the high level keynote sessions. and experience with the biofuels industry during
Why is WBM the only biofuels event to at...
“This particular conference in Europe is the place where
                                    influencers and important peo...
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World Biofuels Markets 2010


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Europe's Largest Biofuels Congress & Exhibition
A unique 3 days of global experts discussing bioethanol, biodiesel, next generation fuels, energy crops, algae fuels, biofuels standards, biorefineries, forestry biofuels, biofuels for developing nations, drop in fuels, synfuels.
Co-located with Biomass Power Conference.

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World Biofuels Markets 2010

  1. 1. EUROPE’S LARGEST BIOFUELS CONGRESS & EXHIBITION 5T NUA T AN EVE H L N 15-17 MARCH 2010, RAI CONGRESS CENTRE, AMSTERDAM WHERE THE BIOFUELS INDUSTRY MEETS TO DO BUSINESS Hear from 200 of the industry’s most influential speakers, including: Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland Professor Suani Coelho former Prime Minister of Norway, Executive Director, CENBIO, “THIS IS THE former Head of the World Health Organisation, UN Special Envoy and a Member, UN Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Energy and NUMBER ONE member of the Elders Climate Change & the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) EVENT FOR Karl Watkin Philip New Bioenergy Pioneer, Cleantech Chief Executive Officer BIOFUELS Entrepreneur, & Founder, D1 Oils BP Biofuels GLOBALLY” Kevin McGeeney, CEO, Peder Holk Nielsen Pedro Carillo Executive Vice President Managing Director - Europe Starsupply Renewables Novozymes Abengoa Bioenergy Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsor: Silver Sponsors: Organised by:
  2. 2. the high level keynote sessions. and experience with the biofuels industry during Why is WBM the only biofuels event to attend in 2010? Global leaders will share insight 11 Focused Conferences will give you unparalleled market insight and access to experts from across the whole biofuels value chain: 1. support of theAlgae Biomass Organisation (ABO) and the 2nd Annual Algal Fuels Forum produced with the full 7. Forestry Biofuels Forum –and the forestry and paperstreams, industries enter the market As develop new product European Algal Biomass Organisation – An intensive how can technology further develop woody biomass as a programme of speakers will examine this fast evolving viable source for liquid fuels? sustainable feedstock pathway. Biofuels Trading Derivatives Forum – Developed Energy Crops Forum - An in-depth look at the agronomy 8. together with Kingsman this day will examine the global 2. and opportunities in different crops and non food feedstocks, primary market for biofuels as well as the maturing market of including insight from Syngenta, Verenium, USDA, Reliance biofuels derivatives. Industries and many more. Ministerial Policy Forum – With insight from leading 9. the European Commision, the -US NationalinInstitute of with Biofuels Standards Forum Produced association 3. governments, European Commission and analysts, the debates Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Brazilian Instituto will focus on understanding current policy from key markets. Nacional de Metrologia, Normalização e Qualidade Industrial (INMETRO). 4. iLUC, Sustainability Certification –companies manage, As sustainability criteria begin to be mandated, how can monitor and ensure they meet current and future legislation? 10. Biofuels Developing Nations Garten Rothkopf, GTZ, SNV participation from UNCTAD, IADB, Conference - With key How will the iLUC develop and how can Responsible Sekab this event will examine how biofuels can bolster Cultivation Areas help further ensure biofuels sustainability? domestic energy independence, protect fragile economies from oil shocks and create new export products and jobs. Next Generation Biofuels Forum Covering Drop in fuels, 5. Synfuels, Renewable Diesel, Cellulosic–Ethanol and Biobutanol, Biofuels Downstream Conference – A this forum will cross examine the rich variety of innovative 2nd 11. the steps being taken to integrate biofuelsfull day examining into the fuel gen pathways and conversion technologies that are under supply chain, blending, fuel quality and logistics infrastructure. development and are fast becoming a commercial reality. Biofuels Aviation Forum – Key representatives from the aviation and biofuels industries will come together to create a PLUS additional focused sessions on Biodiesel, 6. roadmap for the commercial development of aviation Bioethanol, ETBE, Biofuels from Waste, Biofuels Adoption biofuels, with contributions from SAS, the Federal Aviation Authority, Pratt Whitney. The 6th International The congress provides a PLUS Biopower Generation unique opportunity for 2 CO-LOCATED Congress will bring together leading utilities, pulp and paper manufacturers, EVENTS: project developers, investors and experts to identify the opportunities in agricultural industries, biofuels producers, chemical companies and research expanding the uptake of utility scale power generation institutions to come together and examine the from biomass. Speakers include RWE Innogy, Vattenfall, development of multi-product platforms. GDF Suez, MVV Energie, Bronzeoak, European Commission and many more. In-depth Academy No other event in the World provides so many world class speakers Training Courses: 44 in-depth question and interactive sessions to cross Transport Biofuels 101 examine the market leaders Biomass Power 101 Network with the CEO’s in the WBM Exhibition at the The 2nd annual Sustainable Biofuels Awards extended networking breaks, drinks receptions, will help encourage greater focus on Sustainable Biofuels Awards and networking dinner sustainability criteria right throughout the biofuels value chain. Access the world’s biofuels experts Attend WBM 10 and make the right connections to ensure the future success of your business.
  3. 3. “This particular conference in Europe is the place where influencers and important people in the community come” PetroAlgae 200+ Global Biofuels Leaders Share their Expertise, including: • Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime • Swaroop Sarangan, • Matthias Rudloff, Minister of Norway, former Head of the World Assistant, Reliance Industries Business Development Manager, Choren Health Organisation, UN Special Envoy and a • Dr Shachi Sharma, • Martin Blake, Head of Sustainability, Royal Mail member of the Elders Biofuels Market Specialist, Syngenta • Olivier Gross, Biodiesel Trading, Commosupply • Professor Suani Coelho, Executive Director, • Terry Booysen, • Peter Beetham, CENBIO, Member, UN Secretary General’s Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change the Founder Managing Director, Sunfuel Ukraine Senior Vice President, Research, Cibus Global International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) • Roland A. Jansen, • Gustaf Landahl, Environment and Health • Philip New, Chief Executive Officer, BP Biofuels Chief Executive Officer, Mother Earth Investments Administration, City of Stockholm • Karl Watkin, Bioenergy Pioneer, Cleantech • Ohene Akoto, • Gerhard Ablasser, Entrepreneur, Founder, D1 Oils Director of Operations, Jatropha Africa City Planning Directorate, City of Graz • Peder Holk Nielsen, • Peter Hanratty, Chief Executive Officer, Fuelstock • Marc Van Driessche, Vice President Business Executive Vice President, Novozymes • K’Lynne Johnson, Development, World Energy Europe • Pedro Carillo, Chief Executive Officer, Elevance • Alan Rae, Director, KL Energy Managing Director, Europe, Abengoa Bioenergy • Dr Lourdes Maurice, Chief Scientist, Office of • Graham Rice, External Relations Development • Gene Gebolys, Environment and Energy, Federal Aviation Authority Manager, Ineos Bio Chief Executive Officer, World Energy • Niels Eirik Nertun, • Edward Richard, Jr., • Kevin McGeeney, Environment Director, SAS Group Member Research Leader, Sugarcane Research Lab, USDA Chief Executive Officer, Starsupply Renewables Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group Agricultural Research Service • Khoo Hock Aun, • Michael J McAdams, • Thilo Zelt, President, Jatropha Alliance Chief Executive Officer, Cosmo Biofuels Group President, The Advanced Biofuels Association • Ortwin Costenoble, CEN TC 383 • Carlos Riva, • Mike Lu, • Alwin Kopse, Executive Secretary, Roundtable for President Chief Executive Officer, Verenium Chief Executive Officer, Curcas Diesel Brasil Sustainable Biofuels • John Melo, Chief Executive Officer, Amyris President, Brazilian Association of Jatropha Growers • Aaron Berry, Head of Carbon Sustainability, • Jonathan Wolfson, • Alain Castro, Renewable Fuels Agency Chief Executive Officer, Solazyme President, Americas Region, Akuo Energy • Uwe Fritsche, • Dr Joseph Skurla, President, • Hamata Ag Hautafaye, Energy Climate Division, Oeko Institut Dupont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol Chief Executive Officer, National Biofuel Development Agency (ANADEB), Ministry of Energy, Mali • Martina Otto, • Simo Honkanen, Senior Vice President Head of the Energy and Transport Policy Unit, UNEP Sustainability and HSSE, Neste Oil • Peter Ryan, Chief Operating Officer, Kempler • John Kornerup Bang, • Ellen Catherine Rasmussen, • Paul Hodson, Deputy Head of Unit, Regulatory Head of Globalization Program, WWF Policies and Promotion of Renewables, DG TREN, Chief Executive Officer, Xynergo • Luc Pelkmans, European Commission • Jack Huttner, Executive Vice President, VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research • Dorothee Lahaussois, Toyota Motor Europe Commercial and Public Affairs, Gevo • Franziska Mueller-Langer, • Jeff Passmore, • Hans Sohlström, Head of the Biofuels Department, German Biomass Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Iogen Executive Vice President, UPM-Kymmene Research Centre • Jeremy Tomkinson, • Per Carstedt, Chairman, EcoDevelopment • Barry Caslin, Bioenergy Specialist, Teagasc Chief Executive Officer, National Non Food Crop Centre Member of the Board, Sekab • Henri Leturque, Research Officer- Rural Policy • Alan Epstein, Vice President, Pratt Whitney • Brian Young, Imperium Renewables Governance Group, Overseas Development Institute • Martijn Veen, • Douglas Bradley, • Simonetta Zarrilli, Legal Officer - Division on Program Leader - Biofuels, SNV Peru President, Climate Change Solutions International Trade and Commodities, United Nations • George Weyerhaeuser Jr., Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) • Michael Cooper, Partner, Houghton Cascade • Peter Axegard, Director Division Fibre, Pulp, Vice President, Ultra Green Energy Services, LLC • Federico Pochat, Patagonia Bioenergia Executive • Raffaello Garafalo, Energy and Chemicals , Innventia Secretary General, European Biodiesel Board Director CARBIO, Argentine Chamber of Biofuels • Dr. Klaus Neumann, Vice President, Business • Rob Vierhout, Secretary General, European Development, Borregaard Industries • Chris Bradford, Bioethanol Industry Organisation Managing Director, Valcent Products (EU) • Dr. René van Ree, • Meghan Sapp, Secretary General, Pangea Programme Co-ordinator Biorefinery, • Srinivas Kilambi, Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer, Sriyanova • Allison Carlson, Vice President for Green Fuels Wageningen University and Research Centre Technologies, Garten Rothkopf • Thomas Alstrup, External Consultant, • Greg Archer, Managing Director, LowCVP Partnership for 2nd Generation Biofuels s rience Strategic partners: Supporting Organisations: xpe m 26 s E ro f ntrie cou
  4. 4. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS AND DRIVE SALES AT WBM 3 days of intense exhibition, networking business meetings Network with the who’s who of the biofuels industry 4500 attendees in the last four years BP • Shell • Petrobras • Cargill • ADM • Bunge • Monsanto • 60% of last year’s attendees were director Novozymes • Total • GE Energy • Desmet Ballestra • Evonik • Poet • level or above Honda • Renault • Ford • Volvo • DaimlerChrysler • Chevron • Toyota • ConocoPhillps • Agip • OK Q8 • E.On • Enel • RWE • nPower • Veolia • Gain access to an unrivalled audience of top Iberdrola • Electrabel • EHN • Neste Oil • Statoil • Hydro • EdF MAN • quality leads Bioverda • Virgin Fuels • Rabobank • Goldman Sachs • Morgan Stanley • BNP Paribas • Barclays Bank • Credit Suisse • ABN AMRO • Investec • Shorten the sales process by speaking Fortis • Bank of Scotland • ING • LloydsTSB • Macquarie • Standard directly to decision makers Bank • Dexia • Fortum • Noble Group • Abengoa • Iogen • Royal Nedalco • Samsung • Mitsubishi • Caterpillar • Bosch • MAN Ferrostaal • Wartsila • Alfa Laval • Dow • Syngenta • Akzonobel • BASF • DuPont • Tata Chemicals • Solvay • Acciona • BDI • 3i • PWC • Accenture • “The benefit of being here is to British Sugar •Tate Lyle • McKinsey • Kraft Foods • Unilever • Verenium Corporation • Renewable Energy Group • World Energy • meet with customers, potential Unitec Bio • UNICA • Crop Energies • Solazyme • Virent Energy Systems • LS9 • UOP • Stora Enso • Coskata • Starsupply Renewables • Galp customers and policy makers” Energia • UPM • PetroAlgae and many more Novozymes Exhibitors and sponsors 1 “We consider this event to be from around the world 2 90 one of the most fruitful, 89 87 are already securing 3 88 86 84 effective and best-known 4 prime positions 5 85 83 80 events in Europe” 79 81 for 2010 s om 75 BDI-BioDiesel tro 78 Res 6 82 11 76 74 International 7 10 12 70 77 73 8 71 69 9 13 17 65 16 72 68 14 18 66 64 15 22 60 21 67 63 19 23 61 59 20 27 62 54 24 26 58 28 55 53 25 32 57 31 52 29 56 33 30 51 37 34 36 50 38 42 35 49 43 39 41 itedspace 44 48 Lim on le – 40 45 47 i ibit ailab d today 46 exh av stan is your Contact: k boo Ben Leighton: Amit Shahani: Nick Chantrell: Tel: + 44 203 355 4203