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Create Links With "Outdated Content Finder"


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Build links by improving and updating existing content. The Outdated Content Finder helps you with this tactic.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Create Links With "Outdated Content Finder"

  1. 1. Time Is TheEnemy OfInformation
  2. 2. Content expires, websites can’t keep up.Data refreshes. Trends change. Ideas fade away.
  3. 3. Everyone is an expert in something.Experts usually know when things changed intheir area of expertise.• New technology• New scientific research• New rulings• Changes in public opinion
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Was there a big change in your niche in2008? Use this tool to locate outdatedcontent before 2008.
  6. 6. Example Targets:• Top 10 Productivity Apps (posted in 2008)• Sports Records That No Longer Stand• Recent Studies On BPA• Human Evolution Discoveries
  7. 7. Find Opportunity? Now What?• Develop replacement content. Make it amazing.Include your link in content.• Outreach to website owners (Recommend usingBuzzstream to manage this). Be compelling.• No responses? No problem. You still haveamazing content to use elsewhere.
  8. 8. Benefits:• Good opportunity to have links on ageddomains• Good opportunity to show readers you’rean expert in your field• Additional opportunity for authorship• If nothing else, build your content libraryfor other link building initiatives
  9. 9. Turn Back Time FTW