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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Learning Skype


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The factsheet designed to accompany the Learning Skype presentation. Green Hectares offers this content as part of an initiative to enable rural communities with technology.

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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Learning Skype

  1. 1. An Introduction to Skype™Target Audience:This course is intended for new Skype™ Users. What you’ll need:Requirements:Students should have a Computer with webcam, microphoneand speakers.Description:This course will be an introduction to the world of Skype™ andthe many different ways to use Skype™ to communicate withfriends and family. Webcam Headset w/micPrerequisites: You’ll also need an Internet connection.Basic computer knowledge is helpful.Getting Started1. If Skype™ is not currently installed on your computer go to On the top of the home page, click on the Get Skype link.3. This will redirect you to the download page. Click on the download now button.4. Click the Get Skype for Computer button to download.5. Once the application is done downloading, you will be prompted to click Run and then Install. This step will install the application onto the computer and create a desktop icon for easy access to Skype™ in the future.Starting Skype™ for the First Time1. Read through the End User Agreement and click Accept once you understand and if you agree to the terms.2. Choose a Skype™ name and password. Your Skype™ Name is like a phone number or email address. This is the name that people will use to call you on Skype™.3. A Skype™ name must be at least 6 characters in length. If the name is already in use, you will be asked to try another name.4. Enter your newly created username and password and the main screen will open up.username passwordConfiguration1. On the top menu, click on Call menu and select Audio Settings. Next to the microphone and speakers you should see the model of your device. If these are not correct, click the drop down arrow and make the appropriate selection.2. Click the link to hear a welcome message and instructions to leave a message that will be replayed back to you. *If you hear your own voice, Skype™ has been configured correctly.
  2. 2. Find a Friend1. Click on the Contacts menu.2. Select the Search for Skype™ users option from the Contacts menu.3. A new search window will open where you can search for friends by name, email or any other information listed in their Personal Profile.4. To add a friend to your Contacts, simply select the name from the search results and click the Add button.How to Make a Call1. Select a Skype™ Name from the Contact list.2. Click the green Call button.3. Hang up by clicking the Hang up button, put a call on hold by clicking the Hold button or mute a call by clicking the Mute button.4. A notification will go to the new contact, whereupon they will need to click on Add to Contacts, and then you will be connected.Making a Video CallIf you don’t have a built in webcam, make sure an external webcam is plugged into your computer, and thatany webcam software that shipped with the device is installed and the device is powered up.1. In the Contact list, find the person you want to talk to. Click on their name.2. In the main window, click the green Video Call button.Answering a Call1. If someone is calling you, the sound of a telephone ringing and a floating call window will appear on the screen. Click on Answer to accept the call or Reject to decline it.2. As soon as you decide to answer a call, a two-way voice conversation will begin and the duration of the call will be visible. Either party can end the call at any time by clicking the red Hang up button.Updating a Profile1. Click on the Skype™ menu.2. Click on Profile, which will open.3. Click on Edit Your Profile.4. Make any necessary changes.5. Click on Update button to save changes.Entering information in the personal profile is optional but your profile information will help people findyou on Skype™. Personal profile information is not stored by Skype™. However, it will be visible to otherSkype™ users.
  3. 3. Online Status1. Your online status is shown in the status bar, located at the top of the Skype™ window to the left of your user name. It looks like a green check mark if you are online. Change online status by clicking on the status icon or by selecting Change Status from the Account menu.Accepting Connection Requests1. When another user adds you to his/her Contacts, a notification dialog box appears. If you click Add to Contacts the user will be able to see when you are online.2. If you Block the request, the user will not be connected. (Nothing is communicated back to the person requesting authorization.)ConversationsInstant Messaging (IM) or chat allows communication with other users via text messages.1. Select a Skype™ Name from your Contact list.2. Type a message in the message box which is located in the bottom-right of your window.3. Click the blue chat button. This button looks like a bubble to the right of the message box.Managing Chat HistorySkype™ archives chats and stores them locally on your computer, if this option is enabled. Chat histories arenot stored anywhere on the Skype™ network.No one else will be able to see any of your chat histories except you and the person you are chatting with.Chats are archived as a convenience to you, so that you can easily keep track of your chat conversations onSkype™.Calling a Land LineYou will need credit to make a land line phone call.1. Click on the Call Phones tab within Skype™.2. Enter a phone number and click the green Call button to start chatting.3. You can pay as you go, or have a monthly subscription to this service.4. When a person answers, you are connected!When you begin to run low on credit, it’s a quick trip back to your Account to top up.n low oncredit, it’s a quick trip back to your Account to top up.Skype VoicemailVoicemail is included with the purchase of any Skype™subscription. Otherwise, it’s just $6 for 3 monthsor $20 for a full year. Skype™ Credit is required to purchase voicemail. The same credit can used to call alandline, mobile phones and send SMS directly from Skype™.Voicemail on Skype™ functions the same way as a regular answering machine or mobile. Unanswered callsare sent to your Skype™ voicemail and can be retrieved whenever you are signed in to Skype™.
  4. 4. Tips & RemindersSkype™ is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and can’t be used for emergency calling.With a subscription, calls can be forwarded to landlines in any country within the subscription area at noextra cost.Get out there and start communicating with Skype™!These materials are copyrighted with all rights are reserved. This document may not in whole or in part be copied, photocopied, reproduced, or reduced to any electronicmedium or machine-readable form without prior consent, in writing, from Zephyr Software Training Ltd. and Green Hectares Corp. Any software, computer, and product namesmentioned are manufacturer and publisher trademarks and are used only for the purpose of identification.Skype is a registered trademark of Skype Technologies SA. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.