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Ecommerce managed services - FAQs


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What is Online Marketing? Benefits of Online Marketing? Difference between SEO and PPC? When do I get SEO results? Can top position in search engine be guaranteed? How to get more online sales conversion from website traffic? Importance of good digital catalog? Hosted platform or Custom development for Ecommerce platform? Should I use Online Marketplace listings for my Brand? Importance of Fulfillement and Delivery Experience? How to develop my Customer Support strategy?

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Ecommerce managed services - FAQs

  1. 1.                    Ecommerce  Managed  Services  -­‐  FAQs    What  is  Internet  Marketing  or  Web  Marketing  or  Online  Marketing?    Internet  marketing  or  Web  Marketing  or  Online  marketing  is  the  process  of  promoting  your  business,  services,  or  products  online.  It  basically  means  to  display  the  information  about  your  products  and  services  on  the  Internet.  Customers,  visitors  and  prospects  can  purchase  these  products  and  services  directly  from  the  web.      What  are  the  different  techniques  of  Internet  Marketing?    Internet  Marketing  follows  various  techniques  for  promotions  like  Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO),  Pay  Per  Click  (PPC),  Banner  Advertisements,  Affiliate  Marketing,  SMS  Marketing.      What  are  the  benefits  of  Online  Marketing?  
  2. 2.  Benefits  of  Internet  marketing  involve:   Online  Branding  &  Promotion   Targeted  Traffic   Revenue  Generation      What  exactly  is  SEO  (search  engine  optimization)?    Search  engine  optimization,  in  a  nutshell,  is  the  process  of  overseeing  the  development  or  re-­‐development  of  a  website,  so  that  it  will  naturally  attract  traffic  by  securing  top  ranking  on  the  major  search  engines/directories  for  selected  search  terms  and  phrases.      What  is  the  difference  between  SEO  and  PPC?    Search  engine  optimization  (SEO)  is  the  process  of  getting  Web  pages  to  rank  high  on  search  engines  through  links  from  other  websites,  quality  content  on  those  pages,  and  other  factors  that  cost  workers’  time,  not  money.  Pay-­‐per-­‐click  (PPC)  ads  show  up  above  and  to  the  side  of  organic  search  results.  As  their  name  implies,  these  ads  are  placed  atop  search  engine  results  based  on  how  much  companies  are  willing  to  pay  to  put  them  there,  and  they  pay  the  search  engine  each  time  someone  clicks  their  links.    
  3. 3.  How  Long  Until  I  See  Results  via  SEO?    Search  engine  optimization,  if  done  correctly,  includes  a  lot  of  “hurry  up  and  wait”  time.  If  your  site  has  already  been  on  the  Web  for  some  time,  and  is  already  listed  in  all  of  the  major  directories,  then  you  will  probably  begin  to  see  improvements  in  your  search  engine  rankings  within  4-­‐6  weeks  or  less.  If  your  site  is  not  listed  in  the  major  engines  and  directories,  then  you  should  expect  to  see  improvements  approximately  around  the  6  –  9  months  timeframe,  as  the  changes  to  your  site  are  added  throughout  the  databases  that  drive  the  major  search  engines.  Like  anything  else  worth  doing,  search  engine  optimization  takes  patience  and  hard  work  and  more  patience.        Can  you  guarantee  a  number  #1  position  in  the  search  engines?    Nobody  can  guarantee  a  number  #1  position  or  specific  ranking  for  your  site  for  a  given  keyword  phrase.  There  are  simply  too  many  factors  beyond  anyone’s  control  –  the  search  engines  changing  their  ranking  algorithms,  efforts  made  by  competitors,  and  new  sites  being  added  to  the  Web.      
  4. 4. Despite  getting  a  lot  of  traffic  to  my  website  there  isn’t  any  change  in  online  sales.  Why?    You  first  need  to  study  if  the  keywords  from  which  your  website  is  optimized  is  concurrent  to  your  business  and  the  products  on  sale.  Next  the  website  design  and  structure  needs  to  be  analyzed  in  order  to  ensure  that  the  website  is  attractive  and  inspire  confidence  in  the  traffic.  Other  factors  that  need  to  be  considered  include  easy  navigation  and  the  amount  of  time  taken  to  load  pages.  Similarly,  the  contact  details  should  be  placed  in  a  manner  that  they  are  easily  noticed  on  any  page.  These  are  just  a  few  of  the  recommendations  that  may  help  drive  better  conversions.      Is  it  important  to  invest  in  a  good  quality  digital  catalog?    The  success  of  your  eCommerce  website  depends  heavily  on  the  quality  of  your  product  catalog.  While  this  is  probably  the  most  important  consideration  when  building  an  eCommerce  web  site,  it  is  unfortunately,  often  the  area  that  remains  most  neglected.  A  big  catalog  is  great.  A  complete  catalog  is  better.  Because  you  cant  always  be  there  to  answer  your  customers  questions  in  order  to  help  sell  your  products,  you  must  create  the  best  catalog  possible.      Which  ecommerce  platform  to  chose?  Hosted  platform  or  Custom  Development?    Typically  this  depends  on  your  custom  needs  as  well  as  your  own  abilities  to  manage  a  Technology  set  up  in-­‐house  versus  outsourced.  There  are  two  main  categories  to  choose  from  for  building  an  online  shop.  Hosted  solutions  are  companies  that  provide  you  with  everything  
  5. 5. you  need  on  the  backend  and  host  the  e-­‐commerce  script  on  their  servers.  This  means  you  won’t  need  to  perform  any  programming  or  file  uploads  of  any  kind.  You  will  however  still  need  a  domain  name  to  redirect  and  give  your  shop  a  distinct  URL.  Now  you  can  also  work  with  licensed  scripts,  both  paid  and  open  source.  These  kinds  of  e-­‐commerce  systems  are  easily  customized  and  make  up  the  majority  of  online  web  stores.  But  when  you  are  working  with  money  and  payments  online  there  are  many  security  risks  to  consider.  If  you  feel  uncomfortable  taking  on  that  much  responsibility  it  may  be  wise  to  choose  a  hosted  solution.        How  can  I  get  visibility  for  my  brand  on  Online  Marketplaces?  Does  it  help  my  Brand  grow?    The  idea  is  to  capture  customers  everywhere.  By  adopting  a  multi  channel  strategy,  you  can  expect  a  boost  in  your  business,  an  increase  in  revenue  generation,  greater  visibility  of  your  products  and  a  larger  customer  base.  As  part  of  your  distribution  channel  strategy  online,  you  may  choose  to  further  list  your  products  to  sell  on  independent  3rd  party  marketplaces  like  Ebay,  Tradus,  Snapdeal,  Shopclues,  etc.    A  marketplace  listing  strategy  for  brands  is  a  great  way  to  generate  more  discoverability  and  awareness  of  your  product  and  utilize  the  collective  power  of  digital  marketing.      How  important  is  the  last  mile  fulfillment  and  delivery  experience  in  ecommerce?    In  most  of  the  cases,  post  sales  activities  never  get  full  attention  and  ultimately  lead  to  a  phenomenon  called:  bad  buying  experience.  Fulfillment  is  the  key  to  eCommerce  success  and  therefore  needs  equal  attention.  It  is  critical  to  select  the  right  shipping  partners  that  deliver  consistently  and  quick,  in  a  cost  effective  manner.  Setting  the  right  customer  expectations  and  fulfilling  them  is  the  only  way  you  can  build  customer  trust  and  enhance  repeat  purchase  opportunities.      Is  it  necessary  to  have  a  Customer  Support  phone  channel  or  can  I  just  
  6. 6. go  ahead  with  Email?  Are  multi-­‐channel  support  pains  worth  it?    For  e-­‐commerce  businesses  that  don’t  interact  with  customers  at  a  physical  location,  having  a  quality  customer  support  via  phone,  chat,  and  email  becomes  especially  crucial.    By  making  small  adjustments  to  each  aspect  of  these  processes,  companies  can  make  significant  improvements  to  their  overall  customer  service.  Having  quick,  responsive  email  support  is  essential,  but  it’s  not  a  replacement  for  phone  support.  As  a  bonus,  having  a  prominently  displayed  phone  number  can  increase  customer  trust  even  among  customers  who  never  call,  which  can  increase  sales.  Allowing  customers  a  frictionless  way  to  follow  up  with  their  concerns  or  feedback  after  the  transaction  not  only  increases  customer  satisfaction,  but  it  can  help  a  company  identify  pain  points  in  the  ordering  process  or  potential  problems  with  the  product.    This  feedback  can  allow  a  company  to  make  important  improvements  to  the  ordering  process,  or  even  the  product  itself.  Live  chat  support  is  becoming  standard  for  e-­‐commerce  companies  concerned  with  providing  the  highest  level  of  customer  case.    Oftentimes,  customers  will  have  small,  immediate  concerns  that  are  too  urgent  to  wait  for  an  e-­‐mail  reply,  but  may  not  be  significant  enough  for  them  to  pick  up  the  phone  and  potentially  get  placed  on  hold.    In  these  cases,  having  a  prominently  displayed  live  chat  window  or  button  can  be  the  solution.  Live  chat  windows  can  even  be  used  proactively.            GreenHonchos  Solutions  Pvt  Ltd  |      |  Ecommerce  Technology  |  Product  Management  |  Online  Marketing  |  Order  Management  |  Customer  Service  |  Business  Consulting  |