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Texas Solar Power and Solar Thermal Installation


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great example of solar\'s power in Texas.

This home is approximately 10,000 square feet and had a pre-installation electric bill of an average of $1,200/mo.

The attic in this thing is massive! The customer started with additional insulation, attic tents in attic entrances and radiant barrier.

Green Ox Energy Systems installed a 7.56kW solar power system and an 80 gallon solar powered water serving as a pre-heater for (4) additional 40 gallon electric tanks.

The system is expected to produce ~10,159kWh a year and provide $196,337 in Utility savings over the systems life and providing a 7 year ROI for the customer.

Green Ox Energy Systems plans to install a DC pool pump and solar pool heater to replace the existing electric heater . Stay Tuned and visit for more info.

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