Are your one time buyers becoming repeat shoppers


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Are your one time buyers becoming repeat shoppers

  1. 1. ARE YOUR ONE-TIMEBUYERS BECOMINGREPEAT SHOPPERS?While one-time sales can boost sales temporarily, repeat sales make the sales margin. When yourcustomers come back to you, its because theyre happy with your product and your deliverystandards. As such, they feel confident in spending more money on your brand. According to Bain& Company, “repeat e-commerce buyers spend more money, generate larger transactions, refermore customers, and buy a broader range of products than one-time shoppers.”Youre probably doing everything you can to acquire customers and market your business; SEO,pay-per-click listings, banner advertising and other marketing strategies. However, are you sureyoure doing everything to retain your customers? If your focus is entirely on getting new customersinstead of cultivating existing ones, youre making a huge mistake. So how do you ensure your one-time buyers become repeat shoppers? lets innovate GreenHONCHOS
  2. 2. DESIGN CUSTOMERLOYALTY PROGRAMSCustomer loyalty programs are designed to entice yourone-time buyers to stick on to you. Offer your one-timebuyers value-added benefits that enhance their shoppingexperience on your e-store. offers a 10%discount to customers after they purchase four products. Ifa customer buys four products in the first order itself, theybenefit from the 10% discount. This kind of deal entices thecustomer to come back again for more.Loyalty programs alone will not help retain your customers.Jupiter Communications reports that even though nearly75% of online customers participate in loyalty programs,only 22% of them agree that loyalty programs provide themthe right purchase incentive. This goes to prove that alongwith loyalty programs, you need to provide ease of productviewing, selecting, great service and ease of use.BUILD CUSTOMERPROFILESThe success of your loyalty programs depends on howcapable you are of keeping track of your customers. Spendtime to understand the shopping behavior and personallifestyles of different customer segments. Use consumeranalytics to build customer profiles.Keep track of repeat sales, customer tenure, purchasetrends over time, site registration and repeat site visits. Allthese are indicative of customer loyalty. You can track allthis information by requesting customers to sign up on yoursite. You can also request them to subscribe to your storenewsletter, and check how they respond to offers. Stay ontop of customer purchase statistics and watch out forcustomers who appear to be losing interest in your site.Send follow up notes to such customers and make themspecial offers, enticing them to shop again.
  3. 3. Whether you run a large business or a small one, you canENHANCE YOUR implement good customer service. You may not have the wherewithal to afford a battalion of customer servicePRODUCT OFFERING representatives, or enable real time live chat capability. However, you can treat your customer as you would like toWhat interests your customers more is your product be treated: with respect and dignity. Make sure their ordersselection; keep it up-to-date interesting. Make it easy for are shipped on time or before. Provide a way for yourcustomers to view 3-D images of products, and provide customers to contact you. Go ahead and personalize yourvideo demonstrations of products if necessary. Provide customers order.testimonials and allow your customers to connect withother shoppers through social media. Provide as muchinformation as you can about your products. Online IMPROVE SITE USABILITYcustomers are deprived of the physical touch and feel of When you create your web site, remember youre creating itproducts and its difficult for them to assess what theyre for your user to shop. Your users may not share yourbuying. They rely on you to explain the details to them. Use perspective; what might be crystal to you might seemall possible creative methods to give them an experience muddy to your user.thats as close to the real thing as possible. Make sure your · Get your users perspective; do extensive studies,products are available. If theres an out of stock label check other e-retailer outlets and listen to whatagainst most items, remember your competitors are waiting consumers are saying via social steal even your most loyal customers · Implement all possible usability metrics on your site. · Make it simple for your users to select a productOFFER BETTER · and move to checkout. Dont use heavy graphics in your shopping cart. ·CUSTOMER SERVICE Allow customers to manipulate their order items as they want.You might have a great customer loyalty and rewards · Build your site using good content, user-friendlyprogram, but your customer service might not be up to the colors, typeface and links.mark. Customers want the complete experience and they · Keep your navigation system free of confusion.have the right to expect it: great products, good offers, · Reduce no of clicks from product selection toexcellent delivery options and great service. Jupiter payment process.Communications reports that 72% of online shoppersranked customer service as a critical factor for onlineshopping. However, only 41% of these respondents statedthat they were happy with the customer service they hadreceived.
  4. 4. ALLOW FOR EASYRETURNSReturns are not palatable from a merchants perspective. However, its important to allow for an easy return policy, aspart of good customer service. After a purchase is completed, make sure you communicate the return policy in writingvia email to the customer. When the customer returns a product, immediately offer to replace the product with the onethey want. This way, you wont lose your money, and youll be able to retain the customer. Plus, an easy returns policyendangers a feeling of security in your customers; knowing that they can return a product if they make a wrongjudgment call gives them the reassurance they need to shop online.
  5. 5. GreenHONCHOS Solutions Pvt LtdPh: +91-120-4159841Email: info@greenhonchos.comWebsite: lets innovate GreenHONCHOS