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Advantages of Group Mediclaim Policy


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It’s vital to insure your employees against accidents and ailments to avoid wasting valuable man-hours and causing low employee morale.
This presentation contains Key Benefits of Group Mediclaim Policy.

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Advantages of Group Mediclaim Policy

  1. 1. •Cover for all employees & their families •Cashless claims across Network Hospitals •Day care procedures covered •Discount in renewal premium •Lower premium costs/employee •Tax benefits under section 80D of IT Act
  2. 2. •Complete hospitalization cover •Inclusive of doctor’s fees •Includes nursing expenses, OT charges •Fees for anesthetist and consultants covered •Pre and post hospitalization charges covered
  3. 3. •Family floater clause can be added •Option of day-one cover Under Maternity pre-existing illness For children No waiting period for policy to start •Extended family coverage – in laws, cousin etc
  4. 4. •Extra insurance cover for needy employees •Buffer sum insured can be extended to employees who have exhausted their sum insured
  5. 5. It provides identified emergency medical assistance and personal services to people travelling more than 150 kilometers from their declared place of residence in India.
  6. 6. •Emergency Assistance service •Family Floater coverage for Critical illness •Daily Allowance for bearing miscellaneous expenses •Organ transplantation costs including donor's treatment
  7. 7. • Cataract • Piles • Fistula • Fissure • Tonsillitis • Sinusitis • Benign Prostatic • Hypertrophy •Hernia •Knee/ Hip Joint Replacement •All Cancer •Renal Failure •Appendicitis •Gall Bladder stones & Hysterectomy
  8. 8. 1800-258-2584