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GFD geospatial project


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GFD geospatial project

  1. 1. Green Field geospatial projects
  2. 2. Carbon and high biodiversity mapping for REDD+ in Vietnam • Client: SNV and UNEP • Research assignment to explore the relationship between biomass carbon, biodiversity and deforestation at national level. The result is used to prioritize REDD+ area • This study has been presented by SNV at COP 17 in Durban • Publication: http://www.unep- potential-for-redd-to-deliver- biodiversity-conservation-in- viet-nam_1088.html
  3. 3. Establish map of forest status for Con Cuong State Forest Company(FSC) • Client: SNV and LEAF (Lowering Emissions In Asia’s Forsets) • Mapping area: 80.000 ha, use SPOT 5 image • Method: object-based classification using eCognition + field survey
  4. 4. Forest information system of Vietnam (FORMIS) • Client: NIRAS and VNForest • Scope: National wide Information system and Portal for VNForest reporting and forest management.
  5. 5. Red river basin resource planning • Client: ADB • Scope: Establish and maintenance and indicator database for river basin planning, provide geospatial analytical work needed for water balance calculation
  6. 6. Dioxin model Web map • Client: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment • Scope: Design and implement interactive Web map service for dioxin information in Vietnam • Technology: PostGis, Geoserver and Open layer
  7. 7. Forest management system • Client: World Bank • Scope: Develop a centralize mapping system to manage forest plantation program at 7 province in Vietnam • Technology: ESRI ArcGIS engine
  8. 8. Mapping for forest status map in buffer zone of Cat Tien National park • Client : SNV • Scope: classification of ASTER image to establish forest status map needed for REDD project prlanning
  9. 9. Ecosystem service mapping for Ha Tinh and Quang Tri (SNV)
  10. 10. Mapping and land cover change analysis in Central Highland Data use: Landsat for 2000, 2005, ASTER for 2010 (FSIV)
  11. 11. Land cover change analysis for U Minh Ha national park (ICRAF)
  13. 13. Forest mapping using SPOT 5 image Con Cuong district – Nghe An • Client: SNV • Scope: Forest mapping for Con Cuong district • Technology: Object-based image classification, SPOT 5
  14. 14. Payment for Forest Environment Service – Quang Nam province • Client: ADB / Quang Nam province • Technology: Quantum GIS, IDRISI, object-based classification
  15. 15. Web-based PFES management system PostGIS database Geoserver/ Openlayer / Java Web-base data/ map reporting Spatial data manipulation
  16. 16. Vietnam Natural Index
  17. 17. Participatory forest monitoring
  18. 18. Data management and Web mapping for PFM project
  19. 19. Web map of service providers for Nghi Son industrial zone
  20. 20. Sea level rise risk accessment for Nam Dinh province
  21. 21. Forest monitoring solution
  22. 22. SPOT 5 image classification and forest mapping for Lang Biang Biosphere reserve
  23. 23. Other projects