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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Search engine Optimization


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The factsheet designed to accompany the search engine optimization presentation. Green Hectares offers this content as part of an initiative to enable rural communities with technology.

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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Search engine Optimization

  1. 1. Search Engine OptimizationTarget Audience:This course is intended for people looking to prepare their What you’ll need:website for search engines.Requirements:Participants should have a computer with Windows® andInternet Explorer ™ 8 installed.Description:Participants will learnthe basic techniques for tweaking theirwebsites for higher rankings with google. Computer Internet Explorer™8Prerequisites:Visual Indentity, Website Planning, Adding Content or You’ll also need an Internet connection.equivalent knowledge.Document Head LinksGathering Keywords and key phrases Internal links Are all your pages working and filled with keyword rich content? Is your ‘home’ link directed to your domain and not the index page? Do your links within the content contain Text Content keywords? Do you have keywords? Are your links text-based and not image Do you have key phrases? based? Have you created bulleted lists with Are your links adequately spaced apart from keyphrases? one another? Have you reviewed content for keyphrases? External Links Have you established a list of companies to Content Formatting link to and request links from? List them. Have you distributed keywords throughout headings, navigation and sidebars? Have you created pages dedicated to one or two keywords? Do you have testimonials? And replaced with keywords? Navigation Conventions Have you used subheaders to break up the Are your link locations consistent across your copy on your page? website? Have you placed keywords first, and company Are your links named using conventions? name last?
  2. 2. Are your links distinct from the rest of your text? Do you have less than 3 levels of navigation? Are your site links absolute links?Technical Considerations Have you removed all pages that you wish to hide from Crawlers using robot.txt? Are all links underlined?Submitting your Site Have you optimized your website before thinking of submitting site for search engine Crawlers? Have you submitted your websites to various search engines?What not to doThe following are considered black hat methodsof SEO. You should not try to deceive the searchengine by doing the following: Have you used your keyword repeatedly over and over in a manner that does not make sense? Do you have alot of irrelevant links? Remember quality not quantity of links. Avoid using Adsense to generate ad revenue from your new website Have you checked for duplicated content? Do not include text that does not contrast the background. Do you have white text with keywords on a white background? Have you checked that addresses do not have special characters in them?
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  5. 5. Vision of Green HectaresThe Green Hectares vision of “One Farm to the World” addresses the issues and the needs of the industry.The Green Hectares training and demonstration centre concept has three stages of development witheach having distinct operations and facilities. Each stage of development will be designed to maximizeopportunities by creating multiple use spaces. The flexibility of each space takes into account present dayneeds as well as the ability to shift into new program and service delivery as existing needs change and futureneeds emerge. The ultimate success of the centre will be realized when the three components of the GreenHectares vision are realized where there is sharing of fixed costs, economies of scale and the development ofcritical mass of participants. The three stages of development are; - An Agriculture Enterprise and Conference Centre - A Demonstration Farm - Livestock and Competition CentreGreen Hectares OnlineEach stage of development will include an online component. Even in these preliminary days withoutthe key elements of land and structures, Green Hectares has ignited the interest of young people in ourindustry. Green Hectares uses the social media tools of the day to engage youthful people wanting toadvance agriculture as a way of life and that want to make a lifelong living in this industry. Green Hectarescan become a unique centre that is instrumental in writing the next chapter in the agriculture revolution.Keeping true to the Green Hectares concept, the entire facility whether online or an experiential site willencompass the overarching themes of accessibility, community building and youth engagement.The Next Step to Bring One Farm to the WorldWith a strong business case completed, Green Hectares has begun rolling out programming in ruralcommunities across Alberta. Bringing “One Farm to the World” is a grand vision that no doubt will requirevaried resources. We hope to find partners that can see the same vision at the project’s multiple stages ofdevelopment. Green Hectares looks for partners that understand the need for education, dialogue andadoption of new ideas. It is essential that those that we work with have an understanding that communitycan include not only geography but interests and goals. Finding partners who understand that inclusivenessof all groups creates the best end results have been and will be the key for Green Hectares to unlock thepotential of this growth industry.