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Tp presentation gala


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Tp presentation gala

  1. 1. Alan
  2. 2. 3 0 02 5 02 0 04 5 0 3 0 0 1 5 0 01 5 04 5 04 0 03 5 06 0 05 5 05 0 07 0 06 5 0Vostok RecordIPCC IS92a Scenario2100Now
  3. 3. Why…Present emission trends put theworld plausibly on a path toward 4°C[7°F] warming within the centuryWorld Bank“The world is currently on a trajectory to6 degrees [11 degrees Fahrenheit]”International Energy Agency
  4. 4. Central beliefs• Climate change will dominate our lives inthe twenty first century• The arts have a crucial role to play inhelping people understand the paradigmshifts taking place and needed
  5. 5. 20 events to date• 50 – 200 people• 2 or 3 days• All over the world – UK, France, Belgium, Norway, USA,Australia, India, Germany• Mix of artists and „experts‟ – on climate,transport, consumerism, etc• Process: presentations, group work,creative exercises, Open Space, etc• The aim – to create a stimulatingatmosphere that helps generate new ideas
  6. 6. Potsdam,Germany
  7. 7. PhilipPullman,Oxford, England
  8. 8. Sydney, Australia
  9. 9. Oxford, England
  10. 10. Bengaluru, IndiaCapeTown, SouthAfrica
  11. 11. Newcastle,England
  12. 12. Feedback• It was one of the most important exercises Ive ever taken part in -timely, imaginatively set up, and profoundly necessary. PhilipPullman, Author• I thought it was fantastic – stimulating and challenging – and justthe right balance of learning and sharing. John Fulljames, ArtisticDirector, the Opera Group• For me it was a truly significant experience, one that has sincecaused a profound shift in my perception of the world and the way Iengage with it. Cornelia Parker, Artist• I found the event hugely valuable - I can hardly think about muchelse yet. It was a privilege to be there. John Ashton, the ForeignSecretary’s Special Representative on Climate Change.• It became clear that climate change is not just about understandingcomplex nonlinear systems; it is about relationships andcommunication among people who experience the environment indifferent ways Professor Karen O’Brien
  13. 13. What we would like to do• Find a partner(s) who would like to work withus to hold an event – with UK and localattendance• Themes could include:– Climate change– Transportation– Consumerism• Can also link to– Commissions– Public events
  14. 14. My Last CarCar Love Meets Climate Change
  15. 15. Exhibition – Performance – Community Action• Collect car stores from around the world• Take a car to pieces and build a gallerydisplay• Make film, video and images• Interview climate scientists• Create a performance• Work with communities to create their owninterventions
  16. 16. Everyone Has a Car Story• No car guilt• No rhetoric• Lots of car love• Memories of human events, specialmoments, great places
  17. 17. Change Is Coming• The car is old technology• Everyone knows this• Change is inevitable• But no-one knows how or when