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weINDIE December 2012


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weINDIE December 2012

  1. 1. 12th to 16th December 2012 Viana do Castelo, PortugalA new world needs of a new generation,WE don’t live in the past anymore! we indie *   * Indie is a Life Style that defines an emerging culture and a whole new generation.
  2. 2. Based on this, there could not be a proper definition of an indie person; there are no specific guidelines, requirements, or strict definitive indie characteristics. Indie is a culture, a state of mind,About and a never-ending quest for a unique life style of freedom and choice. It is, at the end, a concept, not a definition. Indie is also an appreciation of beauty, which is defined by ones own standards. The indies concept of beauty usually does not involve According to the dictionary, indie is an informal mainstream choices because they are often version of the word independent. By this definition, superficial. Indie people sense this lack of artistic indie is any business or designer that is not depth in popular culture, thus seeking depth in associated with a large company. Indie can also alternate, more creative styles of living life. define the consumer who prefers to support small There also seems to be a trend in the intellectual business, independent record labels and handmade capacity of those involved in Indie culture. Many items rather than shopping at big-box stores. indies enjoy critical and analytical thinking, Although this definition is accurate, the word has abstract ideas, and learning new things, often come to mean more. For many, it has come to discussing "nerdy" topics among themselves and symbolize originality and forward-thinking, prototyping alternative ways of doing business especially in the design of a very individual and and making a living. This is probably because particular life style. intellect, creative ability and depth are seemingly linked, and regarded as a way of separating This doesn’t make indies individualistic; this just oneself from the mainstream of the sheep-alike makes them original. Indies are very much caring “others.” people that love fairness and strive to make choices Indies are generally happy people, mainly that reflect that fair way of living life while keeping a because their life style makes you feel like very strong sense of self worth and independence. spinning around in a circle while a smiling man in The purpose is not to feel unique, the idea is to a white suit throws colorful confetti at you. embrace uniqueness and BE unique.
  3. 3. Were DIFFERENT We’re UNIQUE Were INDEPENDENT indie We’re Its about the way we live life, not the clothes we wear or the job we have, actually that doesnt really matter. We’re the new generation, the generation that is designing a new way of making world happen. And this is OUR CONFERENCE!
  4. 4. Mentors have a very rich background, not only at theoretical level, but also in terms of the expertise that is gained out of practicing what isThe preached. So you can expect a lot of very concrete tips and practical advises. conference In parallel, participants will be grouped in tribes of 10 people each based on their applications as a way of ensuring diversity of insights and input to the personal processes. The role of the tribes will be to ensure the journey of each participant is Under the theme of “A New Landscape of meaningful and drives concrete immediate Possibilities,” we have designed weINDIE as a action. space to explore new ways of designing and living life. This goes from the way we make personal Each tribe will have a host totally dedicated to decisions to the way we design our work and ensure the tribe moves out of the comfort zone engage in productive activities. as a whole as well as individually. Tribes’ Hosts have had experience in hosting group processes The conference has been built under the premise in several conferences and are extremely well that each participant is manager of his/her own equipped to serve you in your personal journey. learning process. Having drafted all this, we envision a space of freedom of choice, very unconventional and For this to happen, several spaces will be offered in edgy, in which you will be pushed out of your five different fields chosen based on our research of comfort zone having the certainty that you are current and future trends of life and work design. not alone in the journey and that someone is Participants will then choose from the options and looking for your personal safety, however will build their own agenda based on the options paradoxical this sounds. provided. They’ll also be given the space to design and deliver their own meetings based on their needs At the end of the day, the offer will be rich and as we progress in the conference. Mentors will be meaningful, however it will be your active available for specific sessions or consultancy participation what will define what you will take sessions both individually and collectively. out of the conference.
  5. 5. These are the 5 fields in which RECONNECTINGthe different spaces at the WITH OUR HUMANITYconference will be based: LIVING A BREATHING LEGACY The UNIQUENESS fields NURTURING EMBRACING A YOUNG THE ONLINE SPIRIT ECOSYSTEM
  6. 6. THE FIELD:Current times require of more conscious individuals, peoplewho are more caring and engaged, people who are architects Exploringof solutions. Within this context this field aims to explore ourmost deep understanding of being human in a world ofcontradictions and uncertainty in order to reconnect with our the fieldsown humanity.KEY QUESTIONS:¤  What makes me human? How do I take care of my spiritual dimension? How “human” am I being?¤  How do I connect with others? How can I build meaningful relationships based on respect and acceptance? How to embrace my vulnerability to live a wholehearted life? BRE RECONNECTING UNIQ WITH OUR HUMANITY LIVING
  7. 7. THE FIELD:In a world of diversity it seems that more and more youngpeople are afraid to embrace their uniqueness. This field aims Exploringto celebrate how different we are. It offers spaces torecognize our individuality with dignity, respect and joy as asubstantial pillar to live peacefully in an interdependent world the fieldsand define our own ways to make a unique contribution. KEY QUESTIONS:¤  What makes me unique? How to capitalize in my uniqueness? How to contribute from my uniqueness?¤  How do I embrace my weirdness and make it an asset that works in my favor? ¤  Am I trying to hard to be different when I already am? EMB THE BREATHING ECO UNIQUENESS RECONNECTING WITH OUR
  8. 8. THE FIELD:Internet has made the global village truly easy to reach andhas exponentially expanded our access to opportunities, both Exploringindividually and collectively. This field aims explore ways tocapitalize on Internet to design businesses and projects aswell as personal brands and life styles in order to enhance the fieldsthe horizon of possibilities each one of us has access to.KEY QUESTIONS:¤  What could it mean for my life to embrace the online ecosystem as a fundamental part of my daily activities?¤  How to capitalize in online tools to reach further and design a new life style of freedom, contribution and abundance? How to use Internet to engage others in my endeavors and crusades in order to build movements? NUR AY EMBRACING S THE ONLINE ECOSYSTEM BREATHING
  9. 9. THE FIELD:Youth is not a matter of age anymore. A lot of young peopleare becoming prematurely “old” and many people over 40 are Exploringregaining their youth based on conscious choices they aremaking. The aim of this field is to explore what makes usyoung and how to nurture this young spirit throughout our life the fieldsin a consistent manner with simplicity and joy. KEY QUESTIONS:¤  What does it mean to be young? Am I getting “older” without noticing? How to embrace age while maintaining a young spirit?¤  How to practice joy and make it a substantial part of my life style? What makes my life exciting? What makes me exciting, attractive and interesting to others? LI NURTURING LE A YOUNG SPIRIT EMBRACING
  10. 10. THE FIELD:It is not about leaving a legacy anymore; it’s about living alegacy. Nowadays we don’t need to die to leave a legacy Exploringbehind us, we have at our reach the possibility to live a lifethat is a legacy in itself at every step of the way. the fieldsKEY QUESTIONS:¤  How to design and execute projects of high impact and low maintenance? How to have extra gigs that are meaningful, have a positive impact and generate income without leaving my current job?¤  How to design my career path to ensure that what I do has an impact, makes me happy and allows me to live a good life? How to become a freelancer? How to become an entrepreneur? How to work with franchises? RECO WIT LIVING HU A LEGACY NURTURING
  11. 11. You definitely can expect a lot of activity happening, a lot of freedom and a lot of support. We truly want to see the chaos and the order coming together to craft a chaordic experiencehow for all of us. will this work? We are also looking forward to see some projects emerging and we are very interested in becoming patrons of some of those projects and support their implementation based on their viability and impact.We will have several formats working in parallel: After the conference we are looking forward to ¤  Tribal meetings creating a virtual space where to share our post ¤  Open spaces conference activities, keep a track on each other ¤  Short plenary sessions at the style of TED and see new connections emerging to create ¤  Inter-tribal exercises more and more value. ¤  Personal time Summing it up, attending weINDIE will bring ¤  Games you: ¤  Lab projects ¤  Prototyping sessions ¤  An enhanced network of like-minded ¤  Consultancy blocks people with whom to co-create ¤  Projects set up ¤  A deeper understanding of your ¤  Future steps mapping possibilities ¤  An enhanced sense of purposeDuring each day, a new offer will be built by the ¤  Practical tools to move further in theEdge Team (Hosts and Mentors) based on the input direction of your dreamsof the participants. We envision the space as a co- ¤  And a new set of skills to make thingscreated ecosystem. happenWe will be bringing some sessions already preparedto share our key learning points in our fields of All in all, expertise and you will take it from there. a new landscape of possibilities!
  12. 12. There are only 50   places available!* * First approved and confirmed, first served! The fee of weINDIE is 235 Euros. Early fee of 198 Euros This includes: for approved applicants that transfer Accommodation for the nights of the 12th, before 31st October 2012! 13th, 14th and 15th of December 2012. Meals for all days starting with dinner on the 12th and finishing with breakfast on the 16th of December 2012. Learning materials. And, of course, the most incredible journey ever in company of an awesome group of funky people!
  13. 13. How can I attend weINDIE? Applicat ion 1.  Fill out the application form in 10 th Nov s’ deadline ember 2 the following link: 012 2.  Receive your confirmation Cancellation Conditions If for any reason it is necessary to cancel your email within 5 days after filling your attendance to the conference, the following will apply: application form. The confirmation email •  Cancellations more than four weeks contains logistic details and bank before weINDIE: loss of 30% of the account data for transferring the fee. payment made. •  Cancellations between two and four 3.  Transfer the fee of the conference weeks of weINDIE: loss of 70% of the payment made. to the bank account you have received. •  Cancellations within two weeks of weINDIE: full loss of payment made. ! Please make sure you get a travel insurance covering medical expenses, personal accidents, cancellations and personal property.
  14. 14. When & Where? Our host city: Viana do castelo King Afonso III of Portugal founded the town in 1253 in the name of Viana. In the 16th century, its port gained great importance as one of the main ports from which Portuguese explorers set sail, due to the discoveries. The most remarkable buildings in the town are from this era. Its traditional folklore is among the richest in the country. The closest airport is Porto, which is a low cost airline destination! weINDIE will take place from 12th to 16th December 2012.
  15. 15. These are your next steps:1.  Join our Facebook page at 2.  Fill the application form in the following link: We are ready for this amazing experience, there is only one mega detail that is missing* * you!
  16. 16. weINDIE is brought to you by Dey dos www.DeyDos.comSee you soon in Portugal!* * We cannot wait! Can you?