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European Green IT Webinar 2014 - Energy WatchIT (Ireland)


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European Green IT Webinar 2014 - Energy WatchIT (Ireland)

  1. 1. snapshot presentation
  2. 2. The Need Climate Savers Initiative say that the average PC is wasting about half the energy it uses.
  3. 3. The Need... Gartner, • PCs and monitors contribute about 40% of all business emissions. Fujitsu,(2010) -the UK wastes £123m powering PCs that are left on out of hours. Each costs £37 p.a. to run. Turn them off over night and weekends > cost just a £10 a year to run.
  4. 4. kWh Global pricing comparison
  5. 5. EU Industrial kWh prices 2013
  6. 6. EU Domestic kWh prices (ex tax)
  7. 7. Benefits • Potentially cut IT energy expenditure by over 50% • Save an average of €60 per PC per year > €200k p.a. • Trade carbon offsets with energy supplier (SEAI approved) • Reduce carbon footprint and beat energy levy (Kyoto 2020) • Keep energy consumption and costs to a minimum • Reduce security threats to your organisation • Promote a greener workplace. • Put your Energy efficiency policy into action. • Users save WIP Office Documents
  8. 8. In a nutshell… Customer’s Needs: • Reduce energy costs • Reduce carbon footprint • Boost Green Campus/CSR profile The Solution: • Install IT energy management software EnergyWatchIT • Schedule automatic shutdown and hibernation of idle PCs • Empower users to save with the Green Button
  9. 9. Background  3PRO Energy Watch Ltd established as a UCC spinout company arising from Innovation Partnership Programme with Energy Sense Ireland (ESI) Ltd & supported by Enterprise Ireland.  3PRO licenced the software from UCC Tech Transfer office  3PRO owner of EnergyWatchIT brand and software products.  3PRO Commence operations in Oct 2010
  10. 10. Context Idle PCs need to be shut down Why? • Reduce electricity bills • Reduce carbon footprint • Improve performance and prolong lifespan of the computer components • Reduce heat energy and save money on air conditioning • Increase security
  11. 11. Features • Establish energy savings policies • Automate shut down and hibernation and sleep • Instant hibernation with the click of a customisable button • Savings and costs reports in three formats: monetary (€), electricity (kWh) and CO2 (kgs) • Manage/monitor remote PCs from one server • Access the server from any browser • Easy and quick to setup • User friendly intuitive management interface
  12. 12. How does it work? • Assign Administrator • Define Energy Policies • Server administrates shutdown, hibernation and sleep signals • Generate monetary, kWh and CO2 savings reports • Each PC receives the shut down, hibernation and sleep profiles • Local User can cancel hibernation, postpone shutdown • User can initiate hibernation from F12 key
  13. 13. Screenshots – Reports
  14. 14. Screenshots – Reports
  15. 15. Screenshots – Policy mapping (1)
  16. 16. Unique Selling Points Timely solution to emerging IT costs issue. Written from scratch on latest technology (.NET, IIS, Java, C#,SQL) Graphical strengths for ease of use Elegant, lightweight application client Powerful policy mapping tools Intuitive interface Real time reporting Performance tracking Competitive pricing guaranteed to give attractively short ROI
  17. 17. Case studies • Primary School • Municipal Offices • Results
  18. 18. EU Climate Change legislation and public awareness is driving the need for energy & CO2 reduction. And now economic challenges are driving budget cutbacks & demanding savings.
  19. 19. Call us now. Cork office Phone: +353 (0) 21 4368540 We seek partners in Europe. Contact Details Short video of operation and summary