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Graham Duxbury's presentation at The Sustainable Green Infrastructure Conference - X Marks The Spot


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Groundwork UK, a federation of independent charities, is the national body of Groundwork and works to support its local delivery through national relationships, resources and representation.

Big global issues – the economy, the environment – have a big local impact. Groundwork work across the UK helping communities find practical solutions to the challenges they face. Groundwork provide training and create jobs, reduce energy and waste, re-connect people with nature and transform whole neighbourhoods.

Step-by-step Groundwork plan to go on changing places and changing lives until everywhere is vibrant and green, every community is strong enough to shape its own destiny and everyone can reach their potential.

Graham has more than 15 years of helping public and voluntary sector organisations reach new audiences and deliver strategic communications and development campaigns. He was previously Groundwork’s Director of Development – responsible for building national relationships and partnerships, generating income, developing national programmes and leading on policy and strategic communications.

Graham joined Groundwork UK in 1998, prior to which he undertook a number of communications roles in a national visual impairment charity and for local authorities in East Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

To view the video of this presentation please visit

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Graham Duxbury's presentation at The Sustainable Green Infrastructure Conference - X Marks The Spot

  1. 1. #mytreasuredspace
  2. 2. That was then …
  3. 3. This is now …
  4. 4. What’s going on? Parks • Parks are more valued and more visited than ever • Budgets have been cut with much more to come • Skills and capacity are being lost • Local authorities are reconsidering management and ownership • The public is getting concerned
  5. 5. What’s going on? Green spaces • Less strategic approach to green infrastructure • Reduced lottery spending • Strong appetite among community groups • Radical – but small – local growing movement • Isolated examples of community management and fundraising
  6. 6. Changing perspectives Central government • Big Society / One Nation • Community rights / democratic engagement • Participatory budgeting • Local decision-making
  7. 7. Changing perspectives Local government • Enabling v ownership • Continued efficiencies • Health and wellbeing • LEPs and green infrastructure
  8. 8. Changing perspectives Private sector • Scale and efficiency • Social value • Long-term commitment to place • Asset management and risk mitigation • Philanthropy and sponsorship
  9. 9. Changing perspectives Voluntary and community • Reduced capacity and budgets • Fragmented (fractious?) • Quality of place a by-product of other outcomes • Risk appetite v risk capital • Assets, shares and enterprise • Fundraising and campaigning
  10. 10. Community building
  11. 11. Employment and adaptation
  12. 12. Settings for health
  13. 13. Where next? • Management innovation – public, private, community • Increase and focus political pressure – national and local • Inspire and mobilise the public
  14. 14. Innovation and models
  15. 15. Politics and the public
  16. 16. For the love of it …