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FacebookTarget Audience:This course is intended for people looking to use Facebook for             What you’ll need:Groups...
Add a Profile PictureUpload a profile picture.Verifying Your AccountYou will be required to log into the email that you us...
A pop up window will ask for country and carrier, select appropriate choice. Once information has beenchosen, follow instr...
Add Title - Create a title for your Ad. Use catch phrases that will draw users attention to your Ad.Add Text - What you pl...
Vision of Green HectaresThe Green Hectares vision of “One Farm to the World” addresses the issues and the needs of the ind...
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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Facebook


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The factsheet designed to accompany the Facebook presentation. Green Hectares offers this content as part of an initiative to enable rural communities with technology.

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Green Hectares Rural Tech Factsheet – Facebook

  1. 1. FacebookTarget Audience:This course is intended for people looking to use Facebook for What you’ll need:Groups, Pages and creating Ads.Requirements:Participants should have a computer with Windows®, InternetExplorer ™ 8 installed and an email address.Description:Participants will learn the basic functionality of Facebook,create a business Page and learn about Facebook Ads. Computer Internet Explorer™8Prerequisites:Basic computer knowledge is useful. You’ll also need an Internet connection.To Create a Facebook Profilewww.facebook.comNote: it is against the Terms of Use and Conditions to create a profile with a Company name.Fill out informationComplete the sign up form.Mandatory Information: First and last name, email address, password, gender and birthdate.Sign UpClick Sign Up and complete the word verification.Email Address: _____________________________ Password: ________________________________Add FriendsAdd friends using Facebook’s search function or add Friends using an email address by automaticallysearching for friends in your contact list.Add Profile InformationFill out profile information. This isn’t mandatory but you will have a better Facebook experience if youcomplete your profile as Facebook uses this information to provide interaction with you.
  2. 2. Add a Profile PictureUpload a profile picture.Verifying Your AccountYou will be required to log into the email that you used to setup your Facebook account to verify youridentity. Once you do this you will not be required to do it again.To Set up a Facebook more for personal or private useAllow Members to post to wall – This will allow members to post messages for everyone on the “Wall.”Think of a Wall as a virtual whiteboard. People can write thoughts, share links, photos and videos. Enablethis is you want group members to be able to do this.Show group events – Enable this if you want Group events to be posted to the profile of the Group.Enable Discussion Board – Discussion Boards are a place where topics can be brought up without crowdingthe wall. These topics may be only applicable to certain members and therefore need to be found under aseparate “Tab” on the profile page.Enable Photos and Video – Settings can be set so that only administrators can post photos and videos orthat members can as well.Enable Links – Set who you want to be able to share links.Invite Friends by either: Typing their name in the search box; select their profile pictures; insert their emailaddresses.Add a personal message - Optional.To Close a GroupIn order to close a Group, you must first remove all members of the Group and then remove yourselfas a member of the Group. The last person to leave the Group should be the administrator. Once theadministrator removes themselves from the Group, the Group will automatically be shut down.To Set up a Facebook are more for business and public purposesUpload a Photo - Upload a photo that could be a company logo or a photo with your logo watermarked.Provide Basic Information - Fill out all information from: basic, detailed and contact info.Post Status Update - Create a welcome statement for your new fans to find. It can be related to yourbusiness and being new to Facebook.Set Up a Mobile Phone - Setting a mobile device up with your Page allows you to upload photos from amobile phone and to make status updates. To set up this feature click on the Send Text Messages icon.
  3. 3. A pop up window will ask for country and carrier, select appropriate choice. Once information has beenchosen, follow instructions on screen. Once the instructions have been completed, a confirmation code willbe sent to the mobile phone that will need to be inserted into the final field.Update via Twitter - Pages allow administrators to link a Twitter account to the Page.Go to to link your Page to a Twitter account.Differences between Groups and PagesApplication SupportA big difference between Pages and Groups is that Pages support applications. These applications allowadditional customization to be made to a Page. Add videos, have fans write reviews, offer a promotion andmany other applications to give your fans a different experience.Membership RestrictionAnother major feature difference between Pages and Groups is the control over membership. Groupshave far more restriction in terms of who can be a member. The different options for Group membershipare as follows: members are free to join if they like, may request to join and are subject to approval byadministrators, or become members through invitation only. Pages allow for minimal user control such asbanning a user and marking messages as spam. You can also make your Page ‘like’able to certain regionsonly.InsightsInsights are a great way to keep track of information regarding your Page. You are able to track number ofcomments, ‘likes’, as well as general traffic. This feature is only available for Pages.Promotional WidgetsPromotional widgets are small sections that you can dedicate to Facebook on your website. These allowvisitors to your website to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page. By adding a promotional widget, you are more likelyto see more visitors turn into Facebook Fans. To do this click Edit Page then in the right column clickPromote with a like box. This will take you to the Facebook developers Page where you can create likeboxes or buttons for your website. Add your specifications and then click Create Code to get the html toput into your website.Clean URLsFacebook Pages allow for what are considered ‘Clean URLs.’ A clean URL is considered an easy to typeURL that can be entered into the address bar. Example: is a CleanURL. In order to get a clean URL your Page must have 25 fans.Once you have 25 fans visit to get your clean URL.Creating a Facebook an Ad for a Page or Website - You can choose to advertise on Facebook, link the Ad to a web pageor you can advertise your Facebook Page.
  4. 4. Add Title - Create a title for your Ad. Use catch phrases that will draw users attention to your Ad.Add Text - What you place in this field will be displayed in your Ad. Be sure to use Call to Action words suchas ‘Buy Now’, ‘Order Now’, ‘Call Now.’Choose Geographic Location - Select the geographic location that you wish to target. Country, Province,and City.Demographic - Select the age in which you wish to target your Ad to. The Exact Match option will target theexact range of age specified. Not choosing this option will allow viewing by those slightly over or under theage requirement.Likes and Interests - You may wish to target viewers of your Ad by specific interests listed within their profile.It is possible to narrow your target audience too far by selecting Likes and Interests. If users have not spenttime listing their Likes and Interests, this may put individuals that you wish to target outside of your Ad’starget market. Use this feature with care, if you are in doubt leave this field blank.Connections - You may target users that are not already fans of your Page by using the Connections fields.You may wish to omit users that are already fans of your Page. Select your fan Page from within the Targetusers who are not already connected to: box. If you are unsure, leave these fields blank.Name your campaign - Name your Ad so that you can reuse an Ad in the future with the same properties.Set Daily Budget - Set the amount of money you wish to spend per day on your Ad. Once your Ad reachesthe daily budget it will no longer be displayed.Schedule - Use the schedule to run an Ad leading up to a Holiday, or run a sale and create an Ad to advertisethe sale.Impressions – These are Ad viewings or the number of times your Ad has been shown to users on the site.Administrator pays for every thousand times the Ad is displayed. This choice is used when an action isn’trequired by the target audience and is less expensive than using Clicks.Clicks – Are Ads based on clicks. Administrator pays for each click that is made on the Ad. This is therecommended choice since there is a direct correlation between what you are spending and action involvedwith the Ad. Impressions can be neglected if user does not view Ad.Status - Your Ad can be active (running), paused (stopped but able to be restarted), disapproved (by theFacebook Ads team) or deleted (permanently stopped).Duration - The time period during which your Ad will run. You can choose to run your Ad between fixeddates or ongoing.Date - The date on which the performance statistics in that row occurred.
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  7. 7. Vision of Green HectaresThe Green Hectares vision of “One Farm to the World” addresses the issues and the needs of the industry.The Green Hectares training and demonstration centre concept has three stages of development witheach having distinct operations and facilities. Each stage of development will be designed to maximizeopportunities by creating multiple use spaces. The flexibility of each space takes into account present dayneeds as well as the ability to shift into new program and service delivery as existing needs change and futureneeds emerge. The ultimate success of the centre will be realized when the three components of the GreenHectares vision are realized where there is sharing of fixed costs, economies of scale and the development ofcritical mass of participants. The three stages of development are; - An Agriculture Enterprise and Conference Centre - A Demonstration Farm - Livestock and Competition CentreGreen Hectares OnlineEach stage of development will include an online component. Even in these preliminary days withoutthe key elements of land and structures, Green Hectares has ignited the interest of young people in ourindustry. Green Hectares uses the social media tools of the day to engage youthful people wanting toadvance agriculture as a way of life and that want to make a lifelong living in this industry. Green Hectarescan become a unique centre that is instrumental in writing the next chapter in the agriculture revolution.Keeping true to the Green Hectares concept, the entire facility whether online or an experiential site willencompass the overarching themes of accessibility, community building and youth engagement.The Next Step to Bring One Farm to the WorldWith a strong business case completed, Green Hectares has begun rolling out programming in ruralcommunities across Alberta. Bringing “One Farm to the World” is a grand vision that no doubt will requirevaried resources. We hope to find partners that can see the same vision at the project’s multiple stages ofdevelopment. Green Hectares looks for partners that understand the need for education, dialogue andadoption of new ideas. It is essential that those that we work with have an understanding that communitycan include not only geography but interests and goals. Finding partners who understand that inclusivenessof all groups creates the best end results have been and will be the key for Green Hectares to unlock thepotential of this growth industry.