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Email Marketing with GreenRope


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Tatiana Ceresa, Marketing Coordinator, and the GreenRope team talk about the importance of email marketing.

Published in: Marketing
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Email Marketing with GreenRope

  1. 1. Email MarketingEmail Marketing Tatiana Ceresa, Marketing Coordinator
  2. 2. TatianaTatiana CeresaCeresa Marketing CoordinatorMarketing Coordinator @TatiCeresa@TatiCeresa
  3. 3. So, your client base hasSo, your client base has grown and you want to startgrown and you want to start building a communitybuilding a community around your brand…around your brand…
  4. 4. Email marketing is aEmail marketing is a powerful tool for brandspowerful tool for brands looking to connect withlooking to connect with their customers and increasetheir customers and increase engagement!engagement!
  5. 5. So, why implement emailSo, why implement email marketing?marketing?
  6. 6. What is email marketing stillWhat is email marketing still one of the bestone of the best ways to reach andways to reach and convert your customers andconvert your customers and leads?leads?
  7. 7. For every $1For every $1 spent on emailspent on email marketing, themarketing, the average returnaverage return is $44.25is $44.25 (Source: Email Expert)(Source: Email Expert)
  8. 8. 95% of95% of onlineonline consumersconsumers use emailuse email (Source: Email Expert)(Source: Email Expert)
  9. 9. 91% of consumers91% of consumers check their emailcheck their email once a dayonce a day (Source: Email Expert)(Source: Email Expert)
  10. 10. Top 4 benefits ofTop 4 benefits of implementing emailimplementing email marketing into yourmarketing into your business strategy…business strategy…
  11. 11. Engage existing clients and increase retention Nurture and retain existing relationships using email & automation. Update your current customers with interesting and relevant information. Benefit #1Benefit #1
  12. 12. Send targeted & personalized emails to your clients to show that you know & understand their needs! Benefit #2Benefit #2
  13. 13. Measure your impact and brand awareness Track open rates, clicks, read rates, unsubscribes, and so much more! Benefit #3Benefit #3
  14. 14. Benefit #4Benefit #4 Reach your buyers on mobile Movable Inc. reports 66% of emails opened are on a mobile device, so don’t ignore mobile responsiveness!
  15. 15. What theWhat the GreenRopeGreenRope team has toteam has to say…say…
  16. 16. • Don’t buy listsDon’t buy lists, they will, they will put your emails into theput your emails into the spam folderspam folder • Test, test, testTest, test, test! Always! Always a/b test emails to seea/b test emails to see what drives the mostwhat drives the most engagement.engagement. Tom SuchyTom Suchy GreenRope DeveloperGreenRope Developer
  17. 17. Austin WillmsAustin Willms Client Services ManagerClient Services Manager • Automate your email marketing! It is critical to your efficiency! • Streamline your online marketing so you will have more time for other aspects of your business.
  18. 18. Dan KimDan Kim Director of Client ServicesDirector of Client Services • Make sure the content is compelling and relevant to the brand. • Email marketing is crucial for brand awareness. • Facilitate communication between brand and customer
  19. 19. • Build emails for mobile devices & test! • Using a responsive design is critical & where the industry is currently headed Ryan BahlRyan Bahl Creative DirectorCreative Director
  20. 20. Email marketing is extremely powerful, especially when you start automating the process. It is a great way to increase your productivity and efficiency when communicating with your leads and clients.
  21. 21. Ready toReady to Get Started?Get Started?
  22. 22. If you are ready to implement email marketing, contact us and we will set you up with a demo and free trial. Or sign up for more info about email marketing with GreenRope!
  23. 23. Our fantastic support team can be reached at:
  24. 24. Thank you!Thank you!