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weCOACH is the perfect journey for those working – or wondering about the possibility of working – as coaches and looking for a major inspirational leap to move ahead in this direction.

13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal.

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weCOACH - Intro Pack

  1. 1. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal. APPLIC ATIONS PEN! To lead authentically with RE O greater influence and impact A we !"#!$  .....................  An experiential introduction to a powerful new approach to coaching
  2. 2. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal. we !"#!$   International Coaching in Action Conference.....................  
  3. 3. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal. This is not a traditional conference!* weCOACH is the perfect journey for those working – or wondering about the * And we only are accepting non-conventional participants! possibility of working – as coaches and looking for a major inspirational leap to move ahead in this direction. weCOACH is highly recommended for:.....................   ➥  Existing and aspiring coaches ➥  Organizational consultants, leaders and managers ➥  Professionals operating in highly people-focused environments ➥  Individuals interested in substantive personal development
  4. 4. we !"#!$ 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal.   $#% &$r (#)* )*&*&)"*% 1.  To equip you with a complete set of innovative ways of coaching individuals, teams, organizations and processes. 2.  To challenge your current ways of dealing with learning to move into a stage from which transformational learning is possible. 3.  To enable you discover and develop the talents you have to make a difference in the world by playing a leading role in the area of coaching......................  
  5. 5. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal.What will we be doing? +p,"r#&)"* Pr#!&)! Performing three essential underlying processes.....................   E(b"-)(*&
  6. 6. we !"#!$ 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal.   )% $).$,/ )*&r#!&)v #*- 0pr)*&)#, #*- )*!,1-% ,"#-% "f !"#!$)*. pr#!&)!. By the end of the conference, you will be able to: ➥ Understand the conceptual framework and principles of Coaching from different perspectives and schools of thought ➥ Understand how specific linguistic actions shape reality and how they can be used effectively in coaching to shift behavior ➥ Apply a different and deeper approach to the role of listening in coaching ➥ Understand the pivotal role of moods and emotions in coaching for deep and sustainable change ➥ Recognize, work with and shift the ways moods and.....................   emotions impact on communication, behavior and performance ➥ Observe and work with the interconnection between basic moods, body posture and language
  7. 7. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal. How can I attend? Applicat 1.  Fill out the application form 1 st ions’ dea dline which is available at the weCOACH May 201 2 Facebook Page (http://fb.me/weCOACH) 2.  Receive your confirmation e-mail within 5 days after filling your application form. The confirmation e-mail contains logistical details and bank account data. Cancellation Conditions 3.  Transfer the fee of the conference If for any reason it is necessary to cancel your attendance to the to the bank account you have received. conference, the following will apply: ➥  Cancellations more than four weeks before the conference: loss of 30% of.....................   the payment made. ➥  Cancellations between two and four weeks of the conference: loss of 70% of the payment made.! We recommend you take out travel insurance covering medical ➥  Cancellations within two weeks of the conference: full loss of payment made. expenses, personal accident, cancellation and personal property.
  8. 8. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal.There are only 60 places!* The fee of the conference is * First approved and confirmed, first served! 245 Euros. This includes: Accommodation for the nights of the 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th of June. Meals for all days starting with dinner Early fee of 215 Euros on the 13th and finishing with for approved applicants that transfer the fee before 15th April 2012! breakfast on the 17th of June. Learning materials. And, of course, the most incredible learning experience ever in company of an awesome group of funky people!.....................   Special discount of 10% for groups of 5 people that register together! To take advantage of this opportunity, please write us a message. You will find the button “message” in the right side our Facebook page under the cover photo.
  9. 9. 13th to 17th June 2012 – Portugal. These are your next steps: 1.  Join our Facebook page at http://fb.me/weCOACH 2.  Fill the application form at the Facebook page. You will find the link on the timeline. We are conferen ready fo ce, there r the mega d is only o Y"1! etail tha ne t is miss ing:.....................  
  10. 10. Soon we will be introducing the Edge we !"#!$ Team that will host weCOACH for you. Stay tuned at our Facebook Page!   is brought to you by Dey dos http://fb.me/Page.DeyDos www.DeyDos.com in partnership with AIESEC in Portugal See Y"1 soon in Portugal!*.....................   * We cannot wait! Can you?