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weINDIE - Travel Pack

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weINDIE - Travel Pack

  1. 1. Get started! d ack an Get propelled!Tr TCALL! avel pLAS *   we   indie * Indie is a shortform of “independence” or “independent”......................  Ready to make sure your job is not determined by someone else and fromthere design the way you embrace work as part of your life style?
  2. 2. We are ready for you!* Soon you will be exploring with us some steps to become a freelancer, * Are you ready for weINDIE?   ensuring you got the freedom to do whatever you love to do and making We will be hosting two main groups of conversations: sure you earn enough to   GET STARTED! For those that are currently live the life you want! struggling to leave work-as-we-know-it behind and start an independent career.   GET PROPELLED! For those who have already started and are looking forward to build a stronger.....................   international network of like-minded peers to connect with and create awesome stuff together. weINDIE will take place from 23rd to 26th February 2012.
  3. 3. Our Venue Santo Amaro de OEIRAS We will be staying at a remodeled XVIII Century Fortress! Surrounded by beach, walking paths, parks and inspiring scenery.....................   that will make our journey a total delight!
  4. 4. GETTING HERE Once you are in Lisbon, it will be Reach the Metro Station super easy to reach our venue! “Cais do Sodre” in Lisbon at the end of the green line.   Get out of the metro station. On top of the metro station there is a train station, go there.   Buy your tickets and get the train to Santo Amaro de Oeiras (departs every 15 minutes approx. and the ride will take less.....................   than 20 minutes)
  5. 5. GETTING HERE Train Station Get out of the train in the station “Santo Amaro de Oeiras” and walk as per the directions on the given map (6 minutes walk)   Once you see this façade, you have arrived! Our.....................   Venue Short url to this route in case you want to print it in high quality:
  6. 6. LAST CALL!There are 4 places still available!* Current fee of weINDIE is * First approved and confirmed, first served!   265 Euros.This includes: Accommodation for the nights of the 23rd, 215 Euros if you register with 24th and 25th of February 2012. someone else at the same time!** Meals for all days starting with dinner on Valid until 31st January 2012! the 23rd and finishing with breakfast on the 26th of February 2012. Learning materials. And, of course, the most incredible learning experience ever in company of an **  To make use of this promotion, both persons.....................   awesome group of funky people! need to indicate in question 10 of the application form the name of the other person he/she is registering together with!  
  7. 7. If you are not yet confirmed IT WITH K SHARE U THIN and still want to be part:PEO PLE YO 1.  Join our Facebook page at MA Y BE ED! INTEREST 2.  Fill the application form at the Facebook page. You will find the link on the left column under the logo. We are ready for this amazing gathering, there is only one mega detail that is missing*.....................   you! *  
  8. 8. How can I still attend weINDIE? 1.  Fill out the application Applicati ons’ d eadline 31 st Janu form which is available at the ar y 2012 weINDIE Facebook Page. 2.  Receive your confirmation Cancellation Conditions e-mail within 5 days after filling If for any reason it is necessary to your application form. The cancel your attendance to the conference, the following will apply: confirmation e-mail contains logistic •  Cancellations more than four weeks details and bank account data for before weINDIE: loss of 30% of transfering the fee. the payment made. •  Cancellations between two and four 3.  Transfer the fee of the weeks of weINDIE: loss of 70% of gathering to the bank account you the payment made......................   •  Cancellations within two weeks of have received. weINDIE: full loss of payment made.! We recommend you get a travel insurance covering medical expenses, personal accidents, cancellations and personal property.
  9. 9. weINDIE is brought to you by See you soon in Portugal!*.....................   * I cannot wait! Can you?