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Process & Practicalities in Building a Lead Nurture and Marketing Automation Program


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Presented by the MD of Green Hat, this presentation overviews our 3C3P methodology in planning and implementing a successful lead nurture and marketing automation program. For more information, please visit our website on or call +61 3 9290 9777.

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Process & Practicalities in Building a Lead Nurture and Marketing Automation Program

  1. 1. The Process and Practicalities in Building a Lead Nurture and Marketing Automation Program
  2. 2. LNAP Processing Today we are talking about … Marketing Process Re-Engineering
  3. 3. Reality #1 The ‘Invisible Buyer’ … has gone online The Balance of Power has shifted
  4. 4. tReality #2 Sales & Marketing are not singing from the same song book Integrate lead management Plan & execute jointly Align goals & KPIs
  5. 5. Reality #3 The CEO is expecting more from the marketing spend (and so by the way is Sales)
  6. 6. Reality #4 And, of course, Big Data
  7. 7. What new challenges does this present for today’s Modern Marketer? Find the prospect Cultivate a virtual & online relationship Select right channels Achieve new KPIs (aligned with Sales)
  8. 8. … and added to that, we need compelling content to keep the conversation going.
  9. 9. Let’s have a look to a 6-Step formula to help us through… the 3C3P Methodology Contacts Communications Content Process Performance Platform
  10. 10. Step 1 Contacts Let’s start with the b2b buyer…
  11. 11. Build a Persona of your typical buyers. Get feedback from Sales and research the buyers themselves. My KPIs My Challenges What I’m not interested in Challenges in communicating with me How I like to receive information What I’m interested in My buying process Who am I? 40+ male, works long hours, ambitious, independent, looks for opportunities to move forward and is comfortable leading the way
  12. 12. Data gets lots of ‘air time’ but not enough ‘work time’ All Contacts 68,113 Contacts with email 57,825 Contact s with email & Key Position Codes 40,918 Opt-in Key Contacts 27,074 Opt-in Key Responders
  13. 13. Step 2 Communications Channels & Streams
  14. 14. Decide your ideal channels to use to nurture your buyers. Our top 4 today in b2b are … Contextual Email channel Web channel Tele channel Social channel
  15. 15. Create contextual email streams to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time Technology Stream (CIO, ITM, ITP) Profiling Tracking Scoring Pain Point #1 Thought Leadership Nurture Streams Tactical Bursts (solution positioning) Business Stream (GM, LOB Exec) Pain Point #2 Pain Point #3 Pain Point #4 Opportunity Streams (tele initiated) Pain Point #1 Pain Point #2 Pain Point #3 Pain Point #4 Finance Stream (CFO, Finance)
  16. 16. Differentiate your thought leadership communications with program branding
  17. 17. Step 3 Content
  18. 18. Develop a Content Map & Strategy to deliver timely content in the buying process Buyer segments Content media types Examples of Thought Leadership assets Examples of Solution Positioning assets
  19. 19. Top 6 Tips for Content Management: 1. Recycle & re-purpose content 2. Use trusted third party content 3. Use video content 4. Gate content mid-pipeline, not at pipeline entry 5. ‘Mobilise’ your content (responsive design) 6. Appoint a Content Curator
  20. 20. Step 4 Process & Integration Integration #1 – Multi-Channel Campaigns Integration #3 – Technology/Platforms Integration #2 – Sales & Marketing
  21. 21. Marketing Qualified Leads Thought Leadership Streams Tactical Burst Streams Opportunity Streams Social Media & Forums Tele MarketingContent Contact Acquisition Search Marketing Online Adverts Events Lead Nurture & Automation Program (+CRM) Website Develop your LNAP to become your central communications backbone interlocking all channels
  22. 22. So what are the process levers you need to control in your LNAP plan? Host ‘Brand’ Cadence Explicit & Implied Profiling Content Gating Lead Scoring Lead Routing Tele-Nurturing
  23. 23. Step 5 Performance & Measurement Attract Qualify Engage Close Database Quality | Opt-in | Source Online Response | Profiling | Lead Score, Velocity, Leakage AQL | MQL | SQL | xQL Cost & Conversion Rates Orders & Revenue
  24. 24. Some automation tools provide dashboards to help track pipeline stages through to revenue
  25. 25. … and reporting for campaign effectiveness and (lead) attribution …
  26. 26. Step 6 Platform
  27. 27. Customisable reporting Progression/Attribution reporting Flexible lead scoring Social Media integration Event integration CRM integration Key considerations when selecting a Marketing Automation Platform Flexible response triggering
  28. 28. Meet some of the new players in the Modern Marketing team (internal & external)? Chief Marketing Technologist Content Curator/Coordinator Content Editor Marketing Automation Technologist Data Analytics Specialist Digital/Web Specialist
  29. 29. The Wrap Up 1. Plan the process upfront 2. Develop a content strategy 3. Spend time on the data (garbage in, garbage out) 4. Align Marketing and Sales (goals, process, structures) 5. Think 3C3P to drive your Lead Nurture & Automation Program
  30. 30. Thanks!
  31. 31. Want to know more? Visit us Tweet us @greenhatmktg Call us +61 3 9290 9777