The Internet is Green


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The Internet is Green

  1. 1. Running the World’s Internet Servers The Internet Is Green An introduction to conservation on line !"#$% &()#$%*+,2012 02 Server Management ! Cloud computing ! System Consulting Copyright © 2011 ChinaNetCloud
  2. 2. How Servers “Serve” the Environment-./012+34-.5A single high-powered rack of computer servers consumes enough energy each year to power ahybrid car across the United States 337 times.Servers use 60% of their maximum power while doing nothing at all and typically only run ataround 15% utilization.!"#$%& () *+,&$%-./! 01 23 !456789337:;!<) *&运=>%?@达A?B$%&60%CDEFGHI么JKL& MND+,15%;Cloud Computing Serversby China’s leading Cloud Computing ExpertsArchitecture & Operations Consultingby world class architects and system engineersPerformance & Scale Optimizationhigh performance, high-security Running the World’s Internet Servers
  3. 3. Server StatisticsHIQRTotal electricity use for servers in the U.S. and the world in 2000 and 2005,including the associated cooling and auxiliary equipment.677789677:8;<=9>?@-./ABCDEFGHIJK9LMNOP Running the World’s Internet Servers
  4. 4. How to Be Green !"STUVWXSaving paperAn average office worker use 10,000 sheets of paper per year --- a whole tree‘s worth of pulp.Reducing e-waste70% of the heavy metal in landfills is there due to e-waste.VirtualizingOn average, enterprises can expect a 65% server reduction from virtualization.Increasing the temperature of your data centerIncreasing the temperature of a data center by a single degree can reduce energyconsumption by 4~5%.Using in sleep modeA PC running a screensaver uses on average more than 100W of power, but only 10W electricityis used by that same PC in sleep mode. Running the World’s Internet Servers
  5. 5. How to Be Green !"STUVWX OPQ!" RSTUV每4+,10000 --- !W棵 & ;减X Y垃圾垃圾Z[ 70%&]^_`ab Y垃圾;c dPQEeCf g.hc d减X65%&) */O;ijklm每no!mg.减X4%A5%&pq+,;rOstuv!<PC运=wxy z{ !|}~100W•C€•H‚ƒuv„}~10…; Running the World’s Internet Servers
  6. 6. The Green Cloud!"YZFor many purposes, cloud computing Google and Microsoft are pushing Where does green come in?is inherently less expensive and more their cloud computing services in Both Google and Microsoft areefficient than owning your own data a very big way. Because of that, touting the greenness of theircenter cloud computing will become one big data centers and cloud-- particularly in a utility-computing of IT‘s biggest stories. services. Theyll compete notmodel, in which you only pay for the just on price, but on how greenserver power and storage you use. š›Žœ •HB2ž=Š) they are as well.†b‡@ˆ‰CŠ ‹ŒH减 C‰ŸŠ ¡¢ IT ¦h§E`¨š›Žœ JX开•Ž>%•ƒC•‘b ’ ?£¤& ¥; H© ª & ¦ŽŠ) ;a“&ijk’ C”•H G H«¬Ž ¦•ƒJ¡’>O uv–;你„}~•— -; Ž˜ ™ ; Running the World’s Internet Servers
  7. 7. Why Cloud Computing is a Green Solution? 2[Z]^!"_`Cloud computing has arrived, big time. Forrester estimates thatworldwide spending on public cloud computing services will grow from$25.5 billion in 2011 to $160 billion in 2020, a 22 percent annual growthrate. Businesses are increasingly substituting cloud-based for internalresources to capture benefits.But we‘ve heard little so far about the efficiency and green attributes ofcloud computing. That is starting to change as we hear from cloud oras-a-service providers about the architecture and power sources behindtheir cloud infrastructure.Cloud infrastructure addresses two critical elements of a green ITapproach: energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Whether done in aprivate or public cloud configuration, as-a-service computing will begreener for (at least) the following reasons:Š!&"®`¯Cj°!h20114A20204C±²³HŠ)#•ƒ&´$ h255%8µn&A1600%8µC每4.22%&¶mn&;Š&5·q/G’‡@();€•f*‡X¸A关bŠ!H+y•ƒ&,¹;Ff*¸-关bŠº)#».&/0¼½&¾构Žpq¿½C1 ¡À2;Š/0Á»¯3¦IT&两"]~&µÂÃpq>%Žq>%;K4HÄźRÆ51CŠJ¡Ço3¦;ˆ‰È–à Running the World’s Internet Servers
  8. 8. Why Cloud Computing is a Green Solution?2[Z]^!"_` Virtualization is a foundational technology for deploying cloud- based infrastructure that allows a single physical server to run multiple operating system images concurrently. As an enabler of!!Resource virtualization, consolidation, server virtualization reduces the total physicalenabling energy and resource server footprint, which has inherent green benefits.efficiencies. From a resource-efficiency perspective, less equipment is!!Automation software, needed to run workloads, which proactively reduces data center !"#$%&()*maximizing consolidation and space and the eventual e-waste footprint. From an energy- !"+,-.utilization to drive efficiencies. efficiency perspective, with less physical equipment plugged in, a data center will consume less electricity.!!Pay-per-use and self-service, Its worth noting that server virtualization is the most widelyencouraging more efficient adopted green IT project implemented or planned, at 90 percentbehavior and life-cycle of IT organizations globally into c d•!"É &ŠÊ CG/ŠÉ Ë•Ì!") *Í = @"ÎU²ƒ;ÏŸC) *c d减X¯) *&OÐC ‹ŒÑ•!!Multitenancy, delivering ¦’Ò&;efficiencies of scale to benefitmany organizations or h q>%•ƒÓCŠ/Ôf }~ÇX& C 减X¯ijk&business units. Õ’™ Ž Y垃圾;hpq>%•ƒÓCf O¯ÇX& Ö×Cij k ¡OÇX& ; Ô!Á&•) *c d•?Ø ÁÙ& ¦IT ÚC2011490%& IT ¡ GÁ³Ûz; Running the World’s Internet Servers
  9. 9. Why Cloud Computing is a Green Solution?2[Z]^!"_` Combined with the right skills and operational and architectural standards, automation allows IT professionals to make the most of their cloud-based infrastructure investment by pushing the!!Resource virtualization, limits of traditional consolidation and utilization ratios.enabling energy and resourceefficiencies. The higher these ratios are, the less physical infrastructure is needed, which in turn maximizes the energy and resource!!Automation software, efficiencies from server virtualization.maximizing consolidation andutilization to drive efficiencies. 1•确&Ê ŽÎU.Ü ÝCa d/Ô &ITTUHŠ &Þ ³ßÒ?BdC‰ ŠÁ#¯ W1%ŽßO%;!!Pay-per-use and self-service,encouraging more efficient /0%123456789*: ‘%Á#Ôà@C}~&áâ ÑàX;‰Ÿno¯H) *c dbehavior and life-cycle pqŽ qßO&>%; ;<management.!!Multitenancy, deliveringefficiencies of scale to benefitmany organizations orbusiness units. Running the World’s Internet Servers
  10. 10. Why Cloud Computing is a Green Solution?2[Z]^!"_` The pay-as-you-go nature of cloud-based infrastructure encourages users to only consume what they need and nothing more. Combined with self-service, life-cycle management will!!Resource virtualization, improve, since users can consume infrastructure resources onlyenabling energy and resource when they need it -- and "turn off" these resources with setefficiencies. expiration times.!!Automation software, In conclusion, the pay-per-use and self-service capabilities of cloud-based infrastructure drive energy and resource efficienciesmaximizing consolidation and simultaneously, since users only consume the computingutilization to drive efficiencies. resources they need when they need it.!!Pay-per-use and self-service, Š Ë/Ôf a“ã}&— EK}~@—; 1af) Cäåencouraging more efficient æçèâ ¡’ãÁ#;‰ /OVg.„Hª }~& M/OCébehavior and life-cycle êßO“/O ” ë关 ì q;management. ÏŸC ‡Bzm³Á#¯pqŽ q&>%;!!Multitenancy, delivering =>?&;*/@ABCD3Eefficiencies of scale to benefit F-.GH*IJKLMNO<many organizations orbusiness units. Running the World’s Internet Servers
  11. 11. Why Cloud Computing is a Green Solution?2[Z]^!"_` Multitenancy allows many different organizations (public cloud) or many different business units within the same organization (private cloud) to benefit from a common cloud-based!!Resource virtualization, infrastructure.enabling energy and resourceefficiencies. By combining demand patterns across many organizations and business units, the peaks and troughs of compute requirements!!Automation software, flatten out. Combined with automation, the ratio between peak and average loads becomes smaller, which in turn reduces themaximizing consolidation and need for extra infrastructure. The result: massive efficiencies andutilization to drive efficiencies. economies of scale in energy use and infrastructure resources.!!Pay-per-use and self-service, @í /‡@KÍ& îRÆŠïŽKÍ& ð€_bÍ!" îÄencouraging more efficient ÅŠïHÍ!"Š &) Ò;behavior and life-cycle ñ KÍ Ž ð µ&~ò 1C ~ò&#óŽôš bP ;ñ a dC#óŽôš&õ 减öC /Ô ÷& /O减X;management. `& ø•ÃHpÐŽ q‡#&>%Ž ù;!!Multitenancy, deliveringefficiencies of scale to benefit PQR3STUV-W3XYZmany organizations or P[]^_`a<business units. Running the World’s Internet Servers
  12. 12. Isn‘t it Amazing to Know:abcdYef The calculations show that as firms spend 69 percent of infrastructure, platform and software budgets on cloud services, these businesses will save $12.3 billion in electricity costs annually by 2020. Èøú 69%& ûP<Ž ü Š) Cñ ÔýH20204C ìú H 每4 þ123 µ; It is reported that 85.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions could be avoided annually if these large firms boost cloud computing expenditures from 10 percent now to 69 percent of their IT resource. j ÿCÈøú !´ HŠ & ^h10%Á#A 69%Cª 每4 减X8.57"#R吨&碳$%; By 2020, large U.S. companies that use cloud computing can achieve annual carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil – enough to power 5.7 million cars for one year. A20204C运OŠ &B&89R 减X&碳$%Ð &pÐ •Fb200(#)*&pЗ—-.Á»5.7( # = !4; Running the World’s Internet Servers
  13. 13. NetCloud Reduced Server CountZghij-./YBD53 physical servers can be reduced to 22 physical servers using virtualization and cloud computing 22 53Here are Some Figures:Average power used per serverUS 236 Watts/serverDirect electricity consumptionUS 11.6 Billion kWh/yearTotal electricity consumption (includingcooling and aux equipment)US 23.3 Billion kWh/yearPQ每<)#*&$%89Ã236 …/<+,,6Ð89Ã11.6 %…/47,6Ðî-./0Ž81/0ï89Ã23.3 %…/4 Running the World’s Internet Servers
  14. 14. COST: Physical Server VS Cloud Serverklmn2 Cloud Computing Saves MONEY55 Š 6þ 5 Monthly Cost: 3 : Physical Server > Cloud Server 4) *>Š * RMB41,980 >RMB8,500 Running the World’s Internet Servers
  15. 15. How green is Running the World’s Internet Servers
  16. 16. in NetCloud HK CloudGreen Drinks China runs on a clouded hosting platform run by ChinaNetCloud in a Rackspace data centerin Hong Kong using 1GB of dedicated server memory on a 72GB 1GB + Other sites/servers 70+GB Capacity Running the World’s Internet Servers
  17. 17. Green Drinks Cloud Server vs. Traditional HostingThe Green Drinks China server uses about 64kWh of electricity per year, about 1/20th the amount of energyused by a traditional dedicated server. Running the World’s Internet Servers
  18. 18. Cloud Computing UsersoBZpqrYst One of the few companies that have started using cloud technology Social Networking/ Online-Store Consumer products Education/ Research Others bcd&;efMghi Running the World’s Internet Servers
  19. 19. FAQuvwx Running the World’s Internet Servers
  20. 20. FAQuvwx Running the World’s Internet Servers
  21. 21. Thank You yyz{sales@ChinaNetCloud.comChina Net Cloud Technology (Shanghai) Company LimitedX2 Space 1-601C1238 Xietu Lu, Shanghai, 200032 Running the World’s Internet Servers 22 22