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Yb ms & hs


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Yb ms & hs

  1. 1. GRADE 6, 7, 8Green School (Above): Luciana Dewi Phillips Age 12; Bali Starling: Natasha Therese Åhman Age 13
  2. 2. middle schoolTEACHERS “ Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the ” peculiar bent of the genius of each.“ It is the supreme art of theteacher to awaken joy in creative ur nam e? ” yo t’sexpression and knowledge. ha a .W e si n do In m fro am ame is Ida. I Drawings: Anel Moraian Age 8; Kyan Zabriskie Age 6 g. My n rnin mo od Go
  3. 3. middle schoolGRADE 6
  4. 4. middle school ODYSSEY TRIP II We headed to the sea for our 2nd Odyssey trip GRADE 6 camping on the beach in West Bali National Park. It was the perfect location to examine coral reefs, sea grasses, and mangroves to learn how these ecosystems work together to ensure each other’s health. We recorded what we saw while snorkeling the reefs and sea grasses and exploring the mangrove swamps and dry lands. We put all this together to get a much clearer picture of how they depend on each other, how we impact them, and how we can best support them. Home design: discovering ratios and proportions “My favourite Students gathered data in the Ayung River, school memory then used their data to assess the river’s overall health. Ben Brown, a parent volunteer and river is when we were ecology expert, designed and led the ‘critter catch’ portion of the trip. The taught students in the waterfallhorsehaworm ir how to catch and identify different species of during the macro invertebrates to assess river health. Odyssey trip.”“Things I like to do are having science experiments and going outdoors.” Melanie Dotzauer Students gathering For our unit about Bali’s subak system, data relevant to parent Gove DePuy shared his knowlede Age 13 the Ayung River’s ODYSSEY TRIP I about its cultural and practical history and overall health Our first experiential learning workings. trip took us to Sudaji in North Bali to explore the subak system and water ecosystems. We visited a Anjali Restoring the pond water temple and followed a subak to a local rice field Dalm where we learned first-hand how buffalo are used to ia plough the paddies. After A ge 1 a beautiful hike through the mountains on our 2nd day, 1 we found ourselves at an epic waterfall where we cooled off and got ready to take a close look at the macro invertabrates in the river’s ecosystem. Day 3 brought us to a mountain lake, where we did a clean-up around the shore and took a look at its ecosystem to compare and contrast with what we found Maya Clarke Sonn in the river. y P er As part of our access to safe drinking water r us s e unit, we commited ourselves to using only Age 11 4L of water for all of our drinking, bathing, l Ag and washing for 24 hours. e 12
  5. 5. middle schoolGRADE 7
  6. 6. 2 A ge 1middle schoolGRADE 7 a ar y lK hli KaODYSSEY TRIP II Petri dishOur second Odyssey trip took us to the village drawings are fromof Trunyan on Lake Batur where we hiked a collaborative art-to the top of a mountain together. It was a science project–wejourney of personal healing and community swabbed the schoolbuilding. and grew bacteria colonies from various high-traffic areas around Green School. ge 13 King A p h by Toby Photogra Rhys Jones Age 12 Bridge map is from the bridge break project - we had a competition in science class to see who could design and build a bridge that could withstand the most force. To celebrate Earth Day we drew on a piece of puzzle with the theme “The change we would like to see in the world.” We put them together to see how many of these ODYSSEY TRIP I visions are connected. We sent it Our first Odyssey trip was at Bali Eco Village to The Paradigm Shift Project, Resort. We did a lot of group work focusing who will connect it with on defining what being healthy means - we Canadian students’ even wrote, directed, and performed a play work. about what it means to be healthy and balanced. Natasha Åhman Age 13
  7. 7. middle schoolGRADE 8
  8. 8. middle school Oscar O’Shea Age 14 GRADE 8 MOCK TRIAL I Camilla, portraying an attorney for the Prosecution, Shanti Pockell Age 14 questions a witness during the Lord of the Flies Mock Trial for English class. After studying the novel, students created the script and acted out the parts accusing the character Jack of murder of two other characters. Students work on a SHELTER BUILDING As part of recycled art project reading Lord of the Flies, G8 spent during their art rotation. three days creating their own shelters (Right) Cindy gets advice using only material found on the from visiting artist, Ibu ground. Great team work by all! (Top: Alexandra, during drawing Cole, Middle: Group photo, Bottom: class. Izzy and Lyyli) Studying the rice field cycle from start to finish required getting in the water and planting usingMOCK TRIAL II care and precision. (Left)Grade 8 proudly holds up their case file: State vs. Lane after they Izzy Ackerman plans withcompleted a Mock Trial course for English class. Along with US DOJ lab partner Maks during aattorney Jared Fishman (aka “the Professor”), students spent three science class. Connor Clarke Age 14months studying, writing, and finally performing the trial. ODYSSEY TRIP I We worked Under the Gr 8 theme of with the Conservation, students Begawan went to West Bali in Foundation’s November to study the Bali starling coral reefs with Odyssey project. A big Institute. Learning how to fundraising properly survey a reef first campaign helped required dry land study, as with the breeding demonstrated by Connor program. (left). Maks Milaknis Age 15 ODYSSEY TRIP II “The Odyssey trip was an experience I’ll probably never forget.” In May students returned to West Bali to continue their reef study and learn more interpersonal skills as the passage to high school nears. The final culmination of the team challenges came with the Rite of Passage challenge, pushing/swimming a raft together across to Menjangan Island!
  9. 9. GRADE 9, 10, 11Green School (Above): Ira Warastri Age 16; Printmake: Alexandre Van Der Gulik Age 16
  10. 10. high school “TEACHERS One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing ” plant and for the soul of the child. “ It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and ” knowledge.
  11. 11. high schoolGRADE 9“ It is the long history of humankind(and animal kind, too) those who learnedto collaborate and improvise most ”effectively have prevailed.
  12. 12. high schoolGRADE 10 “ A dynamic diverse group of individuals with lots of enthusiasm and energy. They challenge conventional thinking, are outspoken about their beliefs and are very supportive of each other. It has been a pleasure to teach this group the last ” 6 months.
  13. 13. high schoolGRADE 11“ My aim for the high school students directlyaligns with this quote: “There is hope if people willbegin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves,that heart-felt knowledge that we are caretakers ”of this planet.”
  14. 14. high schoolGRADE 9 - 11 Students from Grade 10 and 11 at the Sacred Childhood Foundation have raised money and helped build a playhouse for their ‘Sanctuary’ project. (Below) The students smoothed the ground using ancient techniques to make a ‘Healing Circle.’ As Green School’s first student assistant, Dillon Carpenter-Dorworth (G11) shares his passion for biology with the lower grades. (Right) Students working at the science lab. As a part of the Indigenous Intelligence unit, students studied native plant species with Sumaday. Each student made their very own plant-use books, focusing on the healing properties of each plant. A big project for Grade 9 this year was restoring part of the forest on the Green School campus. The students added new species of plants & animals this year to develop a lush, diverse layered forest.
  15. 15. high school GRADE 9 - 11 High school student, Mythra Schwartz is ready for her first “Green Sub,” an enterprise project for Grade 11 students Dillon Carpenter- Dorworth and Jerobi Laight.Grade 9 dressed up and ready to welcometheir guests. The Carnival was a fundraiser Chocolate brownies (left) andfor their future Enterprise Projects and the lemonade (far left) are soldDr. Ating Foundation. at a furious pace while young ones have their faces painted during the Carnival. a Schwar tz Age Mythr 15 This project allowed students to get familiar with local Balinese species, as well as those which have become extinct.In this Eddy RashidCause& Effect Eddie Rashid and Theresa Hamilton work with one of our artists-in- Age 16Project the residence, Ibu Tooza, on a sculpture. 14student chose cer Ageto study howclimate change isaffecting lizards. India Mer‘Global Perspectives Boat Launch’ wassuccessful carrying our students safelydown the river on a comfortable platformof bamboo and recycled plastic bottles. paint rs” Acrylic Age 16 “Tangled Wate Emma Bell Ira Warastri Age 16 “Dreamy La ndscape” Lin ocut