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Making a Difference One Stitch at a Time


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Monica Muriel is the Co-Founder at DaD Asia, an internet investment fund, as well as Co-CEO at Brownrice Design (Nuomi Shanghai), where her team dedicates their talents, skills, and resources to create stylish fashion that provide sustainable livelihood to underprivileged women and children. Nuomi provides employment, micro-financing, equipment, training and support to people whose personal circumstances make it near impossible to otherwise work. Their Livelihood Program aims to enable individuals to become self-sufficient businesses within two years.

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Making a Difference One Stitch at a Time

  1. 1. Monica  Muriel   Green  Drinks  Shanghai,  10  April’14                             20  
  2. 2. This is who we are… And we want to change the stitch at a time
  3. 3. And we work over these pillars… ü DURABLE ü NATURALü SOCIAL But this is also, what any company can be…
  4. 4. Every product can be produced in a more environmentally friendly way NuoMi products are made out of natural and recycled products
  5. 5.   We produce timeless durable garments Products can be designed to either last…or not
  6. 6. •  Over 50% of our employees come from at risk communities •  Studio open after working hours for charity beneficiaries to practice (talent pool for HR) •  We use our communication and events to connect the top and the bottom of the pyramid •  We don´t do fair trade, we do CARE trade There´s always a way to go social… NuoMi products are created and sold using a socially responsible value chain
  7. 7. And with that pillars, these is what we do…               “I  obviously  like  the  simple  but  sophis2cated  2meless  styles  and  comfortable  fabric.  It's  a  brand  with  a  touching  story   that  makes  me  proud  to  think  I  can  be  a  part  of  something  bigger  in  my  choice  of  clothing”    (Lisa,  VIP  customer)  
  8. 8. But don´t get us wrong, we are FOR profit We just don´t go this way!
  9. 9. You are an investor as well.. CSR PSR Look for socially responsible products Look for socially responsible products If you outsource, check! Listen to the workers voice (social media) Recycle Recycle Pay fair wages Be willing to pay more Look for greener ways to produce Look for the greener version of what you like Instruct the purchase department Look for things that are durable Educate your team Educate your friends Set the right incentives Join campaigns And above all..BELIEVE that you can make the world a better place!
  10. 10. Thanks!