2012:Hamleys Top Toy List 2012„„ Monster High Dolls, (Mattel)„„ Web Shooting Spider-Man,(Hasbro)„„ Moshi Monster App Monster,(Vivid)„„ Subbuteo, (Paul Lamond)„„ Innotab 2, (VTech)„„ Nerf Elite Hail Fire, (Hasbro)„„ Barbie Train to Trot Tawny,(Mattel)„„ Master Moves Mickey, (Mattel)„„ The Lord of the Rings, TheBattle of Helms Deep, (Lego)„„ LeapPad2, (LeapFrog)„„ Cabbage Patch Kids, (Jakks)Create your Adwordscampaigns for these bestsellersas early as possible in order tobuild Quality Score and traction inthe SERPs. Utilise Product ListingAds / Extensions to further boostyour prominence in the Searchrankings. nAdcopy. Simply click on the AdExtensions tab within Adwordsand select Social Extensionsto link your G+ page to yourAdwords campaigns. Google hasreported advertisers seeing asmuch as a 22% uplift in CTR asa result of Social Extensions, thebiggest increase seen from anAd extension since Sitelinks waslaunched!Google+ can also act as agreat brand defence tool. Onceyou are verified, the right handsection of the SERPs (SearchEngine Results Pages), whichwould typically be reserved forPaid Search listings, in effect turnsinto a hybrid Google+ / NaturalSearch space for core brandsearches.Having a presence onGoogle+ will not only benefityour reach and volume over thisChristmas period, but it will alsofollow through way into 2013 andbeyond.2FacebookIf you are a retailer thatgenerates a large proportion ofyour Q4 / Q1 revenue from theChristmas sale period, now is theperfect time to use Facebook asa mechanism to acquire a strong‘fan base’. You can capitalise onthis investment across the latterhalf of Q4 by pushing promotionalmessages to the group once youare in the sales period. As wellas sales that you will get fromthe initial investment, you canessentially remarket to these usersduring the sale period to furtherexaggerate ROI.3Happy MondaysTwo dates retailers shouldhave noted in their 2012 calendarsare the 23rd November (BlackFriday) and 26th November(Cyber Monday), but whatabout December? If we comparecalendar dates betweenDecember 2011 and 2012, thereis clearly more scope this year tocapitalise on ‘last order deliverydates’ in conjunction with thetypical Monday sales rush.Advertisers are effectivelyawarded an extra Monday in2012, with which to potentiallyguarantee delivery beforeChristmas. When cutting up yourQ4 budget make sure you phaseyour budget in line with your lastorder dates in order to squeezeas many sales out of the festiveperiod as possible.4Google Merchant FeedIf you haven’t got a robustGoogle Merchant Feed currentlyin place, use Q3 to task yourdevelopers to structure itaccordingly so that you can makethe best use of Google ProductExtensions and PLAs (ProductListing Ads) in time for the Q4peak. Google is constantly testingways in which to display PLAs/ Extensions in order to try andmaximise CTR. We have alsoseen CPAs from PLAs which arecomparable to those deliveredfrom brands, therefore don’t be leftbehind simply because your feedisn’t in a good shape.Ensure your feed is structuredin a way that you can creategranular campaigns in Adwordswhich can be filtered by ‘brand’ orDaveTillettPaid MediaCampaign Director,GreenlightIn July, Greenlight hosted aChristmas Conference netting apanel of representatives from someof the biggest names in the Search& Social Media space, includingFacebook, YouTube, Sysomos,Google, Kred, Marketwire,Hydra, Criteo and Brandwatch.Each had a chance to tell the audience, made upof digital marketers from a cross-section ofindustries, exactly how their platform can best beharnessed to derive maximum exposure onlinebefore, during and post-Christmas season.Our videos and slides captured it all. They can beviewed and are available to download from ourMedia Centre on our get clicking!13
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